How to Build a Wood Burning Fire Pit?

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


Fire pits are a great way to extend living or party space from indoors to outdoors. It also enables homeowners to enjoy the peaceful ambiance of their patio or backyard during the cold weathers. Not many people want to be huddled up inside their homes for months on end.

Therefore, having a burning fire pit has been a fad in American homes since its popularity has risen. Many people want to enjoy being able to lounge outdoors without worrying about freezing under the chilly weather.

Which type of fire pit is right for you?

There are many types of fire pits; there are the costly and classy ones run by gas or propane, there’s the fast and fuss-free one like the ones run by gel, and there’s the traditional fire pit flamed by wood. Fire pits can be costly depending on the design and size you want.

Some are made to be permanently standing in one place where gas installation and designing can be costly. Of course, there’s always the traditional and cheap firewood but it also has some drawbacks.

Safety is the number one concern of having a wood burning fire pit. Sometimes there are also city ordinances on burning wood, which prevents homeowners to enjoy a natural fire heat and cackle. For those who enjoy the opportunity of good old firewood, we have listed the steps you need to follow to safely create your own.

What are the steps in creating your own wood burning fire pit?

Nothing beats a warm fire during a cold evening. Heat up a party or a gathering by lighting a wood burning fire pit. But first, you must know how to create your own.

Step 1: Determine the location of your fire pit. Find a spot in your backyard where there is enough space to huddle around the fire. What use there is for a fire pit if the spot is so congested that no one can warm up close to it and smoke is all over the place?

It should be open so air can easily lift up the smoke. It should be away from flammable objects or materials such as plants or fences. Consider having a buffer of at least 6-foot, more if you are expecting more people to huddle around the fire.

Step 2: Plan for the design of your fire pit. Draw up the design of your fire pit if you’re aiming for a glitzy one. If you’re going for a traditional one, you don’t need to do any drawings and whatnot. Instead, use this opportunity to think of all the materials you will need and gather them. You will need stones, a digging material, adhesives, sand, gravel, ring, grate, etc. Materials depend on what you want your pit to look like.

Step 3: Build the foundation. You need to dig a circular hole in your chosen spot that is about 4-feet in diameter and 12-inches deep. This depends on the fire pit size that you’re aiming for. Make a foundation around the area where the stones will sit upon but don’t forget to leave the center area free of concrete for drainage.

Let the concrete dry. If you are going for a smaller fire pit, you can use a fire pit rim instead of concrete such as the:

Outdoor Classics Fire Pit Rim


Step 4: Construct a wall atop your foundation. Once the concrete is hard and dry, stack up bricks, stones, or whatever you have chosen for the wall. Construct a wall about 12-inches high. Leave about 2 inches of free space between the bricks for air circulation. Stack them carefully to avoid realignment.

You can use a brush to clean debris from the surface of the previous layer. Afterwards, you can opt to add a steel ring over your fire pit. This is optional. To give you an idea of what a cast stone for your pit should look like, check out:

Cast Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit


Step 5: Apply finishing touches. Further brush the bricks or stones to make it clean and polished. You can also spray it lightly with water to remove any leftover mortar and dirt. You can also cover the dirt surrounding area of the pit with crushed stones to avoid weeds from growing.

Step 6: Build the fire. You have now fully constructed a fire pit and you’re ready to use it! Gather newspaper and kindling. Construct a teepee using the kindling and place it over your crumpled paper. Light it and viola! You now have a traditional wood burning fire pit that is ready to warm you up all year round. Start adding bigger pieces of wood to feed the fire and keep it going for hours.

What are things to consider after completion of fire pit?

After you have a wood burning fire pit going, you should consider taking safety measures to avoid the spread of fire just in case. Keep a bucket of sand, a fire extinguisher, or a water supply nearby in case you need it.

You also want to ensure that your hard work will last you a while. Maintain your fire pit by regularly purging it from ash and ember. Don’t forget to rid your pit from ash every time you use it. Also keep in mind not to suddenly pour water in hot fire pit because the unexpected temperature change may result to the deterioration of the walls.

When not in use, cover your fire pit with a waterproof cover to shield it against heat, rain, and snow. Buy something like the:

Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit Cover



Having a wood burning fire pit is a natural and cheaper alternative to having a pit that is run by natural gas or propane. Although wood burning fire pit does not light up as fast as those other two options, the fire made is more natural.

Nothing beats a good fire sizzle and crackle during a long chilly night. To ensure safety and ease of use, always take measures that will not result to a rapid spread of flame and don’t forget to fully extinguish the fire after each use.
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