How to Start a Fire in a Fire Pit Successfully

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The idea of how to start a fire pit in an outdoor fireplace may sound complicated. However, you can quickly learn how to do it yourself. You may not even need any kind of special equipment or tool to get started. All you need is a simple piece of equipment – a fire starter for a fire pit in an outdoor fireplace.

Fire pits come in different designs and types to suit your needs and style. First, choose a fire pit with an enormous mouth that's big enough to hold some seasoned firewood. If you have a standard shaped fire pit, choose one with a bigger opening than the standard size. These kinds of fire pits usually have a “U” shaped design to help spread the accumulated dry wood chips over a wider area.

How Do You Light a Fire Pit?

Next, use a long stick to poke holes into the ground. You can make these holes with your bare hands or by using a shovel. When starting a fire with a log, remember that kindling should be spread before inserting any kindling. This ensures that the fire is fully exposed and does not apply to other parts of the backyard. This is especially important when starting a fire pit in an outdoor fireplace with a chimney.

The fire starter for fire pits with chimneys can help you start the fire immediately. Simply place the fire starter close to the fire and cover the fire entirely with the soot from the fire. Wait for the coals to appear over the open space surrounding your fire pit fire starter. At this point, it is also advisable to insert the kindling into the fire.

How do you start a fire at home?

For those who are learning how to start a fire pit, a butane torch lighter is a convenient way to light the fire. However, it is essential to be sure that the lighter is already full when you begin to light a fire with it. Otherwise, the flames might sputter out. Instead of a butane torch lighter, consider purchasing an electrical one instead.

If you do not have fire pit firewood, it is possible to make do with pine needles or dried grass. When seasoned properly, these two kinds of materials will produce enough firewood for your needs. However, you should not keep pine needles or dried grass in your backyard. When using them as firewood, you should either put them in a covered container or add some oil to the mixture to prevent the kindling from catching fire.

Closing Thoughts

If you do not know how to start a fire with tinders, you can place pine cones or dry leaves on the fire. If you are learning how to fire pit with wood, this is a good option because it will burn all through the wood without ever getting smoldered. However, it does not provide as much heat as a tinder fire. When using dry wood or a pine cone, you should cover the fire with the kindling in your fire pit. Do not attempt to fill the fire with wood when the kindling is nearly dry.

How to start a fire pit with tinder is not very difficult. All you need to do is create an open fire on the fire pit and then kindle it. It is essential to cover the fire with kindling when doing this not to catch. When you place the kindling on the fire, you should have about six inches of distance between the kindled fire and the nearest obstacle. As long as space is kept open, you should have no problem starting this kindling fire.

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