Electric Fire Pit for Apartment Balcony Use

August 7, 2021

By Ronnie


What is the best electric fire pit for apartment balcony use?

Well, we will not be discussing now the environmental factors and degradation. It is because now it is about the electric fire pit for apartment balcony. There are more features to it than just bragging about electricity as eco-friendly. We know that the eco-friendliest heater is the wooly jumper. However, despite the features of being less carbon footed, the most and reliable patio heater of fire pit is the one that we search and buy online. These must run on fossil fuels. Even though this is harmful to the environment but still appears to be effective and efficient in both winter and summer both.

Furthermore, for outdoor applications, there are three choices a user gets. Amongst them are Propane gas, Solid Fuel (woods), and Electricity. Each method eventually possesses its pros and cons. Nonetheless, the most apparent myth about the electric heater is it is free, which isn’t. However, this resource provides instant heat and cooling options. Electric heating includes long-wave infrared heating and halogen heating.

Colum Heather Swan Pit

Colum Patio Heater Swan Al Fresco

It is mentioned as the best patio heat amongst most people. In short, making it the best choice of the customer in the list of electric fire pits for apartment balcony. It’s a free-standing product that weighs around 16.34 kgs. The power consumption of this product is 2KW. It also carries an IPS65 technology that makes it a water-proof device. There are two levels of heating the machine offers. The height of the electric fire pit is 79.4 cm. On one level it consumes the power of 1000W. However, on the next level, it consumes 2000W of power. This thereby makes it reliable and easy for the customer to alter the heat intensity as per the situation.

The height of the product is not so large that makes it is easier for it to handle easily. It carries an amount that is situated in the center. This option makes it convenient to switch it ON and OFF easily. The knob also helps in changing the intensities. Last but not least is the feature that it contains the 360 degrees power cut option which prevents the power to reach beyond the acceptable level.


  • Dual heating level
  • Attractive and Stylish Design
  • Waterproof Technology
  • Power cut 360-Degree option


  • The small size of the heating element
  • A small length of the cord cable

HeatLab Fire Pit

HeatLab Freestanding Electric Outdoor Fire Pit (2KW)

The HeatLab comes with an amazing product that makes its way into the best electric fire pit for apartment balcony. The product carries a quartz bulb with a twin pedestal option that helps in warming the gathering of large people in broad vicinities. It, therefore, is the best product for those who are inviting the gathering of large or dozens of guests. Things become even more crucial in times when one witnesses that half of the guests are not getting enough warmth. This situation consequently is making them chill like death. The reason behind this is that you have brought a heater of low power and small area.

Instead, one needs to own this product from HeatLab electric patio or fire pit that carries 2KW power consumption for effective heating. It’s a powerful machine that keeps people far from chattering their teeth in freezing temperatures. As we have already mentioned that it carries two pedestals providing the three-level of options for power consumption for each pedestal. It starts from 650W to 1350W to 2000W.


  • Two Pedestal beat the one.
  • The height of the device is an adjustable feature.
  • The running cost of the product appears low.


  • Two Heaters look like two lookers as an awkward look.

Ameriwood Electric Fire Pit

Ameriwood Electric Fire Pit/Patio

This device is the best of the above two that we have discussed in the niche of electric fire pits for apartment balconies. The device carries a 2KW power consumption, making it a strong competitor amongst the rest. This is not just it. However, the most striking feature is its ability to contain five levels of power depending upon the need and outside weather. Above all, the feature which is still missing in many devices is the remote-control option. The product eventually is suitable for those who are eager to handle modern tech products.

The power to heat conversion of this device lies at 96 pc. This rate appears to be extremely efficient and effective. Along with level options, makes it to set the temperature as to how things get toasty. Furthermore, there is an option for a remote controller that allows convenient use of power ON/OFF features with settings of varying levels. This allows the user to sit relax with a cup of coffee and a cozy warmth.


  • 5 levels of intensity and power
  • Remote control making life easier


  • Not aesthetically appealing to match all interior or exterior settings

NSDirect Electric Fire Pit

NSDirect Outdoor Freestanding Electric Fire Pit

Last but not least is the NSDirect freestanding low-profile electric fire pit for apartment balcony. The product seems small in size. It is best suitable for the balconies that are not as spacious and large as or gardens, patios, and porches. For this reason, hence, this product is very much effective for small balconies of apartments and buildings. For small size, many customers are of the opinion of buying the small portable heating devices.

Looking at its features and size, the product fits our budget match. It not only allows to have a freestanding experience. Rather it offers a wall-mounting option too. Wall mounting option eventually allows you to feel and experience a low-profile way to heat your vicinity. Being small in size, it is ideal for mobility. Moreover, it allows to heat the area of 100 square foot area. Lastly, the option of a tripod stand allows us to move the heater in every direction possible.


  • Mobility makes agility
  • Height is a variable factor.
  • Auto-shutoff option for overheating


  • Highly ineffective for large areas and balconies.
  • The cost-effectivity of the product is less than that of the other products.

Closing Thoughts

As we know and have discussed a lot of options for an electric fire pit for an apartment balcony. However, with so many options, choosing one product appears to be a bit overwhelming task. The primary concern whilst choosing the product must be to look for who is the audience and how often it will be. This will help much in deciding which one is th

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