Best Fireproof Mat for Fire Pit 2024

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


Are you seeking the top fire proof mat for fire pits? If so, you have come to the right website. Fire pits form an integral part of our backyards. They provide us a source of comfort and recreation. Who doesn’t love to get cozy vibes in a chilly winter night? Fire pits are central places for small gatherings, whether involving families or friends. Using a protective mat under the fire pit is a necessity. But a low-quality mat will burn as soon as a piece of coal accidentally shoots on it. This can cause the mat to catch flames on the whole of its surface. You can’t put your family or your friends’ safety at risk. It is better to invest wisely in a fireproof mat for your fire pit.

Benefits of Fireproof Mats

 Made for outdoors

These mats are made up of fire-resistant material and can even withstand a complete overturning of fire pit on them. These are also very easy to handle and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor placing. These are so light-weight that they can be taken along for a picnic or a weekend getaway.

 Varied Sizes

These mats are available in large sizes for meeting the needs of all. These can accommodate even the largest fire pits without any difficulties. In case you need a smaller mat, you can easily find it too. There are so many options available in the market for fireproof fire pit mats.


These mats are easy to carry because of their minimal weight. These are made up of light-weight material and can accompany you to your road trips too.

 Complete Protection

Temperatures of fire pits can reach more than 1400 degree Fahrenheit. Such high heats can damage your household items. Using an ordinary fire pit mat is not sufficient to protect the floor underneath your fire pit. If the fire pit accidentally falls on the ground, the ordinary mat will burn to ashes. A fireproof mat, on the other hand, will survive the situation and also stop the spreading of fire further.

Buying a Fireproof Mat

You need to consider certain aspects while buying a fireproof mat for your home. 

Size of Fire Pit

The size of your fire pit will determine the size of your fireproof mat. With various size options available in the market, it is easy to determine the best-suited size for your requirements. 

Firepit material

Fire pits are available in a range of materials like steel, copper, cast iron, stone, etc. It is important to determine the temperatures these materials reach. While choosing a fire pit mat, compare the temperature ranges the different mats can hold and go for the one that fits aptly with your fire pit’s material.

Floor under fire pit 

The floor you are trying to protect also plays an important role in determining your mat requirements. Some fire pit mats are made to protect grass, while others are made to protect wood surfaces. You can also choose an all-rounder in case you carry your fire pit to your outdoor picnics too.

Best Fireproof mat for Fire pit

Here is a comparison of two best fireproof mats available in the market along with their characteristics. It is an effort to help you make the right decision in buying the mat suitable for your requirements.

Ember Fire Pit Mat

fire proof mat for fire pit

(i) This mat comes with a lifetime warranty. This superb feature makes it the best one on this list. In case you do not find this mat useful enough for yourself, you can return it for a full refund!

(ii) It comes in different size variants which makes it a good choice for all sizes of fire pits. Choose a size that can fit under your fire pit or a little larger one to avoid any damage issues.

(iii) It comes with a temperature tolerance limit of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it suitable for fire pits made of any material. You just need to maintain a spacing of two inches between the fire pit and this fireproof mat.

(iv) This mat is made to protect all the surfaces underneath your fire pit. It will protect wood surfaces, grass, concrete, stone and a composite one too. The product is efficient in protecting against burns, grease spills, cement stains, heat damage or deformation.

(v) It is made of the highest quality of materials to make it last longer. It is a durable product which takes all your worries away. 

(vi) This mat also provides safety to touch. Even after hours of your fire pit session, you’ll find it cool to touch. The material used in its making reflects the heat in a way that keeps it cool.

Deckprotect Mat

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(i) This fireproof mat can protect your wooden deck from the extreme heat of the fire pit as it has been tested to withstand the temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods without any damage to either the mat or the deck beneath.

(ii) The mat is available in different sizes. You can choose from 12 inches,16 inches, 24 inches,30 inches or 36 inches variants. Always choose a mat a size bigger than that of your fire pits’ as not to let those embers fall on the wood but the mat only.

(iii) It comes with a unique feature of securing to the ground. If you are the one who lives in a windy place or a lover of frequent outdoor trips, this mat will be your perfect companion. Windy weather shouldn’t decide your party timings!

(iv) The mat comes with an added rack under it which increases its durability. 

(v) It protects the floor from ashes, heat, popping embers, and grease.

(vi) As the mat is made up of volcanic rock material, it doesn’t get damaged even if kept outdoors. 

(vii) Even the rack can withstand the sunny or rainy weather without changing color or getting rusted, as it is made up of 100 percent heavy-grade aluminum.

(viii) No doubt the rack adds on to the weight of the mat, but it provides mat extra durability.

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