Review of Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


Fire pits provide a beautiful glow during the evenings to your patio. It also warms up cold days and nights to make lounging outdoors more comfortable for you and your family. Consider getting a fire pit if you live in a place where there are sudden chills all-year round so you can greatly benefit with your purchase.

The Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl, is the perfect addition to your backyard or patio because of its sleek look and feel. It is also capable of warming a large radius of an area, making it suitable for small outdoor gatherings.

PROS: The Slate/Marble mantel that comes with this fire pit is probably one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why you should purchase this fire pit. The mantel looks absolutely elegant and serves a lot of purpose. It can be used as a resting area for your raised feet and tabletop for drinks and food. It is wide enough so fire won’t catch anything placed on top. As for its heating properties, this fire pit is capable of reading a wide radius and is able to keep four to five persons comfortable out in a chilly night.

CONS: Expensive! If you have DIY skill and you’re confident of building your own fire pit, you’ll be able to do so with this amount. Plus, you’ll also be able to design it however you want. Although some people would much rather pay and spare them from the effort. It’s up to you.

What are the important aspects of the Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

Fuel – The Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl uses propane gas for fuel. It requires a 20-pound liquid propane tank to work. There is a hidden control panel at the bottom of the table that when turned on, can light up the fire pit in a mere few seconds. Propane tank is not included in the package so you’ll have to get it in a utility store. The only con for a propane-powered fire pit is that you have to constantly have it refilled or replaced.

Size – This fire pit is big and heavy at 41.3 x 41.3 x 21.7 inches and 162 pounds. It is recommended to assemble it near where it will be finally placed otherwise you’ll have trouble moving it. Two to three strong men can carry it while a lone person won’t even budge it. The heaviness is due to the material used for the mantel (made from slate/marble) and the body is made of thick, sturdy material.

Portability – Sorry, but this is not portable at all. Two strong persons can barely move it from one place to another. Constructing it where it will be placed is recommended.

Material –The rustic appearance of the body of the Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl gives guests the impression that it is a wood-fueled fire without the mess of hauling wood and ashes. The tabletop is made of slate/marble mantel and the hearth is composed of a porcelain steel bowl. The handcrafted mantel looks absolutely luxurious that it can dress up any venue without problem. This would take up your patio or backyard’s centerpiece easily.

Safety – This fire pit is generally safe to use provided that all gas installations are securely fixed. The knob for turning fire on is also hidden so curious children won’t have easy access to it. The thick sturdy walls of the table protect the gas tank; you’ll have to open a door to access it. The wide mantel also protects people from accidental touches to the fire. For additional safety, have a fire extinguisher or water supply nearby.

Warranty – This fire pit comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Blue Rhino has great customer support and doesn’t take long to act.


What other facts should you know about the Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

For the assembly, it requires at least two hours to complete and needs at least two people to work on it. One will be mainly for holding the materials and keeping it in place while the other is tasked to bolt and screw. Plan to build it as close as possible to where you are going to use it because once complete, it is difficult to move due to its heavy weight.

The package comes with an instruction manual filled with diagram. Study the drawings first before attempting to assemble. Double-check the labels of the screw and parts. Having a plier or a hammer may also be handy to bend some of the pieces a little so that the holes line up.

A black vinyl tank cover and fire pit cover is included in the package. Equip the tank cover after you have secured the tank hose; it makes the tank invisible under the tabletop. Use the fire pit cover when the unit is not operational to protect it against weather and moisture.

When lit up, the fire pit looks pretty with the additional lava rock and fire logs. You can also add fire crystals to make it more luxurious. The mantel, made of high quality stone, leaves plenty of room for drinks, plates, and bottles. Be careful though, as the mantel can warm up a bit. With 40,000 BTU cast iron burner, the fire pit provides plenty of heat and durability. In a cold night, it may be able to keep four to five people comfortably warm.

The Verdict

The Blue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl, although expensive, is a good-looking centerpiece and fire pit for your patio or backyard. The heavy, sturdy material will last you years with proper care and maintenance using the fire pit cover provided.

The slate/marble design is also a great addition to the fire pit, making it appear more expensive that its original price. You can use it not only as a source of warmth during the chilly months but as a classy tabletop for your home. Get this fire pit if you are looking for something that looks great but doesn’t sacrifice function and quality.


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