What are the Best Portable Propane Fire Pits?


Portable fire pits are a good addition to your backyard because it extends the living space of your house, giving you more locations to spend and bond with family. Not to mention, it’s more fun and relaxing to be with family and friends outdoors where the beautiful nature surrounds you.

To help you with your search for the best portable propane fire pits out there, we have found some that are worth checking.

Which portable propane fire pit is the right one for you?

Bear in mind that although this list contains portable propane fire pits, you might need to seek the help of a professional for gas installation. Gas is a critical part of a fire pit and should therefore be taken with utmost importance, especially for the safety of the user.

Heininger 5995 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

This fire pit comes in a no-nonsense design that can be a centerpiece for backyard or outdoor adventure. You can use it in the comforts of your home when lounging with family, or take it out with you into the woods for a few nights’ camping. It can also be taken to the beach or to an RV park.

This portable fire pit is safe to use and burns clean and smokeless, meaning you don’t have to worry about health and hazard issues. For the affordable price, the package contains a 10-foot propane tank hose with attached regulator and decorative rocks.

The propane tank is not included and should be bought separately. It is considered as one of the most affordable portable fire pits in the market that can be used safely in a restricted area where burning wood is prohibited.


AZ Patio Heaters Propane Fire Pit, Bronze Finish

This fire pit comes in a pedestal or tabletop, unlike the Heininger, which makes this one the perfect accessory to your home especially if you are going for a theme or matching design. The smooth, bronze finish also looks classy and at first glance, this fire pit looks like it costs so much more than its price.

It features a battery-operated ignition system that instantly ignites the 40,000 BTU output that warms at approximately 15’ radius. The propane tank is not included in the whole package. You can purchase it at your local gas dealer and install it yourself in the easily accessible access door found at the bottom of the tabletop.

This fire pit is also easy to set up; you can do it yourself within half an hour and comes with a fire pit cover for when not in use. It comes with parts and service warranty to give you peace of mind.

This fire pit also comes in Hammered Bronze finish with Fire Glass but with added cost. Fire glass is a great addition to your fire pit and if you really want to have it included to your AZ patio, you may consider getting a separate accessory rather than buying the upgraded one at an additional $50.


Camco “Little Red Campfire” Propane Camp Fire

This fire pit is not your ordinary pit as it is widely used outdoors for recreational activities.

Although it can serve its purpose in warming up homeowners hanging out in their backyards, its use is mostly for mountain and RV campers. Because of its compact shape and portability, it can be taken anywhere with ease and is convenient when you are in immediate need of fire.

The small campfire features realistic log pieces that adds to an appeal of a natural wood log campfire with the bonus of “no ash, no mess”. This portable propane campfire considers itself as the safest portable propane fireplace in the market because of its elevated tray design that is heat resistant base.

This is also the perfect choice for outdoor activities because it is perfect for campgrounds with fire restrictions and you can use it to boil water or cook up your favorite dish in a frying pan (used with Little Red Campfire Cooktop).


Why invest in a portable propane fire pit?

It can be really uninviting to spend time outdoors, no matter how pretty, during the chilling weathers. Which is why the building of fire pits has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

There are ways of warming up in the backyard without burning a hole in your pocket (quite literally if you aren’t careful) through the use of portable propane fire pits that you can install yourself, provided that you have a bit of a DIY building know-how.

Many homeowners opt for having their fire pits portable rather than installing it in a fixed place for practical reasons such as when they don’t have a fixed spot in the backyard for lounging.

By going portable you are also able to keep the propane fire pit when not in use, lengthening its life and avoiding eventual tear and wear. This is the case of families who don’t use it often, or are only seeking fire pit warmth during a few cold months. This is especially true for warmer states such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

With propane fire pits, anyone can benefit with much-needed warmth during chilling days without spending so much. A propane tank is not very expensive and one refill can last many hours of usage. Owning a portable fire pit is a great advantage for families who live in a relatively warm area with sudden chilling spikes during the cold months and families who love to frequent bonding in the woods for a few nights’ camping.


Portable propane fire pits are the way to go if you are an adventurer who loves to go out for camping in mountains or RVs. Propane fire pits are the safest to use in these areas because it cuts the risk of starting a fire, not to mention that smoke is also lessened.

This is also perfect for families who want to have a little warmth while hanging out in their patios or backyards without having to spend a fortune on building and installing a fancy fire pit.
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