Fire Pits Safe for Composite Decks

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Are you wondering what fire pits safe for composite decks should you choose? If so, welcome to and I hope this post will be of assistance to you.

Often days’ transform into long nights and there's nothing very like the feel of a fire. How do you make your meetups more exciting when you don't have an adequately enormous yard? Well, the main spot to put your fire pit is on your deck but you also need to be safe when doing that. My recommendation is to invest in a fire pit mat.

But a concern arises whether putting Fire Pits on decks (wood or composite) is completely safe or not? 

It might appear to be risky to put a Fire Pit on a deck. Worries for both wood and composite decks range from fundamental fire hazards to twisting, to cosmetic harm. Wooden decks and composite decks manufactured with TimberTech or Trex material are an enormous investment. So, having a clear comprehension of likely dangers and what data you want to assess them will go quite far in assisting you.

How to Protect my Composite Deck under a Fire Pit

 fire pits safe for composite decks

Utilizing a fire pit on your deck or not depends on whether you are buying a great item. Also, utilizing it accurately.

  • If you intend to place a Fire Pit on a composite deck, then make sure the fire pit is CSA guaranteed. To procure a CSA certificate, a Fire Pit should go through thorough testing to guarantee safe execution.
  • You should ensure you have adequate room on your deck for your Fire Pit to have adequate leeway.

With complete safety precautionary measures, you can securely utilize a Fire Pit on decking, both wood and composite. Check these couple of tips and interesting points concerning complete deck Fire Pit protection. 

Area of Placement

Except for wooden or composite decks, there are other things too that can be harmed by the Fire Pit. Regardless of how enormous your open air space might be, the danger of your home bursting into flames is an undeniable one. The flaming heat created by a fire can harm your siding thus causing exorbitant fixes for the damaged exterior. Your Fire Pit ought to never be against the side of your garage, house or any other house area. This should be obvious, yet at times individuals don't thoroughly consider the expected outcomes of lighting a fire. They might believe that being outside is to the point of protecting them.

 Putting a Fire Pit on composite decking is totally protected as long as it’s not situated excessively near the home.

  • Don’t Get a Heavy Fire Pit for Your Deck

Try not to utilize a pit that is excessively weighty for your deck. It is important to understand the weight requirements of the Fire Pit for your deck before getting one. Ensure you know about the weight limit of your deck and the heaviness of the Fire Pit. A lightweight pit is great, yet a heavier pit ought to be fine too so far as it doesn't over-burden your deck.

Clear Region Around the Pit

Know that flames burst and boom, quickly sending ashes flying from the Fire Pit. Assuming that ash reaches in a heap of dry leaves or other flotsam and jetsam, it could touch off, and the fire could spread. Make sure to clear the deck before a party or meetup and ensure there's a great, huge clear region around the pit.

  • Do Not Put the Fire Pit Straight On the Deck

Don’t place a Fire Pit straightforwardly on a wooden or composite deck. Additionally, plastics are ordinarily utilized in composite decking, so the danger of distorting and liquefying under high-heat conditions, similar to those delivered by a Fire Pit, is something to know about too.

To keep away from harm and a potential fire catastrophe, there are particularly made Fire Pit mats that are made to endure the extraordinarily high temperatures a pit can reach. 

Best Fire Pits Safe for Composite Decks

  1. Bali Outdoors Propane Fire Pit Table 

This is our top pick for today. The Bali Outdoors Propane Fire Pit Table is not weighty with a net weight of 43 lbs. Putting it together is easy, you just need to bolt all sections together and press the button. Piezo ignition system gives handy and simple control when starting it up. The interesting part is that you can use this classical Fire Pit as a table too, so put your food and drinks over it while enjoying the meetups. It is CSA guaranteed and provides a heat result of 50,000 BTU, offering adequate heat to bring warmth on chilly days. 

But as we discussed earlier, before buying a Fire Pit for your deck, check the weight limit of your deck and the Fire Pit to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 

This great product from outland living can amazingly embellish your deck. With 50,000 BTU heat output, it gives ideal warmth. Tanks capacity is standard 20 lbs but it doesn’t come along with the product. Remember to install it over non-flammable floors only, and make sure the space is open and properly ventilated. Chrome manual control provides 100 % smoke-free varying flame. The UV HDPE wicker material withstands all sorts of weather. Make your evenings and nights special with Outland Living Propane Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table and enjoy the dancing flames with the perfect warmth. 

Fire Pit on Wood Deck Ideas

Below are three additional fire pits for wood deck use you may want to consider.

Bonnlo Metal Porch Fire Pit Wood Burning Table is a great addition to your deck. It is wrapped around a long-lasting steel frame with a heat withstanding finish. It’s lightweight so you can move it around quite easily. Embers and flickers are prevented from coming out since there is a protective cover on the Fire Pit. The openings in the base and log grind take into account wind stream and flow. Legs appropriate for a Fire Pit at the deck. Your clan of 4 people or 8 people can comfortably sit around the Fire Pit and enjoy the cold evenings and nights. Utilize it with wood, charcoal or logs to keep the environment warm and cozy. 

One of the interesting parts of this outdoor gas Fire Pit from Best choice products is that it doesn’t require any assembling. Just buy it, take it out of the box and start using it without wondering about putting together the Fire Pit pieces. Ignition is easy with a flame control button and you can get up to 30,000 BTUs of heat. The stonework sides and lava rocks give a special antique look to the Fire Pit and the space where it is placed. It is resistant to extreme weather since the all-weather cover is used as a protective layer. Offers a standard propane tank capacity of 20lb which you have to buy separately. 

Closing Thoughts

The amusing part about all Fire Pit skull is that they serve for multiple purposes, for instance, if in summers, you don’t intend to light it up then you can use it as a table for serving meals and snacks. XtremepowerUS Fire Pit skull is constructed with robust steel to avoid any sort of cracking or damage. Durable materials are used in its manufacturing for long-lasting life. Simple switch control and easy ignition. It is CSA guaranteed.

There is nothing bad in installing a Fire Pit on a composite deck however, one needs to take care of certain precautions. It is safe, as long as the Fire Pit is installed far enough from home and a heat resistant mat is used to avoid direct contact with the Fire Pit and deck. Before buying a Fire Pit for your composite deck, go through the safety tips that we have discussed and then get the one that matches your needs. 

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