Big Horn Fire Pit Tips and Benefits

March 10, 2023

By Ronnie


Are you seeking more details and specs about the big horn fire pit and what are its benefits? If so, you have come to the right website. Welcome to Delta Fire Pits.

Are you looking to turn your backyard into a welcoming gathering spot, fire pits are the perfect finishing touch. Not only do these outdoor pieces provide warmth on cool nights, but they're also versatile – serving as grilling surfaces or decorative items too.

No matter your budget or taste, we have a model to fit. From smokeless options to portable options, there's a fire pit for everyone.

What is the Big Horn Mini Ranch Fire Pit Made Of?

The Big Horn Mini Ranch Fire Pit is constructed with durable materials. It boasts a black powder-coated finish, high temperature paint and steel cooking grate. Plus, it has heavy gauge legs with safety rings around the outside. Plus, you get side tables and an adjustable grill top that swivels 360 degrees for convenient grilling anywhere!

The fire pit's standout feature is its height adjustable cooking grate, as well as a charcoal pan holder that doubles as both a wood grate and pan holder. With so much versatility when building your fire, the fire pit will certainly please any outdoor entertaining needs!

At around $300, the fire pit offers plenty for its price point; however, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase. Consider how you will use it and what type of cooking you plan to do on it before selecting the style that meets your needs. Similarly, decide if you want something easy to store away when not in use or something which can be moved from location to location easily.


What Type of Pit is Best?

Fire pits come in a range of sizes, prices and performance levels – from simple match-lit models to advanced electronic ignition kits.

Stainless steel fire pits are the most popular and tend to be resistant to rust. They can be used with wood or pellet fuel mixes and require minimal upkeep – perfect for outdoor entertaining! Additionally, these fire pits are easy to clean and move around, making them the ideal choice for outdoor entertaining.

Smokeless wood-burning fire pits are another good option. The reason is they require minimal upkeep.Also, provide a great way to cook over the embers without compromising food flavor. Some models even include a cooking grate that can be removed and placed directly over the flame.

If you choose to use a fire pit or grill, be sure to place it on a hard-level surface. So, in order to prevent scorching of the ground. Ideally, place it on an outdoor patio or porch. So, that there are no nearby structures that could fall or be exposed to elements.

What are the Warmest Fire Pits?

A fire pit is an ideal addition to any outdoor space. Remember, fire pits provide warmth on cold winter nights. Also, create a cozy gathering spot where friends and family can come together.

However, not all fire pits are created equal. Some are more efficient at heating the air than others while some boast features designed for easier use or safety.

Some fire pits feature mesh guards or spark screens to keep flying embers and sparks at bay. Others even come equipped with a fire poker for added enjoyment when starting the fire.

Another feature is a grill or heat plate to grill food over the fire. This helps save money on fuel. Thus, you won't need to buy as many logs as if using an older style wood burner.

Are you searching for a fire pit that expresses your personality? Look no further than the Long Horn 36-Inch Handcrafted Carbon Steel Fire Pit. The pit is crafted from heavy duty 1/4 inch thick mild carbon steel. Also, has an iron oxide finish/patina that darkens with age and becomes permanent.

What is a Good Size Fire Pit for Backyard?

When choosing the size of a fire pit, several factors come into play. For example, how many people you plan on hosting around it. Also, the space your patio provides and whether you prefer permanent or portable design.

Ideally, the patio should be at least 6 feet larger than the fire pit on all sides. This will enable you to comfortably place chairs around it. Also, create a pleasant gathering spot for you and your guests.

When selecting a fire pit, the size will depend on its construction material. Stacked stones or blocks arranged in circles are popular options, but you can also find models constructed out of metal, concrete, and pavers.


Big Horn Fire Pit Accessories

Aside from the fire pit itself, you will likely need to stock up on accessories such as BBQ tools and utensils, fire extinguishers and fireproof storage boxes. The Big Horn is one of the largest and most impressive outdoor fire pits you will find. The fire bowl is generous in size, and its hood fits snugly over it. Keep an eye out for the sleek glass door which slides open and shut with minimal effort.

You might want to invest in a matching set of brooms, an excellent vacuum cleaner and some fragrant candles for those chilly evenings when the wind is out of the park. Plus, since these items can be used all year round, there's no need to store away all your patio furniture at the end of the season.

How Can I Make My Fire Pit More Fun?

Making the most of summer nights by having a fire pit in your backyard is an ideal way to enjoy all that this wonderful space has to offer. Not only does it create an inviting atmosphere, but it can also become the perfect gathering spot for all members of your family and friends.

Make your fire pit even more enjoyable by adding accessories like a grill. Brands such as Big Horn Wood-Burning Fire Pit boast a charcoal pan and adjustable cooking grate that make them convenient to use.

Another fun way to make your fire pit more entertaining is by having it be a hub for family games. For instance, one person could announce two truths and a lie about themselves, or everyone could dress up in costumes and sing some campfire songs together.

If you have kids, having them roast marshmallows or make s'mores around your fire pit is a great way to spend quality time together and create lasting memories. These activities will allow your family to spend quality time together while creating lasting memories.

What Should I Put Around My Fire Pit?

Fire pits can add a charming touch to any backyard, but you need to know the correct way to set one up. Place the pit in the middle of your yard, away from any flammable structures or plants that could put out the flames.

Avoid burning trash, cardboard, paper or other materials not intended for the pit. These can contain toxics or release hazardous fumes into the air and pose a fire hazard.

Before burning wood, be sure that it has not been treated or painted in any way. Paints and treatments can release toxic fumes when burned.

To keep sparks away from your fire pit, purchase a spark screen for the area surrounding it. These can be found at most hardware stores for just a few dollars.

Additionally, you should designate a sober safety person to monitor your fire pit while using it. This individual should be able to take action in case there's an emergency such as fire or something goes awry.

Should You Keep Fire Pit Covered?

If your fire pit is above-ground, there is no need to keep it covered while using. However, in dry weather it can be beneficial to use a cover in order to protect its surface and metal parts from moisture damage or rusting.

A cover can keep young children and pets secure, as well as helping to prevent smoke from escaping. Burning certain types of wood or other flammable materials can be hazardous; thus it's best to opt for natural hardwoods that have been cut and dried at least six months prior to use.

Alternatively, you can install a solid metal screen directly on top of the pit to protect it from flying embers or flames. This type of lid is often referred to as a fire snuffer; its purpose is to stop air from reaching the flames in order to safely put out their flames.

If you choose to cover your fire pit, ensure it's made out of durable fabric designed for subzero temperatures with vents to keep moisture out. A quality cover should be tailored specifically for your pit and will look great in your backyard year after year.


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