What is The Best Fire Pit Design for Heat

September 13, 2019

By Ronnie


What is the best fire pit design for heat? This is a common question we get often here at Delta. Obviously, there are many options to choose from when it comes to fire pit design. It must be appealing, provide ambience and keep you and your guests warm. The design of your fire pit should be stylish, simple and easy on the eyes.

We're going to be covering some of the best fire pit designs for heat available today in the marketplace.

Our Best FirePit Design for Heat Recommendation

Solo Stove Natural Wood Burning Firebowl

This patent-pending design actually sold over $1.1 million dollars on Kickstarter. This is one of the most uniquely designed fire pits in the marketplace. It features a minimalist outdoor design and takes combustion airflow efficiency to the next level. It is the one firepit design that cannot be duplicated.

best fire pit design for heat


What To Look For in a Fire Pit Design

There are numerous styles of fire pits to choose from. Some are stainless steel, others are cast iron or cooper. Furthermore, fire pits come in different designs. Examples are:

  • ceramic table top
  • romanesque style fire pits
  • open basket-weave designs
  • steel bowl mounted on legs

Fire pit bowls provide an outstanding source of warmth and light. They are also great for cooking perfect for guests and hanging out with friends and loved ones. Fire pit tables are another style of fire pits. These have even greater functionality than regular fit puts. They can also provide a table top where you can place your drinks during outdoor parties and get togethers.

Lastly, there are fire pit art. We have numerous artistic looking pits we review here at Delta. These style of fire pits provide an array of different patterns. The Landmann Garden Lights Savannah Fire Pit is a great example of this. A of fire pit art portray numerous scenes such as cross weave abstract designs and wildlife flames.

Perks To Look For in a Fire Pit


The majority of fire pits for purchase range in size from 22 to 24 inches in the smaller options. There are many that are portable and lightweight which makes them perfect for outdoor parties and barbecue's. You can safely store them on your deck or patio and use them for various activities from birthdays to weddings.

Fire pits that are medium in size usually come in 30 to 36 inches. These fire pits can generally hold a larger amount of wood and create an excellent source of heat and flames. These fire pits are perfect for small to medium yards. In addition, they are also highly portable and mobile so easy to maneuver. The receptacle that holds the fire is similar to a bowl shape and can be made out of cast iron or stainless steel depending upon the model.

The bowl itself comes with sturdy stands and legs and many come equipped with fire screens to ensure safety from straying embers. Furthermore, the larger fire pit types range in size from 40 to 45 inches and are perfect for medium to large-size yards. These types of fire pits can hold large amounts of wood generate a great deal of heat.

These styles of fire pits are not as mobile and so many owners leave them as attractive fixtures in their backyard. They can be covered with special water proof covers to protect them from weather. Lastly, there are other features you really want to pay attention to when making your choice to purchase a fire pit.

Is the Fire Pit Gas-powered or Wood-burning?

Wood burning fire pits are normally less expensive than their gas powered counterpart. That being said, they create more of an authentic camping experience and generally create hotter fires. You can use the embers to cook marshmellows, meat or potatoes. The issues with a wood-burning fire pit is you have to purchase and store your wood.

Remember, wood creates a lot of smoke and these styles of fire pits can also be harder to start than gas-powered fire pits. You, more than likely, will have to use a newspaper to kick start the fire or use a fire starter. That being said, wood-burning fire pits create the most authentic outdoor camping experience money can buy so still worth the investment.

Gas Powered Fire Pit Benefits

Gas powered fire pits have beautiful, fake lava rocks that come in various colors. They don't require the user to have to buy or store wood so that is why for many people this is the logical choice. Also, the logs and rocks are for decorative purposes and are coated with heat-resistant coating. Furthermore, there are also beautiful table-designed fire pits that have aluminum coating. In addition, others are made out of painted steel and the gas tank itself is hidden underneath the pit.

These types of fire pits also come in gorgeous bowl designs. These types of designs come with beautiful, multi-colored stones, sand and gravel. Furthermore, they come with a mesh cover over the burners which ensure no clogging takes place. In addition, they have a push-button ignition or switch that can be adjusted to control the flames and level of heat.

Gas-powered fire pits are also much easier to start as compared to wood-burning style fire pits. They don't generate nearly as much smoke. They do cost more but last longer and you don't have to store or buy wood either. So, larger gas-powered fire pits use a decent amount of gas. So, be sure to purchase an additional tank of gas if you will be using your gas-powered fire pit in the winter.

