Breeo X 24 Fire Pit Review

March 8, 2023

By Ronnie


Seeking more information and details about the breeo x 24 fire pit? Breeo is one of the very top brands for fire pits. Welcome to Delta Fire Pits.

Breeo X 24 is the middle size fire pit from their X series and ideal for families or groups. With its wide sear plate, you can cook meats, vegetables, or make a quick burger in no time!

The X Series also comes with cooking accessories like a SearPlate Griddle, Outpost Grill and Kettle Hook. Now you can cook any live-fire dish on your X Series with these add-ons!

Can You Put Stone Around a Breeo Fire Pit?

Stone can be an attractive addition to a Breeo fire pit, but there are some things you should consider before selecting which type of stone to use.

Before selecting your fire pit area, it is important to decide if you want hard or soft rocks around it. Hard rocks tend to be more durable and resistant to cracking, however they could potentially explode if hit by sparks or flames.

Second, consider the type of wood or coal you will use for your fire. Some woods such as cedar or fir may cause smoke to float up into the air, while others don't.

Third, make sure to be aware of any local fire codes for fire pits in your area. Generally, they require that the pit be at least ten feet away from a house.

Good news is that most people won't need to worry about this because Breeo fire pits all feature a double-wall design that makes them much more efficient than traditional pits. This allows air to circulate around the fire instead of out and up, creating a more even burn.


What is the Dimension of Breeo X24?

The Breeo X 24 is the mid-sized option in their smokeless fire pit lineup. This model is ideal for smaller yards or patios and can comfortably seat a few people.

The X24 is our most customizable fire pit model, available in both stainless steel and corten steel for a unique aesthetic that won't fade away over time. Customers looking for something special should look no further than this model!

Moreover, the X24 is built to withstand harsh winter temperatures so it can be used year-round. This feature is especially important if you live in an area prone to severe snowfall.

The X24 is the ideal size for a small yard and can comfortably seat several guests for an enjoyable meal. As part of their smokeless fire pit lineup, this model comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

Are Breeo Fire Pits Worth the Money?

Breeo is a top-tier brand that creates smokeless fire pits. Their double-wall technology ensures the fire burns efficiently and produces less smoke, providing customers with cleaner burning fire pits.

They offer a selection of accessories to help you cook on your fire, such as a grill and sear plate. This allows you to take pleasure in cooking over the fire and make the experience that much more pleasurable.

The downside to these accessories is their cost, but if you enjoy cooking over an open fire then they are definitely worth investing in.

These accessories are built to last, made with stainless steel that resists rust and will look fantastic for years to come.

Breeo X Series smokeless fire pits are revolutionizing backyard cooking with their X Airflow and double-wall convection technologies that reduce smoke from regular fires. Plus, these models are fully customizable to fit into any lifestyle or budget – perfect for grilling season!

How Much Does Breeo x 24 Weigh?

The Breeo X 24 weighs in at 62 pounds, making it one of the heaviest smokeless fire pits available. This is thanks to Breeo using thick steel double walls that measure 1/8” thick and are built to last for years to come.

The Breeo X24 is one of their most versatile models, capable of cooking for an entire group or being compacted to only 11 inches high and 21 inches wide for portability. Not only that, but this model also excels in cooking chicken, shrimp, steaks, scallops, vegetables – you name it!

The X 24 boasts an eye-catching feature: corten steel. This material is known for developing a beautiful patina over time that does not damage the metal and provides a stunning aesthetic.

Is Breeo Made by the Amish?

Breeo places great value on craftsmanship and the American way, producing their products in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The company's founders are passionate about creating jobs within their community and encouraging a love of real wood fires. Furthermore, they value continuous improvement and developing others.

The X24 is one of the most durable smokeless fire pits available, constructed from Corten Steel and 304 stainless steel.

It is designed to last and looks stunning while doing so. The steel naturally develops a patina over time, providing an exquisite finish that doesn't need any upkeep.

The X24 fire pit is the ideal smokeless option for those seeking to create a focal point in their backyard. It's big enough to cook for large groups but small enough that you can move it out of the way while playing football with your kids.


Is Solo or Breeo Better?

Solo and Breeo are two of the most sought-after smokeless fire pits available today. Both products are engineered to burn wood efficiently, leaving you with little or no smoke emissions.

Breeo offers a selection of accessories and add-ons that can enhance your fire pit experience. For instance, they provide an ash shovel and fire starter set as well.

Both brands are made from 304 stainless steel, which is composed of chromium and nickel. Not only is it resistant to rust but also long-lasting with proper care.

Breeo also produces fire pits from corten steel, an even more durable grade of metal used for bridge and highway construction projects. At first glance, this material appears blueish-gray but over time it develops a naturally rust colored patina.

Both brands offer a range of models and designs to choose from, but the Solo Stove tends to be the better overall option for most consumers. It is lighter, more portable, and provides more cooking options than Breeo fire pits.

Can I Leave My Breeo Fire Pit Outside?

Breeo fire pits can be left outdoors, but you should check your local codes to make sure the space is safe. These units tend to be elevated off of ground which helps shield sparks or embers from falling onto grass.

The Breeo smokeless fire pit stands apart from traditional fire pits due to its double-walled combustion system that keeps flames well oxygenated and burns wood efficiently, so you don't need to constantly turn logs – which can be a hassle.

Another great benefit is that the fire will burn for much longer. Due to its powerful oxygen flow, low embers will smoulder for hours, and the pit will continue radiating warmth even after the flames have died down.

The X Series is ideal for outdoor kitchen enthusiasts who want to create their own live-fire cooking oasis. This series includes cooking accessories like a SearPlate(tm) Grill, Outpost(tm) Grill and Kettle Hook that make it simple to cook over fire.

Should You Cover Breeo Fire Pit?

The Breeo X 24 is one of the top fire pits available, boasting American-made quality and premium features that set it apart from its competition.

Double flame technology with smokeless technology is a big draw for buyers, and its airflow system around the fire has been designed to maintain hot and clean combustion.

Smokeless fire pits offer a healthy, smokeless experience for those seeking an indoor fire pit. However, they do emit some smoke while cooking or during windy conditions. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make them less smokey and prevent odors from building up in your pit.

One way to make your Breeo smokeless is by selecting the correct wood. Choose seasoned lumber with high moisture content so it burns more efficiently and produces fewer smoke particles. Furthermore, place the fire box on a solid surface like concrete slab or brick.


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