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Is it wise to put a fire pit on grass? My recommendation is to consider investing in a fire pit mat. The high heat that fire pits give off is extremely conducive to creating a fire on your lawn. No one has time for that. Yes, you can most certainly place fire pits on grass. That being said, it isn’t always the best idea especially if you want to maintain the overall look of your lawn. Concrete is the one of the best surfaces for placing a fire pit directly on top of. It is recommended to water the grass before starting the use of your fire pit.

Our goal with this post is to provide some solutions to those of you considering putting your fire pit on grass.

Is it Safe to Put a Fire Pit on Grass?

Fire pits can be used directly on top of grass. Of course, there are better surfaces like dirt or concrete but fire pits can still be used on grass surfaces for sure. You just need to be aware of the fact that a fire can easily be started on easily flammable surfaces like grass. The best advice is to always ensure there is nothing flammable nearby when you start your fire fit.

fire pit on grass

How Do I Protect my Grass under a Fire Pit?

You can always place down some brick pavers on top the grass. Thus, you save your lawn from having to accept the extreme heat that fire pits give off. Again, always think of materials that can withstand high heat and place them down on your lawn before using a fire pit. Also, keep in mind that damaged grass doesn’t always grow back quickly. So, be aware of this when you consider using your fire pit directly on top of your grass.

Heat stress can do a number on your lawn. The extreme heat that fire pits give off has to be considered before every use.

Ghost Prints

Ghost prints are the aftermath of using a fire pit on grass. They are the burn scars within your lawn and often times take a great deal of time in order to disappear with newly formed grass. So, you want to ensure you protect your grass in order for this not to happen. The result of using fire pits on grass is that is takes a great deal of time for newly grown grass to replace these heat spots on your lawn.

How Do I Build a Fire Pit in my Lawn?

Consider the use of a fire pit mat. The reason is the mat will absorb the high temperatures that all fire pits give off. In addition, save your grass and lawn from being ruined from the temperatures. Bricks and concrete are two of the best materials that can withstand very high temperatures. So, consider using these instead of placing your fire pit directly on top of your grass.

You can create a fire pit in your back yard easily by investing in some bricks. Below is a short video which will provide some additional insight on how to do this.

Closing Thoughts

So, consider placing your fire pit on surfaces that can withstand high temperatures as opposed to on your grass. It is such an easy way to ruin your lawn by using fire pits on grass. Remember, an investment in a fire pit is one of the best methods to ensure you are set up for success. Also, to never have to worry again about damaging your grass or dealing with the ghost prints that we mentioned above.

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