Can a Fire Pit Be Used On a Wooden Deck?

By Ronnie


Can a fire pit be used on a wooden deck is a common question we often get asked here at Delta. The answer is yes. You certain can use a fire pit on a wooden deck. That being said, you have to take precautionary steps to ensure your safety.

All it would take is a hot ember from a wood-burning fire pit to land somewhere that could start a fire. In addition, you have to ensure your fire pit meets your city codes. The reason being often times people live in close proximity to others. It is important to ensure your fit pit meet the safety standards of the city you live in.

A fire pit will always enhance your home's ambience and outdoor living space. It is the perfect addition to your deck, patio or backyard and comes with more benefits than drawbacks. That being said, if you are planning on a having a fire pit on your wooden deck there are some things to keep in mind for sure.

Can a Fire Pit Be Used On a Wooden Deck

The Do's

  • Clean your deck before installing any new fire pit
  • Ensure the pit is not nearby any pine straw, trees, debris or leaves
  • Take a leaf blower and ensure none of the above mentioned debris is visible on your deck
  • Ensure your fire pit meets your city codes for safety
  • Seek out the advice of a structural engineer
  • Invest in a fire pit heat shield
  • Dispose of any ashes that may have accumulated if you used a wood-burning fire pit
  • Invest in a gas-powered fire pit. No clean up required.
  • Keep water nearby just in case a fire were to occur
  • Check your city ordinances (often times fire pits are not allowed closer than 20 feet from your home)

The Dont's

  • Don't place the fire pit on the side of your home or too close to your wooden deck. This is a great way to ruin your homes siding and can easily start a fire you don't need or want.
  • Never place the fire pit directly on your deck. This is why a fire pit heat shield is a very wise investment whether using a wood or gas powered fire pit. The one we recommend can withstand up to 1400 degrees and is worth the investment.
  • Never use lighter fluid and always use dry, seasoned wood that is easily lit. You can add some tinder to keep the fire going as needed. Lighter fluid can easily cause property damage so be mindful of this at all times.
  • Never leave your fire pit unattended. If you need to run to the store for supplies have someone stay there to watch over your property. Of course, we know this is common sense but it has happened where people leave fire pits unattended and fires start. It simply isn't worth the risk even if you feel the fire pit is in good condition.

Closing Thoughts

There are many benefits to installing a fire pit on a wooden deck. That being said, it is absolutely critical to pre-plan before doing so. A fire pit can be used on a wooden deck but always consider having a fire pit head pad in place before considering placing a fire pit on the deck.

Lastly, never place a fire pit directly on a wooden deck as the heat will be far too much for your deck to handle. It is essential to have a heat pad or plate in place that can ensure your wooden deck is not affected by the heat. Furthermore, there are other alternatives to not having to store wood or cleaning up ash after spending time with loved ones and guests. You can always invest in a gas powered fire pit but even these have to have a head shield below them on a wooden deck.

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