Best Fuel for a Fire Pit: Top Recommendations

October 16, 2020

By Ronnie


Are you seeking more information about what is the best fuel for a fire pit? If so, I'm glad you have arrived here at Delta Fire Pits. Below we will be covering some of our top recommended sources. Obviously, nothing comes as close to wood for fuel for an open fire. In addition, it is very hard to replace the crackling sound we all hear when a fire is near us. Of course, we all have different needs when using fire pits. There are some people who prefer wood burning fire pits and others who are seeking the best propane fire pits. So. it really comes down to your own personal preference

What Fuel For a Fire Pit Should You Use?

We be covering our top 5 recommended sources of fuel for the best fire pit experience. In addition, we'll provide some of the benefits that come from each one of these fuel sources. Winter is again upon us here in the united States of America. That being said, fire pits can be used at all times of the year. Wood for many years was the only option most people had. We live in an era now where there are far more options to consider.

So, when choosing the best fuel for a fire pit you have to be selective and ensure you are using the safest option. There are numerous fire pit options out there. There are some people who are seeking a more expensive fire pits that will last longer than a cheaper fire pits priced at more modest amounts. Again, it all depends on your budget and what you are looking for. So, let's take a look at the best fuel for a fire pit money can buy below.

Wood (Seasoned)

People have used seasoned wood as far back as recorded history can be tracked. There is nothing that can create more comfort on a cool evening than a warm, comforting fire. Fire can also be dangerous too so you always want to remind yourself of the safety precautions. A great fire pit mat is one way to ensure your wooden deck or patio is not damaged. Wood is very easy to use and readably available which is why it is so popular and used as often as it is.

You can buy wood bulk by from any garden center, log supplier or popular chain like Lowes or Home Depot. In addition, you don't need electricity when you use wood. Wood can be found everywhere and is the easiest and best fuel for a fire pit one can use. One of the best places to find wood is in the woods. There is literally an unlimited supply of this and it isn't hard to find it either. There is nothing that comes close to the popping and crackling sounds that a legitimate wood burning fire pit can provide. In addition, it provides the perfect setting for your guests, friends and family during the evening hours.

One of the drawbacks with wood is if it isn't well-seasoned or too try. The result is this forms of wood will give off a great deal of smoke which no one has time for. If you get smoke in your eyes we all know how unpleasant that can be. That being said, ensure you get quality wood and you should not have a problem with this fuel source for your fire pit.

2. Smokeless Fuel

One of the greatest advantages of smokeless fuel is that it provides enormous amounts of heat. In addition, as the name states, it also doesn't produce any smoke which is a good thing. The downside is smokeless fuels are not always suitable with fire pits. So, you definitely have to do your research on the best smokeless fuels that can be used in fire pits. Of course, there are many fire pits that can use smokeless fuel or coal as a fuel source. You will simply have to continue to do your research and find the fire pits that can like the Yaheetech Hexagon fire pit.

3) Kiln Dried Logs

One of the best fuel for a fire pit money can buy is kiln dried logs. These logs have far less moisture contained within them as compared with seasoned wood. So, you have some significant advantages to using these dried logs as a fuel source for your fire pit. They are dried within a kiln for many days or even months. They are a great source of heat and produce far less smoke than than regular wood. Kiln dried logs are, for sure, one of our top fuel for a fire pit recommendations to consider.

4) Propane Gas

Propane gas is one of the most often used fuel sources people use to operate their fire pits. It is a little more advanced as compared to using the most popular fuel source, wood. The only drawback to using propane gas is it often doesn't give off as much heat as wood does. That being said, it certainly will still get the job done and ensure your fire pit experience is a pleasurable one.

If you want a great deal of heat that matches what wood can this may not be the best choice. The good news is that propane gives off no smoke and still provides optimal heat for an enjoyable experience with friends, family and guests.

5) Gel Fuel6) Ethanol

Gel Fuel ethanol fuel is one of the most friendly fuels for the environment. Ethanol gives off no smoke and is one of the cleanest fuels available to use. I addition, it comes with two significant benefits. Ethanol can certainly be the best fuels for a fire pit in that it gives off no odor. In addition, it produces no air pollutants or toxic fumes. Who has any time for this anyway right? You may need a tray to ignite a fire whereas ethanol can easily be just poured in. The drawback with using ethanol is it simply doesn't compare to wood in heat creation. So, it does a descent job if keeping you warm, just not to the extent of wood.

What Fuel is Best For a Fire Pit?

Our top recommendation for the best fuel for a fire pit is without a doubt, wood. It is plentiful, provides ample heat and is easy to use. The only major drawback is you have a mess of a clean up afterward as compared to using propane. Again, it all comes down to your personal preference. Wood is perfect for those evening where you want to roast marshmellows. In addition, it is touch to match the crackling and popping sounds of an outdoor fire pit with wood as its fuel source. Our top recommendation is to use kiln-dried of well-seasoned wood for sure for your fire pit.

Obviously, there are more environmentally friendly options compared to wood out there. Ethanol, is without question, the best fuel source available in the marketplace and will not break your bank account. In addition, this form of fuel is actually plant-based and can even be renewable. Also, it can still provide adequate heat just like wood or propane. So, ethanol is still a great option for all. Remember, the flames from ethanol will not be able to stand much wind so ensure your fire pit has some form of protection from the elements when using ethanol.

Lastly, propane gas can still provide ample heat for any fire pit and is very easy to clean up. If you choose to use wood do expect a mess after you are done. One of the biggest advantages of using propane is that there is no post-use clean up which is great. Gas fire pits are simple to use, easy to clean and produce far more heat as compared with ethanol or gel fuel.

Closing Thoughts

So, when choosing your fuel for your fire pit consider what you want most. Is it high amounts of heat? Choose wood. Are you someone that really isn't excited about having to clean up after every use of your fire pit? You definitely want to consider using propane, ethanol or gel fuel for sure. No messy clean up afterward and very easy to use. There are certainly numerous options of fuel for your fire pit to choose from. That being said, all things considered, fire pits are much more fun when you don't have a mess to clean up after every use.

We hope the information provided above will assist you in your fuel purchasing needs for your fire pit. Again, all are great sources of heat generation. That being said, some product higher amounts of heat than others. It all depends on what you are looking for. We all are different and have different needs when it comes to our fire pit use.

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