Electric Fireplace Smokeless Fire Pit Tips

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What are the best electric fireplace smokeless fire pit options? Let's discuss below.

With the rise in the global population, there is an upward attempt in utilizing natural resources for burning practices. This practice now a day seems more of a threat with the rapid deterioration of resources. The most common of these resources hence are wood, gas, and other chemicals. For this reason, therefore, the technology brings a revolutionary step as electric fireplace smokeless fire pit. These pits use the most sustainable form of energy as electricity. Thus, there are no chances of diminishing resources.

Furthermore, the pits are designed in such a way that they give out amazing flaming effects that seems much attractive to the customer. After this innovation, these fire pits are now becoming the modern trend and it has become more realistic than ever. In this technology, the most innovative trend is the use of the water vapor concept.

Water Vapour Concept

After the recent rise in trend, what are the best electric fireplace smokeless fire pits becomes a real concern. This makes the product overrun all the traditional heating equipment. One of the most striking features of this product is that it gives out amazing 3D flame effects. The flame eventually appears to be real fire however it comes out without any danger, mess or loss. The flame is the illusion that is created by the use of water mist and LED light. One, therefore, failed to believe that it is not real. To discuss this technology, we have therefore come up with the best electric smokeless fireplace fire pits.

Production of Heat

There are two mechanisms by which an electric fireplace smokeless fire pit operates. One is through the use of infrared heat and the other by forced heat fans. The infrared method helps to create the flame through the use of a beam of light without affecting the humidity of the room. It quickly heats the room however cools down rapidly after one turns it off.

On the other hand, is the use of a heater fan. This mechanism uses the forced fan that draws the air and cools it using the coil and eventually pushes it back towards the room.

DuraFlame Fire Pit

Duraflame Electric Infrared 3D Fireplace Fire Pit

The Duraflame is not just an infrared 3D electric fireplace smokeless fire pit, but instead a portable device too. It only weighs 30 pounds. This amount of weight is very less for the device of such operations. However, above all is offers a flame that appears to be much more realistic than any of the other devices. The flame that it provides comes in a variety of five different colors. It also enables brightness, color, and speed adjustability factor. The device carries the ability to warm a room 1000 square foot size with its powerful 5200 BTUs without affecting the humidity level.


  • Large heating capacity of 1000 square foot
  • The adjustability of the temperature
  • Portability is the key to success


  • There are no such visible cons

RW Flame Fire Pit

R.W. Flame 36 Inch Recessed Electric Fireplace Fire Pit

This second product appears to be the most versatile in the list of best electric fireplace smokeless fire pit. This offers you an option to whether mount this firepit on the wall or hand it on the wall. This feature eventually brings the best ambiance experience to your room. Moreover, the product comes with an amazing range of 12 LED bed colors and 12 flame colors. The combination of which hence helps the owners to set up the pattern as per the desire.

One of the most striking features of this product is that it comes in just 3.85 inches thick size. This eventually prevents the product to take large spaces. The device however is not as effective and powerful as the previous one. But rather it is less powerful and only allows it to heat 400 square feet of space.


  • Fire look is customized
  • It includes an extra remote controller
  • Classic, sleek and stylish look


  • Limited temperature settings (only two)

Ameriwood Fire Pit

Ameriwood Electric Fireplace Fire Pit

The one is a remarkable electric fireplace smokeless fire pit. It is because the user can certainly fit this electric fire pit into their old fireplaces. It thereby makes it suitable for them to have an easy installation of a new electric fireplace. After installation of the device, you will have a whole new renovation of their fireplaces with zero chances of dangerous smoke. It also eliminates the chances of receiving unnecessary grime that is very much present in wooden flame.

The most striking that gets the attention of every person because of its ability to offer various features. It includes the flickering action of the flame, the presence of lifelike resin logs, the dancing patterns of the flame, and the cracking sounds. All this combination eventually makes it a realistic experience. The front glass of the fireplace remains cool even if it is running. The ability of the device to warm up the space is 400 square feet.


  • Amazing crackling sound experience
  • The tri-sided interior contains all brick wall settings.
  • Comes with a remote-control option.


  • One cannot hard-wire the product.

DuraFlame Infared Fire Pit

DURAFLAME Electric Infrared Fireplace Fire Pit

Last but not least is the Duraflame Infrared electric fireplace that makes its way amongst the electric fireplace smokeless fire pit. It also comes with an amazing sound of crackling. It is very compact. Hence, to make it fit in your older fireplaces is not a hard task. However, the power of the infrared fireplace is much higher than the traditional one. The device can easily warm the space of 1000 square feet. The most striking feature of this product is that it shows a glint of fire flames on the back of the device. However, the resin log appears from the center. Lastly, the crackling sound of the fire pit is realistic that pageants the real burning experience.


  • 1000 square feet cover area
  • Realistic sound of crackling
  • Easily fits the older fireplaces


  • Only useable for fireplaces.

Closing Thoughts

All these fireplaces that we have discussed above are the best, latest, and most realistic in the market. We also hope that this article will provide you with enough information to easily select the best fireplace according to your need.

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