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Are you seeking how to light fire pit tips? If so, welcome to Delta Fire Pits. We are glad you have arrived. Below is some information to help set you up for success with your fire pit use.

A fire pit is a great way of spending merrymaking time. Having a fire pit and cups of tea with your loved ones is a great practice during winter nights. Enjoying quality time with warm surroundings is so amusing, but sometimes this amazing environment gets disrupted due to the lack of proper knowledge about “How to light fire pit.” People waste most of their time at the point of lightning. If you know all the tips and tricks to start a fire pit, you will definitely have the great fun of midnight gatherings. 

Learning how to start a fire pit is not as hard enough as people might think. You don't need to worry about that because the only thing that makes it look complicated is the fire.

Is Fire Pit Safe to Use?

Yes, absolutely, a fire pit is totally safe to use when a cool breeze makes a thrill around you. But before starting a fire in a fire pit, you should be very careful, and your first priority should be your safety. It is better to save yourself instead of having an accident just because of carelessness. To avoid any disaster, you should protect yourself by the following precautionary measures.

  • You should place the fire pit at least 10 feet away from yourself and any combustible thing or material like a tree or fence etc.
  • Once it burns and starts lightning, you should continuously monitor the fire pit.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near the place so that you can deal with any accident.
  • After using the fire pit, use plenty of water to extinguish the fire. Leaving the fire in the fire pit is extremely dangerous.
  • Keep your children and pets strictly away from the fire.

If you follow important protective instructions before lighting a fire pit, you can save yourself from unwanted fire accidents.

Can We Use Gasoline to Light Fire Pit?

Everyone likes to pick the easiest way to achieve the goal without any difficulty. Similarly, many people try to save their time and efforts by using gasoline or any other harmful chemicals to light fire pit. It can cause irreversible destruction, harm, and injury to human health and wealth also. 

So that’s why it is highly recommended that you should not use any chemical or gasoline-like lighter fluid in the fire pit. Such type of harm causing substances should not be near the fire. Any source that causes ignition can become a root of explosion if it gets a chance to reach gasoline.

It is better to use any tinder or fire starter to light fire pit instead of any detrimental substance like gasoline. In this article, we will discuss many advantageous fire starters that will be very effective and useful in starting a safe fire quickly.

How to Light Fire Pit?

The procedure of starting a fire pit is quite easy and quick, but only if you know the correct way to do it.

First of all, you should have all the required things that include:

  • Tinder: A tinder is a light substance or matter that can catch fire quickly. It can be newspapers, tissue papers, or some dried pine needles. 
  • Kindling: Kindling can be some small sticks or wood splinters that make it easier to catch fire instantly and keep on burning until the large wood logs grab the fire.
  • Firewood: You can use slab wood or wooden logs to have a long-lasting fire.

After having all these things, you have to put the fire pit on a plane and even surface. Make a pile of tinder at the central bottom of the fire pit roughly about the size of your fist. Now it’s time to make a pyramid style heap of kindling; also, remember to leave a hole on the upper surface of the heap to allow the tinder to catch fire. Once the kindling has caught fire well, you can start placing large wood on the top of it. Finally, you can place the fire logs at an angle of 35-degree and have a good and enough fire flame to feel the warm sensation.

Best Fire Starters

There are so many fire starters available in the market. Here, we will discuss some best fire starters to light fire pits quickly.

1) Pine Mountain StarterLogg Select-A-Size Firestarting Blocks

Pine Mountain Starter is a well-known fire starter. People mostly love to use this starter because it is very safe to use. It contains all the recycled substances, so it does not have any harmful effects and can easily be used for indoor as well as an outdoor fireplace.

The fire starter is very easy to carry and portable; you can carry it with yourself wherever you want and have the experience of a quick fire in the winter midnight camping to make wonderful and cozy memories. Starting a fire pit by using this fire starter does not require any mastery. You just need to put the starter first as a tinder and place the wooden logs over the starter by keeping a little hole on the upper surface. Now, light the starter by using match sticks, lighter, or anything that you have. The starter will catch fire quickly and allow the wooden logs to light.

It provides a long-lasting fire; you don't need to worry about adding more kindling again and again to the fire pit. You can easily enjoy full time with your loved ones. 


  • Portable
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to handle


  • A little bit time-consuming.

2) Zip Premium All Purpose Wrapped Fire Starter

This fire starter is also a beneficial one. It is very convenient and easy to use. It does not contain any harmful substances, so it can provide you a shielded environment. Moreover, this fire starter can also be used for BBQ and cooking purposes because it is very hygienic and odorless.

It can ignite immediately, and you can have a fire in no time. It burns continuously for about 18 minutes, and the large wood pieces can easily catch fire. 

For camping sites, you can have it with you easily and can warm your trip’s nights peacefully because it can catch and start fires instantly. Necessities of camping and trips in the winter season can be comfortably fulfilled by using it.

In addition, even in the case of rain or severe winter days, it can burn without any problem. It is portable, and you will not face any difficulty while carrying it.


  • Gets fire quickly
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Good for camping sites


  • A little small in size

3) Duraflame Firestart Indoor/Outdoor Firelighters

This is also a popular and common compact fire starter with the water-resisting property. You can have a sure, safe, and quick start for chimneys, fire pits, and fireplaces. It is very effective in catching fire in no time, so you can easily start a fire and save your time and struggle.

It has an attractive packaging style. All the fire starters are individually packed and provide a rapid start of the fire. You just need to take a fire starter and light the wrapper; the starter will catch fire on its own in no time and will provide you a brilliant fire. 

Each fire starter burns up to 30 minutes, which is good enough to start a fire in the wood logs. You can have a long-lasting fire till the whole night. It can give you an expeditious and safe fire with zero mess.


  • Water resisting
  • Burns speedily
  • Provide good fire


  • Sometimes the wrapper may stick to woods

4) Fatwood Firestarter Box, 10-Pounds

This is a good and natural fire starter that you can have without any worry. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor lighting occasions. 

The product is safe and 100% natural because it is made up of all the naturally occurring resin of the pine tree’s stumps. You can even use these starters in a wet atmosphere because it possesses water repellent quality.

You can use it for pellet stoves, BBQ, chimneys, campfires, fire pits, coal stoves, and fireplaces. It is a useful product to keep a fire going overnight without any hurdle. You have to light it once, and it will give you a memorable cozy experience.


  • Natural product
  • Water repellent
  • Safe to start

5) Better Wood Products Fatwood Firestarter 

This product is certified by SCS Green Cross, and it is harvested from the stumps of pine trees, which is 100% natural and safe to use. There is no question about its safe operation.

It contains a high concentration of natural resins, so you can use it for indoor purposes without thinking. As it provides real and natural benefits, you can also use it for cooking purposes in your stoves.

It is an ideal fire starter, and it is suitable to use, whether it’s a bonfire, camping trip, a cookout, or you want to spend some peaceful and relaxing time around the fire to have a warm sensation. The product is safe, easy to use, comfortable, and sustainable to use.


  • SCS Green Cross certified
  • 100% natural
  • Versatile box size available
  • Waterproof


  •  A bit heavy in weight

Closing Thoughts

Fire pits in chilly time are a great option, but you should know all the tricks to start it. We have discussed all the important tips and tricks to light fire pit. You will easily be able to light your fire pit after having complete comprehension of this article.

We have also discussed some products that will help you to light fire pit more quickly, and you can get a peaceful and warm environment according to your desire.

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