Review of Black Outdoor Fireplace


An outdoor fireplace can do much to improve not only the temperature during the cold and not so prosperous times, but also change and invigorate the atmosphere. It is particularly useful when you want to create a specific type of mood, suitable for any occasion, be it just some leisure time on your own, spending time with family or having your friends over for a get-together.

Additionally there is a different overall feel when compared to an indoor fireplace; one that is different but also delightful.

The Brookstone Black Outdoor Fireplace, does just that, adding the comforts of the home fireplace and the freshness of the outdoors in one convenient location; your backyard.

PROS: The well thought out design of the Black Outdoor Fireplace provides you easy access to its warmth from all sides, preventing you from needing to have it placed against a wall or foundation, ensuring that more people can bask in its heat.

Additionally, the lack of a covered side helps to create a greater illumination as a result of the firm, acting as an essential component to the purpose of a fireplace. The price is also quite affordable when compared to other possible fireplaces.

CONS: Some reviews suggest that the fireplace is quite prone to rusting in certain locations (usually with higher chances of rain and adverse weather), indicating the need for constant maintenance to ensure that the fireplace is clean, and works efficiently and does not rust.

The size is somewhat small (detailed further on) but this works only as a minor con, due to the fact that it’s not necessarily going to be used as a cooking fire.


What are the important aspects of the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel –In a matter of speaking, the Black Outdoor fireplace is the simplest of fireplaces requiring no fuel whatsoever aside from the obvious logs and kindling. Specialize pieces of lumber are required to create the richest fire as well as kindling to start the small flame that will turn into a bigger one.

Alternatively you can opt to cover the logs slightly in lighter fluid to get the fire started quicker. In comparison to gas, logs provide a longer and cheaper burn that is less dangerous to the environment.

Size – 25″ W x 20.5″ D x 45″ H provides the size of the fireplace, whilst modestly small it gives you a greater chance to fit it in your outdoor living area, ensuring that a big large space is not an essential requirement for having a fireplace.

It stands easily on its own and has a well-placed chimney at the top to help control the flow of the resulting smoke. The smaller size does understandably limit the size of the fire you can have however.

Portability –This fireplace is designed to be placed in one specific location and used from that location only. You could suggest that whilst the fireplace is not portable, the smaller size makes it more available for placement in a whole variety of different locations.

This helps to improve the access for more people and is only heightened by the fact that it can provide full warmth from all sides. Although, when choosing a suitable location this makes it impossible to place it close to walls or fences, ensuring that a central location must be chosen.

Material – A copper hearth and hood as well as heavy-duty cast iron gate ensure that the fireplace won’t melt under the heat of the fire or warp or twist or provide an effective foundation for your hearty fires.

Some have suggested that the fireplace rusts quickly, however this is just indicative that they have not given it appropriate protection. After all usage it is important to clean the fireplace to prevent a buildup of ash and other materials that could accumulate with weather and cause a greater wear on the protective coating.

Safety – The fireplace is generally safe to use because of its surrounding cast iron gates and grill, ensuring that no wandering hands can be dipped into the actual flames and that all sparks and pops of embers have no escape from the cage. The solid base of the fireplace also prevents the burning ashes and embers from spilling through, preventing the possibility of fire spreading on the grass underneath.

Warranty – The Brookstone Black Outdoor Fireplace offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard however you can also purchase through the official website additional years of warranty.

What do owners think about the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

The small outdoor fireplace has a few extra features that are a welcome bonus. The has tray removes easily and slides out, providing a mess free way of cleaning out the bottom of your fireplace that doesn’t require you to open the gate and lean over with a small dust brush and pan.

For those that bring their hunger with them to the fire, a small slide out grill tray is also provided, adding the chance to cook up some excellent tasty snacks to eat next to your fire alongside some refreshments. The ability to use different fuel sources including coals and fuel logs are also an added positive to how you want to use your outdoor fireplace. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to what you want out of a fireplace and how you prepare to use it.

The Verdict 

Surprisingly there are good numbers of factors that positively reflect this outdoor fireplace that give it a lot of merit. Whilst the initial design and smaller size might be displeasing for some, it is offset but efficient design, wider warmth reach, and cheaper price when compared to some of the bigger outdoor fireplaces.

Overall it is a cheap and reliable fireplace that has a great selection of features to it that help it to compete against some of the bigger more expensive outdoor fireplaces. If you are looking for a much bigger design then this would not be suitable, however the small size and price help make it able to accommodate a bigger list of homes and will most likely be a welcome addition to your backyard.


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