Are Propane Fire Pits Worth It?

By Ronnie


Are propane fire pits worth it? Below are some of the benefits and issues we have found. I hope this article will be of assistance to you as you make your selection.

Pros and Cons of Propane Fire Pits

Perhaps the most effective way to get benefits of propane's special characteristics during the pre-fall and late-summer is to place an outdoor propane fire pit in your backyard. The propane fire pit is a well-embellished structure that can be produced using cement, block or stone in an assortment of shapes and sizes. A fire pit creates no smoke or debris and thus gives you a clean burning flame. 

Fire pits are an incredible method for adding a cozy environment and warmth to your patio. They provide a source of an environment as with the warmth of a fire pit, the family can unwind together. The entrancing moving flares exuding from this fire opening can bring life to any drilling terrace and turn it into a magnificent chilling spot for your loved ones.

But before buying a propane fire pit, you wonder, are propane fire pits worth it? To help you with this decision, let’s talk about the pros and cons of propane fire pits. 


A propane fire pit is only one of the different kinds accessible, and customers should gauge its upsides and downsides before choosing to get it. 

  • One of its most invaluable subtleties is the way that it lights rapidly, with the turn of a handle.
  • Fire pits are generally not dirt creators. Propane fire pits don't bother you with loads of ashes and soot. They produce pure heat free from any dirt or ashes, and you don't need to wrestle with cleaning subsequent unwinding in a snapping fire in your open air space. In addition, they are exceptionally simple to clean if you really want to figure out the pipes and burners.
  • Fire pits are amazing yet if the climate is excessively blistering, you probably shouldn't have a fire. In those cases, what to do with a fire pit? That is what's so extraordinary with regards to the table adaptations. They are helpful regardless of whether you need to have a fire or not. With the propane fire pit table version, you have the advantage of using it as a table when you don’t need additional heat in summers. 
  • This item doesn't need a gas line to work, since it runs on propane. In this manner, a propane fire pit is especially great for people who have no gas supply system in their patio. Because often people keep propane in the tank as it is more convenient than employing somebody to place in a course for gaseous petrol.
  • One of the best parts is that many propane fire pits are portable. 
  • Unlike different sorts of fire pits, you can likewise control the size of the fire and adjust the heat level according to the temperature. 


  • Assuming you use your fire pit habitually at a high fire setting, you might end up supplanting or refueling your propane tank frequently throughout the year. This cost can accumulate and might exceed your budget fixed for the fire pit. Alternatively, you can try to utilize the low-fire setting. 
  • Since they're compact and should be lightweight, propane fire pits aren't ordinarily just about as tough as long-lasting fire pits and might require more servicing. 
  • Sadly, the fire that it produces is generally not great for broiling.

Is A Gas or Propane Fire Pit Better? 

While controlling a gas fire pit you have two choices for fuel 

  1. Natural gas
  2. fluid propane (LP). 

When thinking of buying a fire pit, you need to see which compliments your requirements. 

Natural Gas

If seen from a financial point, Natural Gas seems to be more preferable as it is less costly to function. Usually, it’s quite a famous option for commercial outdoor spots with patio gas fire pit tables for engaging and drawing in visitors.

Natural gas for fire pits is mostly large, hard channeled to your home, which means you will not be in a difficult situation when you need to work your fire table and don't have a convenient LP tank. If this is a worry, think about utilizing natural gas. Natural gas is additionally lighter than air and can disperse rapidly which leaves less space for any unplanned start. 

Unlike propane fire pits, it doesn’t require frequent refilling of the tank which additionally reduces its cost than a propane fire pit. 


No doubt natural gas is less expensive than propane, however, propane burns with more temperature and in a cleaner way. It is much more accessible than flammable gas. Propane delivers two times as much heat as an equivalent measure of natural gas. Its installation is quite easy and no need for additional work required to fix it on the outdoor space if you are not fitting it to an onsite tank. 

5 Best Propane Fire Pits 

  1. Outland Living Fire Bowl Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

The fire bowl outdoor portable propane gas fire pit by Outland living can be your great buddy for camping, meetups, backyard unwinding and family parties. It is moveable and compact. Can be installed conveniently within a few minutes and you don’t require any tools for that. This propane gas fire pit is approved by CSA so wave off your safety concerns. 

This product comes with a cover and carries kit which comprises a 10feet hose, an adjustable knob for changing the flame height. It’s long-lasting. Good quality steel is used in its manufacturing to ensure it lasts for long. Reliable steel burners and fasteners are used in this propane gas fire pit. 

This is our second pick for a reliable propane gas fire pit. It is enwrapped with black powder coating and has steel panels for a more secure look and use. There is a simple access entryway for propane refilling from the tank. So no hassle in refilling the tank! 

It has a capacity of a standard 20lb gas tank but it does not come with the product, which means you have to buy it separately. 

This amazing Portable steel propane gas fire pit from Bond Manufacturing can be a great camping partner. This product comes with a tank holder, regulator, lid, gas hose and stones. Steel frame with stroked bronze touch gives it a simple yet amazing look and feel. It has a capacity of 20-pound propane tank which doesn’t come with the product. Do not worry about your wood surfaces getting spoiled with this propane gas fire pit. It is completely safe. 

2 Additional Propane Fire Pits

This amazing propane fire pit table is 43-inch-long with 60,000 BTU of heat result, adding great cosines wherever it is placed. It is certified by CA and safe for your use. You can alter the flame size as per the need with the temperature control device. It isn’t necessary to use it in winters only; you can use it in summers too by using it as a table and simply placing some food on it. The perfectly embellished propane fire pit is made of glass, giving it a sleeker and classic look. Make use of propane fuel to give steady and green burning, so you never experience the ill effects of debris and smog.

This stunning gas fire pit table from Seeress is an 8*28*a 25-inch square shaped gas fire pit, can easily be fitted in your backyard. It’s simple and quick to assemble, so no hassle for assembling it. The fire pit kit is enhanced with a stainless steel panel, regulator, burner and pre assembled fire. Kit makes the installation process easy for you. This propane fire pit table is made with metal and can bear extreme climate conditions. In summers, utilize it for keeping your party snacks in the backyard. 50,000 BTU heat result provides adequate heat to bring the right warmth to the environment.

Closing Thoughts

So, are propane fire pits worth it? We certainly think so. Fire pits are a wonderful method for getting that special warmth and coziness in your backyard environment. You have an ample variety of fire pits to choose from. The propane fire pit is one of them. If you are still wondering, are propane fire pits worth it? Then simply look at the pros and cons of propane fire pits and then buy them! 

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