What is The Best Place To Buy A Fire Pit?

By Ronnie


The best place to buy a fire pit in our opinion is either Woodland Direct or Amazon. Why? Well, these two are the top players when it comes to world-class fire pit customer service. Amazon has a wide variety of fire pits specific to you needs.

In addition, we have purchased fire pits ourselves from both Amazon as well as Woodland Direct. Woodland has been the leader in high quality, luxury fire pits for years now. Amazon, being one of the world's largest manufacturers will continue to be one of the best places to buy a fire pit.

We've been through numerous fire pits. In addition, I've also had a terrocotta chimeneas and the traditional classic steel fire bowl type of fire pit. There came a time where I decided I wanted to purchase a more sustainable, luxury fire pit. Obviously, it is going to come down to what your needs are and what you desire.

I've found that gas-powered fire pits like the Blue Rhino is one of the most durable and long-lasting fire pits available. In addition, there is no clean up after spending time with my family and friends. You are shopping in a golden-age of fire pits. Furthermore, there are numerous fire pit selections to choose from now. We have found that Woodland Direct is the best place to buy a fire pit. Why? Quality and a wide variety of selections even moreso then Amazon.

There are numerous designs to choose from when making purchase decisions. You can choose to purchase a rust-resistant fire pit or wood-burning, gas-powered or electric.

The Top Five Best Fire Pits You Can Buy

What is the best place to buy a fire pit? We always recommend Amazon and WoodlandDirect. Below are a few of our top picks for ease of use, quality and return on your investment.

Our top recommendation is the Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fireplace. In addition, it is also one of many quality fire pits priced below $300.

best place to buy a fire pit

This beautiful fire pit produces up to 30,0000 BTU of heat. So, you will have ample heat to keep you, your friends and family adequately warm during your get togethers.

In addition, one of the many benefits of this fire pit is that it conceals the propane tank within the base. Also, it features an ignition switch which means it is just a flip of the switch to turn off and on. No hassles and no mess. This beauty also features faux-stone tiles that surrounds the fire pit. Furthermore, there is plenty of space on the top of the fire pit to place your drinks or a snack on if you so desire.

The Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fireplace also comes with an assortment of lava rocks. These will ensure to evenly disperse the dancing flames of the Blue Rhino. Also, if you so desire, you can replace the rocks with glass for a greater visual effect.

Furthermore, this fire pit also has a protective cover that is included. So, your fire pit will be safe from the elements. No need to worry if you forget to put it over when not in use. This fire pit is also weather and rust-proof. The Blue Rhino fire pit routinely receives 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews proving people are happy with it. Lastly, it is reasonably priced for most consumers.


Our Top Low Cost Fire Pit Recommendation

top place to buy a fire pit

Our best pick for the top low cost fire pit is the AmazonBasics Steel Lattice Fire Pit. That being said, it isn't that fancy but it surely will get the job done. Are you seeking the authentic, camping smells of a wood-burning fire pit? This is the fire pit for you.

This fire pit may be more simple and lower cost but is offers a variety of benefits. The lattice design provides a 360-degree view of the fire regardless where you are sitting . In addition, this design also works to provide equal heat distribution all around the fire pit as well. The lattice work also protects you, your friends, family and guests against wild sparks or embers. Lastly, this fire pit also features a spark screen that covers the fire pit which increases safety as well.

So, clearly there are important features of this low-cost wood-burning fire pit. This particular model is perfect for smaller fires with it only being 23.5 inches across. That being said, it is not always the best fit if you are using it in areas that are subject to wind gusts or constant breeze. We always recommend you invest in a fire pit heat mat when it comes to these types of fire pits. The reason being is your patio, lawn or deck will be subject to high temperatures. A fire pit heat mat will offset these temperatures protecting your surface from the heat exposure.


