Large Fire Pit Tips to Better Your Home

March 7, 2023

By Ronnie


Are you seeking a large fire pit to invest in? If so, welcome to Delta Fire Pits. I hope that this post will be of assistance to you.

A large fire pit is the perfect way to add a decorative element to your backyard or patio. It's perfect for roasting marshmallows, sipping cocktails, and sharing stories with friends.

When purchasing a large fire pit, consider some important factors like space and budget. After that, research different materials and sizes as well as how to install your outdoor fire pit properly.

What is Considered a Large Pit?

A large fire pit is an excellent way to add cozy ambience and atmosphere to your backyard. But be sure that its size matches perfectly with your home and space.

Generally speaking, wood-burning fire pits should have a diameter of at least 30 inches to ensure adequate airflow around the fire. Fire pits with larger diameters than 60 inches may burn fuel too quickly and spread heat too widely.

Many areas have regulations on what fuel can be used for a fire pit. These restrictions may differ depending on your county of residence.

Some areas restrict the use of flammable fuels like gasoline, kerosene and propane for outdoor burning. These regulations can be stringent and require that a permit be obtained in advance.

Though these regulations may seem intimidating, they are necessary to protect residents' health and safety. Furthermore, they help prevent wildfires and air pollution – which is the primary reason most cities and towns have recreational fire regulations in place.


What is a Permanent Fire Pit?

A permanent fire pit is an outdoor patio structure that can be used year-round. Also, to heat your backyard, cook food and entertain friends. It may be made of stone or brick, or it could even be a lightweight portable unit.

Wood-burning fire pits offer the charm and warmth of a campfire without breaking the bank. But they also create a lot of smoke and sparks; require frequent ash removal; and make it difficult to manage flames effectively.

Gas-fired fire pits ignite quickly and produce no smoke or embers. That being said, they may not be the most efficient cooking method. Generally, they use liquid propane; however, natural gas or bio-ethanol fuel are also viable options.

No matter the fuel type you select, make sure the fire pit you select is situated safely. Also, away from your home and other structures. Check with local building codes and homeowners' associations to identify any restrictions that might exist.

How Do You Build a Big Fire Pit?

Constructing a large fire pit is an affordable and straightforward DIY project. You can construct it from various materials like bricks, pavers, stones from your backyard, or even concrete.

Before you begin, take into account the size of your space. This will determine how much material is necessary. Ideally, your fire pit should measure between 36 and 44 inches wide. Remember, you want to comfortably accommodate multiple people while not overwhelming the area.

Next, ensure it's situated on a level spot in your backyard. So, that won't pose a fire hazard to your home, outbuildings, neighbors' houses. Also, to any flammable structures (like sheds and wooden fences) on your property. Furthermore, consult local codes and regulations to confirm compliance with safety rules and restrictions.

Start by digging a hole that's about 7 inches deep and filling it with all-purpose sand. Then, compact the soil to flatten it further. Then, lay your bottom row of retaining wall blocks inside and stack them to your desired height.

How Much Does a Hardscape Fire Pit Cost?

Homeowners have a range of hardscape fire pit options to choose from, such as concrete, stone, premium interlocking pavers and bricks. Each material provides a distinct aesthetic to an outdoor fire pit area – from robust blocks to more contemporary looks and finishes.

The size of a fire pit will influence its cost; for instance, a 36-inch fire pit made out of concrete blocks could range in cost from $200 to $1,000 depending on materials and construction details.

Inground fire pits, which require excavation and additional labor, tend to be the most costly option. Prices for these pits range from $1,000 to $3,000.

Wood-burning fire pits are the most cost-effective option, however they may not suit everyone's needs due to their incapacity of accommodating large groups of people.

If you're looking to save money, installing a gas-burning fire pit might be your ideal solution. Not only will this save you money on electricity and gas costs, but also the cleanup afterward.

One way to save money on a fire pit is to use an electric igniter that lights the flame with a switch. However, this will make maintaining the pit much more costly.


How Big Should a Backyard Fire Pit Be?

Backyard fire pits are an excellent way to add warmth, comfort and enjoyment to your outdoor space. Not only that, but they can also increase the value of your property while creating a peaceful spot for entertaining friends and family.

When selecting the size pit to purchase, keep your budget and backyard space in mind. There are various styles and sizes to choose from, including portable models that can be moved and stored when not in use.

When choosing a pit, you should think about whether you want a wood-burning or gas model. Gas models tend to be safer than wood models since they don't leave behind embers that could ignite surfaces or put guests at risk of injury.

Before planning to install a permanent pit, check with your local codes to make sure it is safe. In many communities, fire pits must be at least 10 feet away from buildings and fences for safety reasons.

To prepare your yard for a pit, excavate approximately 8 inches of soil from the bottom and cover it with sand. This ensures your pit's foundation is level and compacted. Afterward, add desired materials like sand, gravel, lava rocks, pit glass or bricks as desired.

What is a Good Size Fire Pit for Backyard?

On cold autumn nights, having a fire pit is an excellent way to stay warm. It also makes for great entertainment when entertaining guests or providing some quiet time for reading a book or sipping on your favorite beverage. Whatever the occasion calls for, having a fire pit in your backyard is sure to please everyone's tastes!

However, the size of your pit is essential as it can determine how much warmth you experience. If it's too small, you won't be able to sit close enough to the flames to enjoy their comforting glow.

To determine the size of your pit, you'll need to determine how many people will use it and what seating needs you have. Then, compare those numbers with our table above for an accurate estimation of required size.

When designing your backyard pit, you should take into account the material. Steel, aluminum and cast iron come in various sizes and styles to suit any aesthetic.

Is it Cheaper to Build Your Own Fire Pit?

Building your own fire pit can be more expensive than hiring a professional, but they will also guarantee that the pit is installed correctly and complies with local codes.

Fire pits are not a necessity, but they can add an attractive element to your outdoor space and serve as a gathering spot for friends and family. With so many materials and styles available to choose from, there's sure to be one that meets both your needs and budget.

One popular option is a natural stone fire pit, which can cost up to $3,000. These are made with igneous or metamorphic stones like basalt, sandstone, and soapstone which have excellent heat tolerance.

Alternatively, you could choose bricks which are highly heat-tolerant and do not retain moisture. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can be used to construct a fire pit that burns wood, charcoal or gas-fueled fires.

You can purchase a fire pit that comes complete with accessories like screens, grates or seating to complete your design and function. Prices for these options range from $20 to $3,000 for a complete set.

Extra Large Outdoor Fire Pits

No matter the size of your yard, adding a fire pit to your patio can transform it into an inviting spot to spend time. Not only do they add style and warmth, but it's also perfect for gathering friends and family on cold winter nights when everyone's inside warming up together.

While many of the larger fire pits on the market can cost up to $1,000, there are some budget-friendly options that don't sacrifice style or quality. These models tend to be smaller and lighter in design, perfect for patios with limited space.

The Tuscola Firebowl is a lightweight and portable option at 25 pounds, perfect for between two chairs or in a corner. With its control knob you can easily adjust the flame's temperature with ease.

This model is equipped with an internal airflow system that creates a stronger fire with less smoke and ash, leaving fewer unburned coals to clean up later. Additionally, it features an ash pan and weather-resistant cover. Crafted from 16 gauge stainless steel with powder coating for durability, its sleek design matches most outdoor decor perfectly.


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