How to Build a Fire Pit with Pavers

September 18, 2019

By Ronnie


Are you seeking how to build a fire pit with pavers? We hope this article will help your patio fire pit is a fantastic place to bond with friends and family while you’re all entertained and warm – no matter the occasion or environment. Unfortunately, not all homes are best-equipped for the best fire pit experience!

In this article, we are going to go down the 10 simple and effortless steps on how to produce the perfect patio fire pit. Furthermore, the goal is create a cosy and beautiful environment, in an effortless, fast and cost-effective way.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or how much DIY experience you’ve had in the past, these easy and simple instructions will guarantee that you will rapidly learn how to build a fire pit patio with pavers.

What You Will Need to Build Fire Pits with Pavers

In order to do this job perfectly and correctly, there is a range of materials and tools that you will need. Fortunately, these materials and tools are easy and simple to acquire and won’t eat into your wallet any time soon.

For the paver patio, make sure to have; pavers, all-purpose sand, paver base, paver joint sand/polymeric sand, a rubber mallet and a tamper. For the fire pit itself, you will need; paving stones, rapid set mortar mix, furnace stove cement and a concrete trowel. Once you have all of these, you are ready to begin!

Step 1: Preparing The Area

The first step for how to build a fire pit patio with pavers is to measure out the area that you want your fire pit patio to take up – ensuring that there is enough space for the furniture that you want on the patio area.

Furthermore, you want to avoid having a patio fire pit near leaves. Why? You'll have to to repeatedly rake off falling leaves from the nearby trees. Of course, having a fire pit near trees is also a major fire hazard that you want to avoid at all costs! Once you have established a suitable area, dig out the soil 10 to 12 inches deep.

Step 2: Fill The Area

The next step is to fill the entire area with paver base by 6 inches. Ensure that it is level and secure – for this, I’d recommend using a spirit level.

Laying The Foundation

Step 3: Cover The Area With Sand

Once the stones have been successfully packed in, you want to fill the area by 1 inch with quality all-purpose sand. Again, ensure that the sand is level as you go along – using a spirit level to maintain accuracy as you go along. Once levelled out evenly and effectively, use a tamper to tamp down the sand to produce a strong, stable and secure level base.

Step 4: Laying Down The Pavers

Now it is time to begin laying down the pavers. When choosing the right pavers for you, take into consideration if the pavers suit the look of your house and garden, as well as its durability and quality – you don’t want to spend your time and energy to create a patio fire pit for it to not look the way you wanted.

Lay the stones out in an even line, always remembering to level the ground out underneath as you go along the process. Making sure you level out everything during the whole construction process is vital in preventing any bumps, misshapes or wonky areas from developing.

Leave a quarter of an inch of space in between the pavers. The purpose of this is to eventually pour polymeric sand into those gaps. Of course, tamp down the rocks with a tamper to compress it – further creating a level and strong base of support for the pavers to rest.

Next Steps in Building A Bonfire with Pavers

Step 5: Pour Polymeric Sand Into The Gaps

After you are done with laying out the pavers and compressing the rocks, pour polymeric sand into the gaps/joints left between the pavers. There are many different colours and styles to suit your personal preference and look.

Step 6:  Clean Up and Lightly Water The Patio

The next step on how to build a fire pit patio with pavers is to clean up and tidy the area by removing any left-over polymeric sand with a broom. Then use a hose to very lightly and gently spray the patio.

The wet polymeric sand will expand over time and become solid, creating a nice sandy texture. Be cautious to not use too much water as puddles of excess water will result in the polymeric sand failing to harden.

Last Steps

Step 7: Play The Waiting Game

Now it’s time to wait for several houses, or over-night, for the whole area to dry before moving on to the next step in the process. Take this time to have a break and relax after all the hard work.

Step 8: Finally Building The Central Fire Pit

Ensure that you have pavers that suit the rest of your patio so that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Apply a layer of good quality mortar on the bottom of the first layer of pavers so that it effectively and securely sticks to the patio. For this, it’s best to use a concrete trowel that is in good shape. Continue with this process until all the pavers are laid out,

Step 9: Lining The Inside Of The Pit

Use high-heat furnace cement to evenly line the entire inside of the pit and leave it for a couple of days to dry and harden. Now the work is effectively done. If it doesn’t look perfect right away, after a couple of fires the cement will harden a bit more to create the perfect look.

Step 10: The Best Bit

Now you are completely finished! You now know everything you need to know on how to build a fire pit patio with pavers. The job only requires a couple of weekends and it is very easy and simple to pull off. Simply enjoy countless amazing and cosy nights around the fire with friends and family, creating memories that you will remember forever!

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