Light a Fire Pit: Tips and Benefits

By Ronnie


How to light a fire pit is fortunately, easy. A light fire pit can be very beneficial for mobility. Also, it is simple to travel with as compared to heavier fire pits.

With a matchbox and a fire in hand, what are the features and details of a light fire pit you should know? Many people are intimidated by their prospect of building a fire and then sitting back and watching it grow. There’s no need to be threatened with the process, though, as there are some easy and low-cost steps you can take to ensure a successful build.

What do you need to know about a light fire pit?

The first thing you need to know about this type of fire center is that it must have an open flame, or it will not work. You can get away with some units with a cover, so you do not need a flue, but that can limit the number of options you have in terms of size and shape. You also have to know the details about the fuel source. Most of these units run on electricity, and there are a few propane-fueled varieties available if that is your choice, too. As long as it has steel construction and spark screen, you can put almost anything you want in a fire of this sort.

What are the Fuel Sources for a Light Fire Pit?

When looking at the fuel source’s details, you will find that some fire pits have a flexible flex line connected to the unit. These are flexible pipes that can be used to join the team to your home to supply propane. The other type of fuel source is either natural gas or butane. Both of these are inexpensive, and both can be hooked directly to your home gas line.

Another detail you should be aware of has to do with the connection to the burner. This is the part of the fire pit insert that connects to your home’s existing burner system. Some inserts have a threaded burner valve, and others have a separate burner fitting that is screwed into the valve, similar to a water outlet. The screw threading allows you to tighten or loosen the valve depending on what your particular application needs. The best choice for safety is one that is compatible with the burner fitting. The valve’s interior surface should have sufficient airflow to keep the flue gases hotter longer.


In addition to using a flexible hose to supply the fuel, you also will need a spark screen. The purpose of the spark screen is to prevent your portable fire pit from getting real hot. The larger the area you want to heat, the larger the size of the spark screen needed. Some manufacturers recommend one with a perimeter of three inches around the edge of the flue.

When installing your portable fire pit with a spark screen, ensure that the entire surface is smooth. Smooth surfaces lead to consistent ignition and extended burn times. There is no need to polish or roughen up the edges of the screen. Some manufacturers of fire pits suggest putting a drop or two of lighter fluid on the spark screen before installing it. If this is done, the lighter fluid will lubricate the edges and reduce wear on the net.

How to Wire the Propane Tank in a Light Fire Pit?

Most manufacturers of this type of fire pit kits provide instructions on how to wire the propane tank. The propane tank will need to be tightly secured to the fitting. In addition, in needs to be at least three inches between the tank and the flue. If you purchase a lightweight propane fire pit kit with a matching light bulb, you can install the matching light bulb next to the propane tank. You may also choose to have the match light installed next to the electric igniter on the fire pit.

After installing the parts, you will want to assemble the entire product. The kit usually includes a 24 x 18-inch burner with an enclosed ceramic disc and cover. The instructions specify the type of fitting and the spacing required between individual parts.

The instructions also determine the type of fittings and wiring necessary to support the installation. This includes an adjustable joint in the center of the grate, metal supports for the grate’s outer edges, and a stainless steel brace to hold the entire unit in place. All of the parts required to complete this installation are provided in this kit, including wiring and fittings.

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