Can You Put Fire Pits on Decking?

By Ronnie


Can you put fire pits on decking is a common question we often get asked. Fire pits are essential to enjoy the pleasant season of winter on your decking. They give your warmth and lighting to make your night pleasurable. Moreover, they add beauty to your house. Just imagine a fire pit on your decking at night under the large sky and uncountable stars. Isn’t it amazing? Absolutely, it is wonderful and appealing.

Furthermore, Some fire pits are made by digging the ground and they cannot move. But some fire pits are portable, and you move them easily. Many people come around a common question which is “Can you put fire pits on decking?” In short, “YES”, but you will need to take some safety measures before putting fire pits there. If you have taken safety measures, then you can put fire pits on decking without any hassle. Let’s discuss how you can put fire pits on your decking safely.

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Safety Tips for Putting Fire Pits on Decking

You need to take care of safety, then you can put fire pits on decking. The tips are simple, but they can save you from accidents and trouble. Any accident can spoil your plan of wonderful pleasure. Moreover, you also pay for damages. Thus, to be on the safe side, consider safety as the first thing to take care of.

Area Selection

First, select the area of decking where you want to put your fire pit. You need clearance around the area, there should not be any decorative item, wooden furniture or anything combustible near the fire pit area. At least allow the clearance of 3 ft from the edges of the fire pit. Deckings are open, but still, make sure there is nothing near the fire pit.

Do Not Leave Your Fire Pit Unattended

There is a risk of fire accidents while using a fire pit on your decking. If you want to put fire pits there, then do not leave them unattended. Be careful and vigilant, so you can take immediate action if anything happens. Otherwise, you will have to bear the damage caused by fire.

Avoid Lighter Fluid

Try to light the fire without any lighter fluid. These can be extremely dangerous, they increase the risk of a secondary unwanted fire.

Use Fire Pit Mats

It is necessary to put a fire pit mat under the fire pit if you have placed it on your decking. The decking is made from wood which is combustible. So, any burning object can land on the decking and damage its surface. It will burn the wood and leave marks that look disgusting. Further, it can also lead to a fire. Hence, always place a fire pit mat under the fire pit. These mats are fireproof and they bear high temperatures. They allow you to put fire pits on your decking safely. You can easily find these mats in online stores.

Use Pit Spark Screen

Firepit spark screens are amazing, they refrain sparks and burning objects to fall on the decking. After lighting the fire, you can put the spark screen over it. These can reduce the risk of accidents. You can easily find these in online store at low prices. They will make your night hassle-free.


The answer to the question “Can you put fire pits on decking?” is yes, but with safety measures. We have listed some safety tips to avoid any accidents and make your time pleasurable. The tips are simple to follow, but they can save you from losses. Remember these tips and share with others who are still confused about whether they can use fire pits on decking or not.

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