Do Fire Pits Add Value to A Home? The MUST Read

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Do fire pits add value to a home? Well, of course they do. That being said, fire pits can add to or taketh away. One of the best recommendations we share here is to always keep safety at the forefront of your mind. You should never operate a fire pit within 20 feet of your property.

Fire pits add value because they provide warmth and add to the ambience of your home. There is not doubt about it, a quality fire pit can pay you back for decades to come. The old saying you get what you pay for is very true. Are you looking for a fire pit that is going to last a few months to a year or two? Perhaps, a cheaper fire pit is what you need.

Do you desire something more extravegent? Well, an expensive fire pit may cost more but will also last longer too. It really depends on what your budget is and desires are regarding your purchase.

Why Fire Pits Add Value To A Home

The biggest reason they add value is comfort and warmth. There are numerous styles of fire pits. A few of these are as follows:

Gas-Powered Fire Pits

Wood-burningFire Pits

Electric Fireplaces

Gas powered fire pits are our favorite. The reason being is there is no messy clean up after each use. That being said, there is nothing like the smell of a wood-burning fire pit. It is, without question, the most realistic and outdoor fire pit most people think of when it comes to fire pits.

Electric fireplaces, like gas-powered fire pits, involve no clean up after each use. Thus, very simple to use and still keep you and your guests warm. In fact, 78 percent of the costs associated with using a fire pit that you have built. Remember, do it yourself fire pits can also be extremely cost-efficient and provide you a huge return on investment.

Does A Fire Pit Really Increase Home Value?

We think so. In fact, we know so. Fire pits also can add value to your home by being present on your property. Furthermore, especially if it is a legitimate fire pit that is not cheap. There are expensive fire pits that are a heavier investment. That being said, with the price comes longevity and reliability. Yes, there are fire pits under $200 in the marketplace.

Recent surveys have also supported this. In fact, adding a 10 foot, gas and natural stone fire pit to your home can yield up to a 67 percent return on investment.

A big question to keep in mind as you prepare to invest is do you desire a mobile or permanent fire pit? Mobile fire pits are much cheaper so easier on your bank account. That being said, if you are looking for something more visually appealing and will last, consider a gas powered fire pit like the Blue Rhino.

So, of course fire pits can add value to your homes' value. The drawback is you will have to invest in something substantial to get a higher ROI. The majority of the cheaper fire pits are not rust proof. The majority of higher priced fire pits are and also come with fire pit covers to protect from the elements.

What Other Items Should I Invest In For My Fire Pit?

One of the best investments you can make is in a quality fire pit mat. Fire pits can generate up to 1400 degrees F in heat. Furthermore, can easily damage patio, wood decks and even concrete. One of the best ways to protect against this is to invest in a fire pit mat.

They will shield your property from the extreme heat. An addition, item you can invest in is a fire pit with legs. Why? Well, the reason is obvious. The heat will not be directly on the surface of where you are operating your fire pit.

Fire pits also outrank most other popular design elements such as dining areas, lighting and seating. So, they are highly marketable according to a recent Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey.

Do Fire Pits Add Value To A Home In Warmer Climates?

People love fire pits and they also are perfect for areas of the world that are located in warmer climates. They increase marketability. The fire pits that seem to add the most to homes are stone or walled type fire pits. Furthermore, the fire pits that seem to add the least are cheaper, more mobile styles of fire pits.

Remember, you get what you pay for. If you want to truly add value to your home invest in a fire pit that is going to last. Yes, cheaper models certainly can get the job done. That being said, how long will they last? A quality gas powered or electric fire place will do wonders for you home. In addition, they will last long and provider a higher return on investment.

Do you have a landscaped yard? If so, your home value will rise thanks to you having invested in a fire pit. Remember, you will want to always check your city codes as to find out if they even allow them. This is one of the downsides to having a fire pit. It can sometimes be problematic getting one installed. Also, you certainly don't want to purchase one only to find out later you cannot have it installed.

Does Your City or Community Stall Your Fire Pit Goals?

Well, it can. There are some cities in the united States of America that ban open fires. An example of this is the city of Denver. So, you always want to check with your local homeowners association, county fire department or city.

Plan your work and work your plan.

Furthermore, there are other areas of the country that do allow for natural or propane fire pits. So, you just want to follow up with the above mentioned organizations. It is always check what the standards are for fire pits in your local area.

