Bighorn Ranch Fire Pit with Grilling Plate Review

By Ronnie


The bighorn ranch fire pit with grilling plate is one of many top fire pits to invest in. A fire pit is a solid choice for anyone looking to make good use of their backyard during the cool months of winter. You know what I am talking about. Roasting marshmallows, reminiscing about iconic moments in the past, telling ghost stories and all that.

Now, imagine doing that in a circle without a warm fire – does not sound as interesting, does it? Fire pits offer warmth, sparks (no pun intended!) creativity and is a soothing thing to gaze at.

But, choosing the right fire pit is not as simple as going to the local Home Depot and buying the first thing that catches your eye. You need to think about where it will be used, what the best material is, how to use without burning your house down, keeping within the local laws and regulations and more.

By the end of this article, you will realize that a firepit is more than just a hole in the ground.

What are the top fire pit uses?

A firepit can serve up to three functions and your choice depends on the purpose.

  • Grilling and roasting
    • If you are using the fire pit for cooking, ensure that your choice includes a cooking grate.
  • Decoration
    • Unless you are only looking to dig a hole in the ground to roast that pig, a fire pit can be a focal point in your backyard. There are many styles for a fire pit, ranging from a simple metal bowl fire pit to more elaborate and multifunctional (and extremely eye catching!) fire pits like the Bighorn Ranch Fire Pit with Grilling Plate. If decoration is your purpose, make sure to opt for a fire pit that has the character you are looking for. More on this below.
  • Ambiance
    • If the warmth and general vibe of a fire is what you want, something like a fire pit table might be ideal for you. A fire pit table is specifically intended to add ambiance to a room. They come with a table which is either to a height of a dining table or coffee table. The fire pit is located in the center of the table and gives warmth and a soft glow that is perfect for a meal or drink.

What is the style you prefer?

Well designed houses have a coherent style that simply ebbs through the entire house, both indoors and outdoors. When choosing a fire pit, it is important that you take this factor into consideration. Fire pits nowadays come in an array of configurations and materials, making it simple to find a product that fits your requirement. If you have the money to splash, you could go ahead with a custom made fire pit! These fire pits use smooth stone, granite and even marble or if you prefer a more rustic look, there is brick and river rock.

Does your area have any laws against burning wood?

Before we touch this topic, it is important to note that you should not use a wood burning fire pit on a covered porch, under low hanging branches or during windy conditions.

You should also check with the homeowner's association, city, and county if there are any regulations regarding an outdoor fire pit, fireplace or burning wood. Some areas do impose fines for violating these rules so unless you want a tangle with the legal system, it is best that you check up first.

What is with the rules? Well, that is because smoke from wood burning fires is dangerous (known to cause cancer), especially to those suffering from respiratory conditions.  

Tip; Some municipalities have laws against people under eighteen starting a fire – for obvious reasons.

What type of fuel should you use?

For some, a fire is not complete without the crackle of burning wood and the smoky aroma that sticks to the clothes. If that is the case with you too, a wood fire pit should be your option.

Tip; On average, a log of wood is twenty four inches so be sure that the pit you buy can accommodate that.

If you want a cleaner experience (minus the fire and hassle of carrying wood), a propane/natural gas fire pit is a great option. In addition to the fact that it is cleaner, a fire pit of this type has more flexibility. Use it on a porch with an overhead roof? Check. Under a tree? Check. No smoke and debris to clean up after? Check.

Also, make sure you look into investing in a fire pit heat mat. Why? Well, fire pits like the bighorn ranch fire pit with grilling plate create a great deal of heat. So, a fire pit mat will ensure your patio, lawn or wooden deck is protected from those high heat exposures.

What material should the fire pit be made of?

When choosing a firepit, it is always a good idea to go for something that can handle a lot for wear and tear which means it will last for a longer time.

Cast iron is a solid choice as long as you do not plan on moving the pit around much. If the latter is important to you, Aluminum fire pits are very lightweight and are a suitable alternative. Added to it, aluminum is more immune to rust.

The third material used is copper, certainly the odd one out of the trio. Copper is heavy so it isn’t portable and has soft properties. So why is it used? Because it looks fantastic. The brownish color of copper instantly uplifts any room (or backyard) and brings with it a lot of style.

Do you want a portable fire pit or a permanent fire pit?

A permanent fire pit is a beautiful fixture to a backyard. They are generally built into a stone patio or dug into the ground and gives a natural and organic vibe to the whole garden.

That hardly means a portable fire pit does not have any benefits. For starters, a portable fire pit is much cheaper in comparison to a permanent fire pit. They are also portable so you can move it to different areas in the house depending on the number of visitors you have, use it at a different house or in the wild, or take it away from the wind.


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