How Do I Protect My Patio From A Fire Pit?

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


How do I protect my patio from a fire pit? This is one question I want to answer in this post. I've been writing this in just about every post I have written. What is it? A fire pit mat. Did you know fire pits can create up to 1400 degrees of surface heat? One of the quickest way to ruin your wooden deck or patio is to operate a fire pit without legs. In addition, one that does not have a legitimate fire pit mat beneath it.

Is your patio concrete? If so, it is probably the best surface in order to operate a fire pit on. That being said, even concrete can be damaged. So, you have to consider the types of fire pits that have legs on them. Why? Well, you'll be operating a fire pit that is off the ground for one. Secondly, the heat that it is generating won't be directly on your patio.

Can You Put a Fire Pit on Composite Decking?

Operating fire pits on a wooden deck can be fun and safe if you take precautions. Remember, wood is highly flammable and unlike concrete, doesn't stand up well to high heat. So, what do you do? Invest in a fire pit mat that will safeguard your decking or patio from the high heat.

I've written numerous articles here at Delta specifically about fire pit mats. I will list a few of them below.

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Composite decking is like grass, flammable. You have to ensure you take precautions when using your fire pit on wooden decks. Composite material may be more friendly to the environment as compared with regular wood but still can start a fire. Furthermore, you have to watch for wild flames and embers.

We always recommend a high quality gas powered fire pit. Furthermore, a great alternative to gas powered fire pits are electric fireplaces. One thing you have to keep in mind is wood-burning fire pits require clean up after every use. In addition, many of these cheaper fire pits are not rust proof. Remember, the old saying that you get what you pay for is very true.

So, if you are asking how do I protect my patio from a fire pit invest in one of the above mentioned options. Additionally, put your money in a fire pit mat. Mats can withstand a great deal of heat and will take that heat, redirect it and take it off your patio.

Can You Put Fire Pits on Grass?

Well, fire pits in generally supposed to be used on patios or decks. That being said, you can operate a fire pit on grass. As mentioned above, a fire pit mat is an absolute must especially on grass. Grass is the most flammable surface there is.

An alternative to choosing not to use a fire pit mat is investing in a fire pit with legs. Why? You take that extreme heat away from the grass you are operating your fit pit off the ground. Furthermore, make sure you are operating your fire pit on level ground as well. Again, everyone is different. There are some people who want luxury fire pits while others like simple, wood-burning fire pits.

Yes there are expensive fire pits and cheaper versions. That being said, you get what you pay for. Keep in mind many cheaper models are not rust proof So, you want to ensure you invest in a fire pit that is going to give you the biggest return on investment. That being said, whether you are operating a luxury fire pit or a cheaper, wood-burning fire pit, without safety your investment could go up in flame, literally. Worse, so could your property.

Is It Safe To Put A Fire Pit On A Wood Deck?

Yes but only if you take the right precautions first. As long as you are doing what we are talking about here you will set yourself up for success. Remember, fire pit mats can withstand up to around 1400 degrees fahrenheit.

That being said, do not operate your fire pit directly on your patio or wood deck. It is a great way to ruin your property and you risk damaging more than just your property. Your own safety and those you care about is and always should be you or your guests top priority. Again, invest in a legitimate fire pit mat that will keep the heat up away from direct contact of your surface.

What Steps Should I Take Before Using My Fire Pit?

Well, it makes sense to ensure you clean off your patio or wood deck. The reason being is you don't want anything that can catch fire while you are with your guests. Furthermore, always be thinking ahead. Are there bushes, branches, pine straw (highly flammable) or any other debris? If so, get rid of it and fast.

Find an open location preferably at least 20 feet away from your home. You may also want to check with your city fire codes. The reason being is in some states fire pits on consumers' property are banned. The above mentioned items are highly flammable so it is critical to ensure your patio or deck is cleared off. In addition, that no flammable materials are around where you are planning to operate your fire pit.

So, clean off your patio or deck before and after every use. Also, know that

How Far Away Should I Operate My Fire Pit From My Home?

Our recommendation? At least 20 feet. The reason is if you are operating a wood-burning fire pit all it will take is one wild ember or flame to damage your properly. In addition, if not cleaned up in timely fashion they can absorb moisture and contribute to corrosion, corrosion you do not need. Sadly, there are many homeowners who do not adhere to this rule. The last thing we want for our readers to damage their home.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important tips we can share with our visitors. It is such an easy way to ruin your homes' siding if you operate it too close to your property. Yes, there are people that do this.

You also want to always dispose of the ashes from your fire pit after each use. We recommend gas-powered fire pits and electric fireplaces. Why? Less mess right? That being nothing can come close to an ole fashioned wood-burning fire pit. These types of fire pits are what we all think about. The types that are perfect for roasting marshmallows.

You'll want to wait around 24 hours for the ashes to cool so you can clean up safely. Again, it all depends on what type of fire pit you are looking for. There are other types of fire pits like electric fireplace and propane fire pits that will save you from having to clean up afterward.

Never Place Your Fire Pit Directly On Your Patio or Wooden Deck

Again, we continue to remind our readers to never operate a fire pit directly on their patio, lawn or deck. We have discussed it is never a good idea to use a fire pit on these highly flammable surfaces.

The heat from your fire pit will project upwards. That being said, that also means the bottom still will create extreme heat that can damage your property. You can also place a small grid of pavers below your fire pit if you don't want to invest in a fire pit mat.

Fire pit mats are the best way to ensure you and your guests are safe and can enjoy the ambience that a fire pit brings. You always want something to offset that extreme heat that comes from fire pit

Keep water near by too. The reason is obvious but homeowners don't always have this trusted source as close as they should. Remember, it is always better to be over than underprepared right? Water is your safest best just in case a wild flame or ember comes outside of your fire pit and lights something on fire. A fire hose is a must if you have that capability near where you are operating your fire pit.

Additional Precautions

A wise decision is to never use lighter fluid when starting a fire pit. Obviously, if you are using a gas-powered or electric fireplaces or fire pits this will be needed. That being said, if you want to purchase or use a wood-burning fire pit then never use lighter fluid.

Wood-burning fire pits are fun but they requires a great deal of clean up and maintenance after each use. Dry, seasoned wood will not have a hard time igniting so stay away from lighter fluid if at all possible. You'll want to ensure the center of your fire pit is empty to allow for air to pass through it.

Lighter fluid is a very quick way to injury and damage to your property. There are wiser ways to ignite your fire than using this. As mentioned previously, check with your local city ordinances. The reason being is some states have banned fire pit use. Lastly, make sure you are using your fire pit at least 20 feet away from your home or property.

Never, Ever Leave Your Fire Pit Unattended

You should always have someone who has eyes on at all times while operating your fire pit. Again, this is mainly for people that are interested in investing in a wood-burning fire pit. Gas-powered fire pits still need supervision but don't have wild flames and embers to keep an eye on.

That being said, any time that fire is involved means you cannot walk away for too long. Be mindful of your surrounding at all times.

Closing Thoughts

So, how do I protect my patio from a fire pit is often asked and we hope this post has helped answer that question for you. Remember, it doesn't matter which type of fire pit you use on your patio safety is what matters the most. Fire pits generate a great deal of heat so keep that off the surface of your patio, lawn or wooden deck.

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