Fire Pits On Wood Decks | Do’s and Dont’s

January 27, 2022

By Ronnie


What should you do and not do when using fire pits on wood decks? I hope this post will be of assistance to you.

There aren't numerous things better than lounging around a bursting fire in the solace of your patio, encompassed by loved ones. However, imagine a scenario where your yard is excessively little for a fire pit, and the main space accessible is on your deck. Or then again, perhaps you simply need the accommodation of having a cool, agreeable space just external your entryway?

If you have vinyl, wood or composite decking you may be contemplating whether adding a fire pit to your deck is even conceivable since blazes and burnable materials don't blend.

Placing a fire pit on a wood deck can be upsetting and perilous, particularly on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea about the appropriate do's and don'ts.

Fire pits are a magnificent method for unwinding during a cool evening, however, to put it on a wood deck, you really want to remember a couple of things.

You might be asking yourself is it even protected to place a fire pit on a wood deck? How would I forestall any harm? What are the best fire pit types to utilize?

Wooden decks are more vulnerable to burning as a result of their material, yet you can follow a few do’s and don’ts to prevent any harmful damages. 

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Clean Your Deck

It's smart to clean your deck before igniting your fire pit. Contingent upon your vicinity to local trees, pine straw, leaves and other flotsam and jetsam might collect on your deck. If they are dry, these things can undoubtedly start an undesirable fire. A lump of wanderer coal might arrive on neighboring flotsam and jetsam, setting it burning. Along these lines, utilizing either a push brush or leaf blower, clean your deck before igniting your fire pit.

  • Location
fire pits on wood decks

Select a region that is most certainly not another combustible thing, along with your home, furnishings, or shades. As per research, a fire pit should be 10 feet from the home and various things commonly of thumb.

Put resources into a fire pit spark screen for extra insurance in opposition to flying sparkles. This will keep ashes from going in the air and consuming close by things.

Likewise, it is smart to have a poker apparatus accessible so you can undoubtedly control the logs and flares in your open-air fireplace. 

Throw Away Ashes 

You ought to likewise discard your fire pit's remains after it has cooled. Permitting the cinders to sit inside your fire pit for a really long time (or longer) is never smart. A portion of the cinders might burst onto your deck, or they might absorb dampness and add to erosion. 

Regardless, these issues are handily forestalled by holding up something like 24 hours and afterwards scooping the cinders into a metal can or comparative metal holder. Also, you can save your fire pit remains to use as nursery fertilizer, bug repellent or different purposes.


X   Never Place Fire Pit Alongside Combustible Products

Be sure that you never put your fire bowl straightforwardly close to some item that might catch fire. Notwithstanding the way that it can have all the earmarks of being far enough away, consistently measure and be certain that the fire is at least 10 feet from anything combustible.

X    Don’t Leave Flame Uncovered

Try not to have an open fire on your fire pit. As referenced before, coals and starts will more often than not travel, particularly in breezy conditions, so guarantee your fire is covered with the appropriate embellishments.

Fire Pit Directly on the Wooden Deck

Try not to put your fire pit straightforwardly on your deck or other wooden surfaces. While heat rises meaning the vast majority of the heat made by your fire pit will be projected upwards, the base might in any case contain sufficient hotness to sear or in any case, burn and damage your deck.

You can shield your wooden deck from such harm, notwithstanding, by placing something between it and your fire pit. A little network of pavers ought to do the work. Just organize the pavers to cover the region of the deck where you might want to utilize it, after which you can put the fire pit on top.

Another suggestion is to utilize an extraordinary heat-safe fire pit mat, which as the name recommends is intended to endure the high degree temperature of a fire pit. In any case, you want something under your fire pit to shield your wooden deck from harm

5 Best Fire Pits for Wood Decks

  1. Outland Living Fire Pit 401

One of the greatest characteristics of this fire pit is the way that each segment and part of this item has been made with exceptionally top-notch materials. The burner of this item has been made with stainless steel which implies that the item won't be inclined to rust while additionally protecting it from forever searing. Also, one of the best fire pits on wood decks.

In the Outland Lining Series 401, propane has been utilized for the fuel source and this makes the item both adaptable and advantageous. Refueling these items will be to a greater degree a straightforward hookup instead of different sources. This item delivers around 35,000 BTUs. It gives easy automatic ignition. 

It is a stainless steel pot-molded, twofold divider, convenient outdoor fire pit. It's an honor winning, USA made wood-consuming pit and comes in 2 sizes.

 The little fire pot weighs 42-pounds so it tends to be moved without an excess of exertion. It lays on four welded feet yet ought to sit on a defensive cushion. The stainless steel development implies it shouldn't rust, and that it can remain out in downpour or snow. It has a channel opening in the base to forestall sitting water. A post and grill are additionally discretionary. The post slides into an opening in the edge, and the grill appends to the post. A spark arrestor isn't accessible.

Bali Fire Pit

This fire pit from Bali sits a little over an inch off the floor and is a precise fire pit with a square burn region. It has a bureau body that can store a propane tank, or gas conversion instruments and hoses. This guarantees the greatest distance between deck flooring and the fire pit base, assisting with lessening heat-related harms. At 70lbs, it's additionally in all actuality convenient. The bali is one of the best fire pits on wood decks available for consumers.

 One more cool characteristic of the BALI Outdoors Fire Pit Table is its plan. The thin design implies it tends to be changed into restricted spaces. So assuming you anticipate utilizing a fire pit for your deck yet have relatively little space, this is an incredible choice.

Because of its restricted design, it's extraordinary for more tight spaces like balconies or little wood decks. It gives, nonetheless, 50,000 BTUs of capability and heat.

Fire Pit on Wood Deck Ideas

Select the best options to ensure it works best for you, your family and guests. Below are two additional options to consider and some of their benefits.

This fire pit has a rustic stone like outside covering a magnesium oxide and steel outline. It doesn't need to be put together. Simply connect a propane tank, put the lava rock in the burner skillet, and get it started. The 40,000-BTU fire pit has a movable fire stature as well. It requires 72 inches of leeway above just 48 inches of clearance on each side. It gauges a strong 155 pounds and shouldn't be put on a burnable surface, so approach an expert to ensure it can securely be introduced with a fire pit base.

A huge 23.5″ distance across a steel bowl-molded wood consuming fire pit. Packed and requires to be put together. It sits on three legs, has an external ring-like guard for conveying and added assurance, a veneer cooking grate, an arch molded flash gatekeeper, and a poker. It is accessible in a dark or mud tone. In any case, a non-flammable cushion should be utilized under it. Weighing under 30-pounds, it stands 29.5″ top to the ground, and the external ring expands the 23.5″ bowl distance across to 29.5″ moreover.

Roll Up:

If you don’t have excessive space available for placing your fire put outdoors, you can place it on a wood deck if you follow all the do’s and don’ts and keep in mind the safety tips. Enjoy your evening and nights with the blazing fire of the fire pit but don’t forget to prioritize the safety of your family and friends. I hope this post on your safety in using fire pits on wood decks has been helpful.

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