In addition, insurance agents are also great resources. Why? There are some parts of the US where you need to disclose whether or not you have a fire pit at your home. The reason being is if you live in an area that is higher prone to wildfires. Examples of this would be places like Colorado, Montana or Idaho to name only a few.

How Large Should A Fire Pit Be?

Well, that again depends on what you are looking for. Expensive fire pits are generally much larger and not as mobile. They are permanent fixtures to either inside or outside your home. Furthermore, they also posses a higher percentage of your overall return on investment.

Gas powered fire pits like the Bally Outdoors is not too big but also still adds to your home.

A smaller, more mobile and cheaper fire pit isn't going to add much value to your home. Yes, they will certainly still do the job in keeping you and your guests warm. In addition, they are perfect for roasting marshmallows. That being said, that is about it.

What Distance Should I Operate My Fire Pit?

We always recommend to never operate a fire pit less than 20 feet from your home. In addition, fire associations generally are in agreement. The reason is most wood-burning fire pits create wild embers and flames. All it will take is just one of these to land in the wrong place and it's a wrap. The last thing you want is your property damaged or worse your loved ones hurt. So, be very mindful of where you are operating your fire pit at all times.

In addition, keep at a minimum 10 feet away from anything that will burn easily. For example, sheds, tree branches, garages, bushes or shrubbery. All of these are easily flammable. You always want to ensure your guests have plenty of space. Lastly, that your fire pit is not operating anywhere near these flammable objects.

There are great fire pits that are perfect for grilling on. So, fire pits offer many uses aside from just keeping you and your guests warm. There are other fire pits like Chiminea fire pits that are reasonably priced and add further benefits. Chiminea fire pits usually have an opening at the top which allow for easy release of smoke. Again, this comes down to your preference. Do you or do you not want to have to clean up after your fire pit after each use?

If the answer is no then we strongly recommend an electric fireplace or a gas-powered fire pit.

What Materials Should I Pick For My Fire Pit?

There are numerous styles of fire pits but there are also equally as many materials they are made out of. We have discussed some of the options you can invest in. Examples are gas powered, wood-burning and electric.

What are these fire pits made out of though and what is the best choice to add value to your home? Stone and and tile often times can really add to the outdoor ambience of your home. There are steel models as well but they do vary in quality and price. In addition, you want to steer clear of any fire pits that are not rust proof. Copper fire pits are perfect for this.

Furthermore, you want to always go for those that are sturdy and have higher levels of durability. The reason? Longevity and higher return on investment. Examples of this would be cast iron fire pits. They are still light enough to move and are made out of one of the most common materials.

So, the exterior materials your fire pit is made out of is going to really play a huge part in the value that it adds to your home. The most expensive style of fire pit is made out of stainless steel. The good news is that the material is rust proof and isn't as often used.

does a fire pit increase home value
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Other Heat Sources To Consider For Your Fire Pit

We have discussed many of these but as a reminder will briefly cover your options.

Propane: very easy to use and doesn't require much on the maintenance department. That being said, we would strongly advise hiring a training professional to run a supply line to your fire pit. We would not recommend doing this on your own.

Wood: The most common choice but also the most messy. In addition, with it brings a higher risk of damaging your home or property. It is also the choice that brings with it the most smoke. Will your neighbors be alright with this?

Gel Fuel: requires the most time to get warmed up but also provides longer burn time as opposed to the other two options.

What Are The Best Head Conductors For Your Fire Pit That Can Add Value To Your Home?

Lava rock and fire glass are the two most common. Lava rock provides better heat dispersion. In addition, it costs less than fire glass and brings with it a rustic, textured look. You can purchase multiple styles of lava rocks such as red, smooth-rolled or black lava rock.

Furthermore, fire glass doesn't melt, discolor or burn which is great. It also comes in numerous styles (beads, diamonds or fire cubes) and colors. You cannot lose utilizing either one of these conductors of heat.

Should I Build My Own Fire Pit And Add Value To My Home That Way?

Well, of course you can. That being said, it would be much wiser to higher a professional to do it for you. DIY fire pits are definitely ways to add to the value of your home. There are also fire pit kits in the marketplace you can invest in.

These kits will save you an enormous amount of time and headaches. Remember, the name of the game is safety. We definitely want you to add value to your home. That being said, we also want to remind our visitors to always make sure the job is done right from the get-go.

Check your local city codes before installing your own fire pit. In addition, find out if you need to get an inspection completed first before building your own fire pit. We also recommend calling 811 in your local area. Find out if there are any underground utility lines around your home. This is a must.

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