Additional Features To Consider When Purchasing

Is the fire pit you are seeking to purchase waterproof? There are many fire pits that are rust resistant and protect the fire from weather elements such as hail, rain or snow. Additionally, fire pits should have a lid or screen that can ensure your safety from embers or sparks.

In addition, you also want to consider if the fire pit comes with a cover that covers the entire fire pit when not in use. If you choose to purchase a smaller fire pit make sure to store it in a storage shed or garage where it is not in the weather elements. This will ensure it stays in good condition at all times. The best fire pit design for heat is one that will protect you, create minimal smoke and look appealing for you and your guests.

Sunnydaze 42 Inch large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit

top fire pit designs for heat

The Sunnydaze crossweave fire pit has a beautiful design featuring a gorgeous cross weave pattern making it visually appealing for you and yours guests.

This fire pit features a 36-inch width and has a bronze accentuated steel bowl that is 11-inches deep. This provides sufficient space for a descent sized fire. The exterior of the fire pit provides ample room for air to circulate and you can view the fire inside thanks to the criss-cross pattern

Also, this fire pit only weighs 29 pounds so can easily be moved to wherever you need to position it. It is made out of steel and is coated with high-temperature, oil rubbed bronze paint. Lastly, it also comes with study legs to ensure outstanding stability.

The Sunnydaze fire pit also features a heavy-duty spark screen. So, you can take comfort in knowing that this will help from fire embers escaping and there is outstanding air circulation thanks to the wood grate. Also, it comes with a firewood log poker so you can arrange the burning logs as you see fit.


  • Not overly expensive and good choice that won't break the bank
  • Beautiful and elegant look
  • Ample space within the pit
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized fires
  • Gorgeous design
  • Protective cover and comes with a cool touch handling rail
  • Comes with protective screen cover and log poker


  • Not as sturdy as we would like
  • Need to store indoors and can't be left outside in the weather elements


Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

The Bali Outdoors wood-burning fire pit is perfect for your family get together, evening parties or campsite. It is also the ideal cooking and heating companion. This fire pit is designed with a durable steel frame with black painted finish. It has a cross weave design providing adequate air flow in the pit itself.

Additionally, it is lightweight making for ease of use, portability and mobility. So, simple to move anywhere in your yard or to travel with you on any camping trip. It is the perfect addition to any outdoor social get together. Furthermore, it boasts a 24-inch fire pit providing sufficient room for a small fire.

Lastly, it comes with a full-size cooking grate allowing for plenty of space to cook your favorite foods.


  • Perfect for small fires
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy construction
  • Serves other purposes such as a grill
  • Highly portable so perfect in ease of use
  • Gorgeous cross-weave design
  • Spark protective screen


  • Not rust proof but you can purchase a cover to prevent this


Landmann Bromley Fire Pit

Landmann Bromley Fire Pit

The Big Sky wood-burning fire pit not only is beautiful, highly mobile and portable it also is the perfect cooking and heating companion. This gorgeous fire pit is made out of durable steel and comes with a black-painted finish. It is not only lightweight so simple to move around your yard but can easily be taken with you on camping trips.

The 24-inch fire pit is perfect for the small fires, comes with a full-size cooking grate to ensure your guests are happy with delicious foods. The Landmann comes with a large spark screen to ensure your safety from embers. Lastly, it features sturdy feet to ensure stability and safety.


  • Perfect for small fires
  • Low cost and affordable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfect for grilling
  • Easy to use, portable and mobile
  • Gorgeous animal cut-out design
  • Spark protective screen


  • You will need to purchase and store wood


Fire Sense Palermo Wood Burning fire Pit, Copper

Fire Sense Palermo Wood Burning fire Pit

This beautiful and stylish Firesense Fire Pit comes with a contemporary stand design. There is plenty of space within the pit for moderate-sized fires. Furthermore, it is only 27 pounds so very easy to move if needed. Te fire tubs is 100 percent solid copper and the black wrought iron legs provide for plenty of durability. No need to have an un-sturdy fire pit right?

This beautiful fire pit is 100 percent portable proving ease of use. It has a copper tub that is un-coated and has a rustic appearance. So, you may need to store this fire pit indoors to protect it from the weather. You can use sand as an insulator to ensure you maintain the gorgeous copper shine from inside the tub.


  • Perfect for medium-sized fire thanks to its large pit
  • Gorgeous copper finish
  • Provides ample light and heat
  • Super easy to set up
  • Only 27 pounds so extremely lightweight
  • Portable


  • Higher priced for those on budgets
  • Non rust-proof but you can purchase a fire pit cover to prevent this


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