How to Build a Natural Gas Fire Pit?


People build fire pits outside their homes to not only enjoy the warmth freely outside but to also extend the living space where the whole family can sit back and relax.  To aid you with building your natural gas fire pit, we have rounded up a few factors that you should consider before jumping into the project.

What are the factors to consider when building a natural gas fire pit?

Decide on your Design: There are many designs to consider when building a natural gas fire pit. It depends on your preferences and your budget. You can build your fire pit on the ground or have it extending above ground, like a well.

You can also craft a freestanding one that can be moved easily. To create this, you might need the help of a welder to put the metal parts together or buy a ready made one such as the:

Landmann Garden Lights Savannah Fire Pit


As for the design, you can surround your pit with materials such as metals, bricks, clay rocks, and stones or furnish your in-ground pit with colorful fire glass. The limit is your imagination, and of course, how much money you want to shed on your pit.

Go with Natural Gas: There are a number of reasons why most homeowners choose to build a natural gas fire pit. The most popular rationale is that natural gas is safe yet inexpensive to run. Because it isn’t considered a “burning pit”, you won’t have to worry about smoke ruining your relaxation or smelling like smoke after your outdoor fire pit session.

Tending to a burning wood may also be a bit of a hassle, as you have to light it and continually stoke the fire. They are also messy; you have to clean the ashes and dry the puddle of water used to extinguish it. Although having a wooden fire pit in the beach or in a mountain camp is great, you don’t want to have it in your backyard. A natural gas pit is simple to light, burns clean, very hot, and the flame is easy to control.

Pick the right area: Before you decide where to finally rest your natural gas fire pit, decide on the right spot where you are sure you’ll have a good, relaxing time. Consider facing a good view with plants or flowers, and not near the pool where wet swimmers passing by may accidentally extinguish the fire.

Also decide on the pieces you want to add into your outdoor lounge, such as the couches or seating area, coffee tables, etc. You’ll also want to match your outdoor fire pit with the style of your home and outdoor landscaping. Make sure that no flammable materials are close by to avoid it being accidentally thrown or fed to the fire pit. Also consider making your fire pit location an open space to avoid congestion.

Why build a natural gas fire pit?

A natural gas fire pit and a few couches in the backyard are considered an extension of living space where homeowners can hang with family and friends as often as they do indoors. Since many people love being able to relax in their backyards, out with nature, outdoor lounges have risen to popularity. However, if you live in a very cold place, huddled up in a blanket wouldn’t be as relaxing.

Paying someone to build a natural gas fire pit may be expensive as cost of labor is high. If you are a handyman, you might just be able to construct your own natural gas fire pit provided that you have the necessary tools and materials to do so, and you know exactly the design to base it on.

Of course, it will still be costly, but labor costs will add a significant amount to your savings if you know how to do it on your own. You might still need a few help, such as a professional for gas installation. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake there.

How to build your natural gas fire pit?

Now that you have thoroughly considered all the factors needed by your fire pit, it is time to build it. Ensure that you have the proper know-how when building something like this, as it is not recommended for novices. You may want to seek the help of a contractor or a professional when it comes to installation of gas, etc.

Build the burner – Consider using stainless steel for your burner as it lasts a long while, doesn’t rust or corrode, and can withstand the heat of the pit. Make sure to create the burner solidly to avoid any leaks. You may need the help of a welder for this. After you have created the barebones of the burner, you’ll have to connect it to your existing gas line (if any) or have a new gas line installed. Again, you might need the help of a professional when it comes to installation of the gas line.

Build the tray – The tray will hold the burner, the rocks, and whatever you’ll add into the pit. This is usually made of metal, stainless steel to be precise. Again, stainless steel is good for outdoor stuff like this because it can withstand the changing weather and be able to hold heat. In the tray, you’ll want to add black volcanic rock, ceramic fireballs, or beautiful colored glass such as the:

Fireplace Glass Rocks

The latter is much more expensive but really nice to look at.

Finalize the finish – If you are using tiles, rocks, slates, bricks, or cement, it’s time to finalize the overall look of the pit. This is also when you will assemble everything and test if it is working in tip-top shape. This is when you should let your creative juices flow; you can mix and match stones or stack up bricks for a layered look. It is all up to you. You also need to buy protection for your fire pit such as the:

Classic Accessories Terrazzo Fire Pit Cover



Make sure that before you proceed with you project you have checked with your local fire department for city codes and ordinances for fire pits in your area. Laws vary and sometimes you’ll need to get a permit or insurance before installing your natural gas fire pit.

Although it may be costly and may pose danger when not installed properly, a fire pit is a great addition to your home that you should definitely consider getting.
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