Expensive Fire Pits To Invest in

April 9, 2024

By Ronnie


Are you searching for Expensive fire pits? The reason being longevity and reliability. There are many people who simply want the best money can buy. In addition, they want something permanent and to not have to keep replacing their fire pit.

We certainly know there are people who desire an expensive fire pit that will last. They say you get what you pay for. Well, this is certainly true. would you rather have a fire pit under $200 or one that costs somewhat more? The reason being is most high end fire pits will last much, much longer.

So, you save over the long-term. Additionally, these are one-time investments, not ongoing charges. Often times, it is the initial price we pay for these investments that we are concerned about. That being said, once we decide we find it is one of the best investments we could make.

We know because we, too, have invested in high end fire pits. Our goal is to help you make your decision. Yes, there are certainly lower priced fire pits to choose from. Can these last? Of course but it also depends on your overall fire pit needs. If you are looking for a permanent fire pit an expensive fire pit usually is a better bet. Why? These are top of the line fire pits designed for people who are not always on budgets.

Expensive Fire Pits Worth The Investment

Elementi Fiery Rock Fire Pit Table

expensive fire pits

One of the most beautiful luxury fire table perfect for your backyard is the Elementi Fiery Rock Fire Pit Table. Again, if durability is your objective this is one of the top fire pits money can buy. It is built out of high performance cast concrete. An expensive fire pit does come with a high end price but it is a one-time purchase. In addition, luxury fire pits are built to last and are highly durable. Also, they are rust resistant and weather proof. These are considerations we reviewed prior to our own high end purchases.

CE and CSA certified

This fire pit table is CE and CSA certified and features an automatic shut off. In addition, it comes with an electric ignition and stainless steel burner. This gorgeous fire pit table is made from glass reinforced concrete. So, it is built to last. These are the major difference between lower priced fire bowls and expensive fire pits.

Elementi makes some of the finest fire pits, tables and accessories in the marketplace. This is a fire pit designed for high quality, durability and dependability. The company also has a 30-day return policy just in case you are not pleased with your order.

The downside

  • Item is heavy so shipping is visa freight which can be expensive
  • Customers will be charged shipment costs if they refuse shipment or change their mind


All Backyard Fun Copper 42″ Round Oriflamme Fire Table

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The 42″ Hammered Copper Oriflamme Fire Pit Table features a stunning, hammered copper style. This beauty is sure to add to the decor of your patio and is crafted from solid 18 gauge copper. This fire pit table is the definition of what a luxury, expensive fire pit should be.

This copper fire pit table stands just over 21 inches in height and is the perfect height to relax and kick your feet up on. This fire pit is also wide enough to be able to place wine glasses or plates on during your get together. It is just as beautiful during the day as it is during the night.

The fire pit table features a 75,000 BTU capability providing ample heat for you, your guests and family. In addition, it is the perfect fit especially during the winter months. Also, the flames never touch the copper surface ensuring the table is always cool to the touch. The Oriflamme Fire Pit Table also features a dual propane tank system allowing for very long burn times. No need to have to run to get a spare propane tank in the middle of your party.


Top High-End Luxury Fire Pit Table Review Criteria

We know that luxury fire pits are a higher investment as compared with lower cost alternatives. That being said, how do you determine with is the most superior when you finally make your decision?

What you want to focus on the most is obviously price. Yes, these are high value fire pits but what value do they bring to you and your family. Always review their features such as BTU ratings (how much heat the fire pit produces) and what the fire pit is made out of.

Obviously, you want a luxury fire pit that is going to last. This is a big investment and one that needs to also return on that investment. Fire pits come in various shapes and sizes. Decide on what works best for you and your family and what specific features stand out to you the most.

Napoleon Grills Kensington Round Patio Flame Table

Napoleon Grills Kensington Round Patioflame Table

This is a great addition to any homeowners back yard, patio or deck. Remember, if placing on a wooden deck ensure you use a fire pit heat shield. This fire pit table is not only rust resistant but also lightweight. It is made out of aluminum and has a bronze, rustic finish. In addition, it features a beautiful woven pattern that can be customized with colored glass.

Some of the benefits of this particular high end, luxury fire pit table are:

  • Features an access door allowing for the propane tank to not be visible
  • Highly durable, mobile and reliable
  • Lightweight compared to other high end, expensive fire pits
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Specs: 48x48x23
  • Warranty available from manufacturer
  • 40,000 BTUs


Perks of Luxury Fire Pits

Luxury fire pits are built from the highest quality materials available. You may be searching for a solid granite table or a circular, copper fire pit that has stone inlays. Regardless, there are many styles and shapes to choose from. Our goal is to point you in the right direction with this post.

It is vital to have as many options available to you when making a purchase of this size. What sets expensive fire pits apart from the rest are functionality, reliability, durability and design. These are certainly not fire pits under $200 and are designed to last for the long term.

High-end fire pits are made with solid joints and extremely durable materials such as concrete, granite, copper or aluminum. In addition, they are superior in terms of stability and are rust and weather resistant. No one has time to be cleaning up after get togethers with friends, family and guests. The decision to invest in a luxury fire pits takes clean-up out of the equation.

Luxury fire pits are separated from the lower cost options based on their design, materials and quality. Are you after an eye-catching outdoor fire pit perfect for your patio or lawn? Expensive fire pits are perfect. Yes, they are higher-end in terms of price but the one-time investment makes for a greater return on that investment over time.

Amphora Gas Fire Pit Table with Concrete Top

Amphora Gas Fire Pit Table with Concrete Top

If you are seeking to increase the decor of your backyard the Amphora Gas Fire Pit Table is a win-win. This beautiful table comes with a concrete top, is highly durable and reliable. In addition, it is made out of glass-fiber reinforced concrete and is able to withstand anything mother nature brings.

You can also invest in the fire table cover (not included) if you wish. This beautiful fire pit table has a 50,000 BTU heat output. In addition, you can choose between sand or heavy texture finishes. It has a diameter of 48 inches and is 23 inches in height.

Lastly, this fire pit has a removable door at its base to safely enclose the propane tank

Accent your outdoor living area with the Amphora Gas Fire Pit Table with Concrete Top to create a warm gathering place for entertaining guests. This fire pit is constructed of glass-fiber reinforced concrete, making it lightweight and durable in all climates.

With its smooth circular top and even gas flame, the Amphora Gas Fire Pit Table with Concrete Top stands ready to welcome your guests for leisurely conversation and entertainment.


Why Are Expensive Fire Pits Worth The Investment?

Well, it is a one-time investment and that make a big difference. The old saying you get what you pay for is often times true. If you are seeking a high-end, luxury fire pit that will last we want to ensure you are given the best advice.

The majority of high-end fire pits are gas-powered. So, these fire pits are hassle-free and are the most easiest and safest to operate. You don't have to deal with purchasing and storing wood. In addition, there is no clean up mess like other wood-burning fire pits. Furthermore, you don't need to concern yourself with renegade embers or sparks to keep an eye out for.

People want to enjoy time with their family, friends and guests, not to be concerned with safety precautions. Luxury fire pits are seamless, easy to use and are the most reliable fire pits in the marketplace.

Closing Thoughts

The best fire pit for decks, patios and lawns are often times worth the higher price. Luxury, expensive fire pits offer the longevity, reliability and durability that you and your family will need.

We know you have choices to make when it comes to your luxury fire pit choices. Amazon and especially Woodland Direct are our top picks for finding the best high-end fire pits for your home or business needs.


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