Fire Pit Inserts: Benefits for Fire Bowl Use

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A fire pit insert is essentially a metal frame placed inside an existing fire pit (or brick surround). This frame is placed over the top of an open pit or stands and then covered in various materials, including bricks or stone. This frame is then secured to the base and the inner lining area. This is how a fire pit insert protects the fire and its surroundings from potential damage.

What are the Best Fire Pit Inserts?

For many years now, propane fire pit inserts have been a popular way to heat your outdoor space. With more people becoming involved in outdoor grilling events and barbecue cookouts, there is an increasing demand for fire pits that are portable and safe to use. Propane fire pit inserts give these individuals the ability to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity while taking advantage of a safe and effective fire pit heating method.

The most famous fire pit inserts that are constructed out of masonry are typically masonry fire pit rings. Because masonry is a fire-resistant material, the ring provides a strong fire ring that sits atop the base. The fire pit ring insert also allows the use of many fire pit accessories to be added to the ring, including decorative stone fire pit tools.

Because masonry fire pit inserts are so popular, many retailers cater to this market. It is essential when shopping for a fire pit insert to do your research and find a reputable retailer who offers the inserts you are interested in at a price within your budget. Many local home improvement stores carry masonry fire pit inserts of one type or another. For the best selection and price, it is best to shop online. Not only will you find the largest selection of fire pit inserts available, but you can shop with comfort from your own home. You can navigate through the site easily and make comparisons between different models and prices without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Are Firepit inserts worth it?

Besides safety and portability, there is also a great deal of choice of style. Natural gas fire pit inserts are a cheaper option for portable fire pit heaters compared to electric models. This means that they provide more flexibility for mobile fire pit placement, allowing you greater creative freedom for your backyard fire pit setup.

One such example is fire pit inserts with the unit’s e bottom ring made of carbon steel. This allows them to be more sturdy, safe, and long-lasting than many other options on the market. This also ensures that the insert will not rust in the rain or be damaged by splinters from branches or flying twigs. In terms of price, the carbon steel fire pit inserts are certainly an economical choice. The downside is that the insert is often smaller than some other models and may not generate fire as more extensive, more ornate models.

Are Fire Pit Inserts Durable?

Carbon steel used in fire pit inserts are durable and long-lasting metal. The fire pit bowl may be made from either stainless steel or copper, which will add an excellent rustic appeal to any backyard area. The bowls feature a grooved or textured surface, which allows them to accept lighter fuels like a brush. The grooves allow more comfortable ventilation of the gases transferred to the fire and help reduce smoky environments around the fire pit. Compared to wood burning fire pits, a great deal of smoke is produced from the fuel, but the rings provide a place for this to escape without creating a cloud of black soot.

Another metal used in fire pit inserts that are sometimes overlooked and a smart option is masonry. Masonry has the benefit of being fire resistant and resisting the heat of other metals, making it a popular choice. It is also often an economical choice because of its low cost. Masonry is commonly used as a base for ornate fire pit inserts that sit above the ground. The advantage of using masonry for these types of fire pits is that it allows the insert to be placed almost anywhere because masonry is both fire and heat resistant.

What are the Benefits of Fire Pit Insert?

Firepit inserts are a popular addition to many backyard fireplaces because it offers so many benefits. And for a good reason. Many consumers enjoy the added benefits that come with using fire pit inserts.

One of the most popular benefits of fire pit inserts is their protection against direct flames from everyday household fires. The insert absorbs the high-heat that is usually released when a flame is started in an open pit. The insert simply shoves that heat into a more confined area. This allows homeowners and families to continue to enjoy their backyard fire pits for years to come while avoiding fire hazards and damage to their property.

Another benefit is that fire pit inserts can be made of high quality, galvanized steel. Not only is this steel very durable, but it is also easily maintainable. Rust and corrosion are common problems associated with galvanized steel. Homeowners can their steel insert will withstand these corrosive and potentially dangerous conditions.

What Should be Kept in Mind while choosing a Fire Pit Insert?

A final advantage to pit inserts is there aesthetic appeal. Since the steel insert can be made in any fire pit design, homeowners do not need to buy a completely different insert that will complement the look of their backyard. An experienced masonry fire pit company can design a fire pit insert to match an existing or new backyard. So, it also means that a homeowner can have the insert built to his or her specific specifications

As with other types of fire pit accessories, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a fire pit ring insert. First, a homeowner should be sure that the insert matches the style of his or her backyard. For instance, stone fire pits should not be paired with concrete or pavers. Also, homeowners should be sure that they choose compliments on their home’s side. Homeowners typically choose one that complements their homes’ exterior appearance.


Another popular option for pit inserts is a cold-rolled steel shell. Cold rolled steel is an excellent choice because it offers the same durability as galvanized steel but at a much lower price. The cold-rolled insert also provides the same fire pit design as galvanized steel. That being said, it comes with a lower price tag. However, this type of steel used in fire pit inserts does not conduct as much heat and is much slower to ignite.

Steel inserts are also very effective at creating a smokeless fire pit. The reason is that steel is so dense; it does not absorb heat from the fire as quickly as other materials. This makes it very efficient at creating fire without the use of embers or wood. While wood is still necessary to generate smoke, steel makes the process much more comfortable. No matter how much smoke is created, steel will not add to it.

Closing Thoughts

It may be challenging to find the perfect fire pit inserts for your needs. However, with so many options available, it should not be impossible. To help you in your search, it is best to consider your needs and your home’s appearance. By considering these aspects, it should be possible to find the ideal type of accessory for you.

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