Can You Use a Fire Pit on a Wooden Deck?

By Ronnie


Can you use a fire pit on a wooden deck? Well, the answer to that of course is yes. You can but you also have to keep in mind that your fire pit meets city codes. It can be problematic using a fire pit on a wooden deck simply because it is so easy for wood to burn.

The last thing you want is a fire starting near your home or on your deck. The best advice we can provide is to endure you create a no-burn zone around and beneath your fire pit. There are fire pid pads that have been created that will protect wood deck surfaces up to 1400 degrees.

In addition, you can create a fire pit pad that is made out of bricks, metal or pavers as well. The reason a fire pit on a wooden deck is of high concern is due to flying embers or sparks that can come off of many wood-burning fire pits. That being said, is is much safer simply to invest in a gas-powered fire pit that would offset these concerns.

All it would take is an undetected spark to land somewhere when not paying attention that could start a fire. It simply isn't worth the risk. So, always be cognizant when using a wood-burning fire pit on a wooden deck.

Our Top Product Recommendation For Fire Pit Use on Wooden Decks

Northland Fire Pit Heat Shield

fire pit heat shield

The Northland fire pit heat guard will help protect your deck and backyard from the threats of heat and fire. This heat shield will help you safely use your gas or wood-burning fire pit on any synthetic (composite) wood deck, concrete or lawn surface.

There is no assembly required for this so it is simply a matter of opening the box and situating the shield where you want it. Of course, the fire pit itself is not included with purchase. That being said, this shield is designed to withstand high temperatures, is 26×26 inches and fits most standard fire pits. Lastly, it has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

The Verdict

  • Easy to use right out of the box
  • No assembly required
  • Will ensure safety on your wooden deck, patio or on grass in your backyard
  • 100 percent fire proof and comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Made in USA



So, always pre-plan when setting up a fire pit, whether wood-burning or gas-powered on a wooden deck. An undetected spark, especially from a wood-burning fire pit may not do anything on a concrete surface but can do immense damage on a wooden deck.

Furthermore, fire pits that sit low to the ground which do not have a heat guard as mentioned above can damage a wooden deck beneath its surface too. So, receive the all-clear first from your city code first. Always focus on investing in fire pits that are designed for deck use. If certain, contact the manufacturer for further details.

Also, ensure your deck is strong enough to support the fire pit. There are some fire pits that are very lightweight while others can be much heavier. Furthermore, some are very mobile while others are rather stationary so find out what works best for you needs before moving forward.

Lastly, it can be very helpful to find a structural engineer to help with your fire pit design. How to build a fire pit on a wooden deck is a great starting point to set you up for success. In addition, make sure the fire pit is positioned away from plants, furniture and railings. These are precautionary steps that will pay huge dividends down the road. Think safety at all times.

So, can you use a fire pit on a wooden deck? Of course you can. That being said, just pre-plan well and ensure you have the right equipment in place prior to implementing your fire pit plans on your wooden deck.

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