Fire Pits without Wood

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Are you wondering what are the best fire pits without wood to consider investing in? If so, welcome to Delta.

Property holders who engage outside typically have either a fire pit or a patio chimney in no less than one of their outdoor areas. This is the place where you cook marshmallows with the children, cuddle with your accomplice under the stars, share a bottle of wine with companions, make up for lost time with friends and have long chatting sessions.

Fires, regardless of whether utilized for cooking or as a heat source, have forever been gathering places, and the fire pits and chimneys we introduce in present-day patios actually fill this need. In any case, science and experience have shown us a considerable amount about the advantages and disadvantages of consuming wood, which has prompted numerous people to search for wood options for their fire pits.

Let’s talk about a few wood alternatives to fire pits.

  1. Wood Pallets

Wood pellets can likewise be utilized for cooking or warming flames and are rapidly becoming one of the most well-known options in contrast to wood. Like woodblocks, pellets are produced using dense sawdust and scraps from amble factories.

Fire Pits without Wood

You should put resources into addition for your patio fireplace to securely and productively consume wood pellets. To consume wood pellets in a fire pit, there are exceptionally designed fire pits, or you can make or purchase a metal container to use in your present fire pit

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are a definitive comfort permitting a quality fire without topping off gel or building one with wood. These fire pits are bigger than gel or wood consuming pits and are regularly the central piece of the room. The fire of these pits is noteworthy ascending from underneath either fake wood or glass or rock stones.

The start switch is typically housed under the fire pit alongside the propane tank and makes lighting the pit a breeze. To stifle the fire just dispense with the propane supply. Most propane fire pits oblige a 20-pound propane tank that can be found at your nearby supermarket. Propane fire pits are exceptionally flexible and can be set pretty much anyplace in your lawn.

  • Fire Pit Table

This pit simultaneously plays the role of a fireplace and a table by including a huge edge around the outskirts that not just gives a spot to set a feast/drink yet additionally guarantees a protected distance between those close by the flares.

Propane fire pits are amazing because of the convenience they offer, but they can hinder you in the form of fuel costs. Likewise, food prepared over the pit is not as tasty as you'd get with wood-cooked food.

Propane Portable Fire Pit

To guarantee movability, these pits can either be light in weight or fuse wheels into the design in this way guaranteeing you can put it anyplace you see fit. Besides the atmosphere and warmth of a cutting edge fireplace, you likewise get cooking functionalities of this sort.

  • Natural Gas

If your patio or backyard can introduce a flammable gas line, you should consider a gaseous petrol fire pit. Like propane plans, this kind of fire pit is an extremely durable installation on your patio. Probably the best thing about natural gas fire pits is that they never run out of fuel. The following are at least a couple of ways of planning this sort of fire pit.

  • Square, Round, or Table Top Design

Plan your natural gas fire pit to be raised over the deck with stone, block, or copper plans, among others. They make a wonderful expansion to space.

While natural gas is genuinely less costly to run, having the line introduced in your outdoor area is another matter. Contingent upon the area, it very well may be exorbitant. They are long-lasting, so you wouldn't at any point have the option to move the fire pit.

Sunken Design

A sunken natural gas fire pit is worked down into the deck or ground. You should be particularly careful around these plans, as the blazes are close.

Our Top Picks

  1. Elementi Lunar Bowl Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit Table

What essentially draws your attention when it comes to the Natural Gas Fire Pit Table? Is it heat output, easy ignition and clean smoke? If these are your priorities, then the Elementi Lunar Bowl Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit table is just the right product for you. It has satisfying premium quality 45,000 BTU Natural Gas with automatic ignition and ensures the provision of smokeless flame. Be it your backyard, patio or any other outdoor area, it will complement every space.

Remember to externally place the gas tank as there is not enough space inside the Fire Pit. Durability is made possible with lightweight fiber supported concrete. It is CSA certified. Provides simple flame control and can take up to 26.4 lbs lava rocks.

The fire bowl outdoor portable propane gas fire pit by Outland living can be your great buddy for camping, meetups, backyard unwinding and family parties. It is moveable and compact. Can be installed conveniently within a few minutes and you don’t require any tools for that. This propane gas fire pit is approved by CSA so wave off your safety concerns.

This product comes with a cover and carries kit which comprises a 10feet hose, an adjustable knob for changing the flame height. It’s long-lasting. Good quality steel is used in its manufacturing to ensure it lasts for long. Reliable steel burners and fasteners are used in this propane gas fire pit.

Best Choice

Best Choice Products Gas Fire Pit

One of the interesting parts of this outdoor gas fire pit from Best choice products is that it doesn’t require any assembling. Just buy it, take it out of the box and start using it without wondering about putting together the Fire Pit pieces. Ignition is easy with a flame control button and you can get up to 30,000 BTUs of heat. The stonework sides and lava rocks give a special antique look to the Fire Pit and the space where it is placed. It is resistant to extreme weather since the all-weather cover is used as a protective layer. Offers a standard propane tank capacity of 20lb which you have to buy separately.

  • Outdoor Plus Gas Fire Pit

If you're searching for a huge fire pit that will assist with embellishing your outdoor area consider the cutting edge Outdoor Plus Del Mar, a concrete fire pit that is made in the U.S and is extremely durable. The Del Mar can run off of natural gas or propane and has a customizable stature fire that extinguishes a maximum of 65,000 BTUs. There's no press button start, so you'll have to utilize a match or lighter.

Roll Up:

As science reveals a few advantages and disadvantages of wood-burning fire pits, you should consider other kinds of fire pits too that are extremely durable and offer many advantages.

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