  • easily portable so you can move the fire pit around at will
  • Low, affordable price
  • Even light and heat distribution


  • Clean up required after use
  • Small diameter so not as much heat production
  • Area of use is subject to possible wild embers or sparks unless under constant supervision
  • Not rust resistant


Our Top Wood-Burning Fire Pit Recommendation

Sunnydaze Decor Iron Wood-burning Fire Pit Bowl

The Sunnydaze Decor Cast-Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl is an extremely simple wood-burning fire bowl that gets the job done. It features a deep basin which allows for plenty of wood to be placed inside. Furthermore, it provides plenty of weight capacity and will stand up to a great deal of heat. This fire pit bowl is perfect for large amounts of logs.

Again, always be wary of wild embers and sparks for safety sake. We recommend checking out our fire pit heat mat post for additional safety precautions. This fire pit bowl features a durable, cast iron shell and 4, ten-inch legs to keep this bowl stable. It is 35-pounds so easily mobile and portable incase you need to change locations.

Additional Benefits

The drawback is it is not weather or rust-resistant but you might want to check out our top fire pits that are rust resistant post. You can always purchase a fire pit cover to help protect it from the weather elements. Lastly, you can drill holes in the bottom of the bowl. This will ensure no water collects within the bowl.

This fire pit bowl has numerous 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon proving it is a high-interest, durable low cost fire pit bowl. What is the best place to buy a fire pit? Check out the orange button below to find out more information about the Sunnydaze Decor Cast-Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl.

The Upside:

The Downside:

  • Not rust-resistant
  • Must clean up after use
  • Must store and purchase wood for every use


Outland Living Portable Gas Fire Pit

outland firebowl

The Outland Living Portable Gas Fire Pit has a diameter of 19 inches and weighs only 25lbs. So, this is an extremely portable and small fire pit perfect for tailgating or spending time with friends and family at home. Also, you can easily store this fire pit in your garage or apartment closet even. It may be small but this fire pit can generate up to 55,000 BTU showing its capability to keep you and yours warm.

This fire pit is specifically designed to function with most common 5-gallon propane tanks. In addition, it comes with a 10-foot long gas hose so the propane tank is not located near the burner. Thus, making for a safe and secure area near you and your guests. You can control the intensity and size of the flame using the dial located on the base of the fire pit. In addition, turning the fire pit on and off is simple as a flip of the ignitor button.

The fire pit comes with decorative lave rocks as well. The rocks work to even distribute the flames from the fire pit. In addition, there is no major clean up necessary after use saving you time and burden of purchasing and storing wood.

The Good

  • perfect for tailgating or spending time with family, friends or associates in your backyard, on lawn or patio.
  • Affordably priced under $200
  • Small, lightweight and easily portable
  • Has maintain a superior 4.8 star average on Amazon.

The Bad


Our #1 Recommendation For Longevity, Quality and ROI

Our top pick for quality is the Best Choice Gas Fire Pit Table. This beauty maxes out at 50,000 BTU providing plenty of warmth for you, your family and guests. Additionally, it is perfect for placing drinks or snacks on and has a protective glass exterior to ensure safety from the flames. It is the perfect fire pit choice for your patio, lawn, wooden deck. In addition, if you own a business such as a hotel or restaurant it will create an addition decor to your establishment.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a high end, luxury fire table that will last this is our top pick. This tables comes with glass beads that will create a shimmering effect off the flames. Safely operate this fire pit table with zero worries and enjoy your get together with no stress. There is no clean up after use making this the perfect addition to any party. Lastly, due to its durable, stylish design and rust resistant frame this one is due to please.

The Best Choice Gas Fit Pit Table is made out of heavy-duty aluminum. The fact that it is rust resistant you will know there is a huge return on investment from your purchase. It comes with sleek, stylish black finish and made out of rust resistant, weather proof metal that won't corrode.

This table is still affordable at just under $500, is 22 inches wide and 57 inches long. Remember, this is a one-time investment and well worth it. The reason being is longevity and quality of the make up of the fire pit. If you are seeking a fire pit that will not last months but several years this is wise choice. Woodland Direct has a wide variety of these higher end, stylish long table fire pits you may want to check out.


So, if you are seeking what is the best place to buy a fire pit we recommend Woodland Direct or Amazon. These, we have found, to be the most trustworthy and respected brands

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