Review of Corona Outdoor Fireplace


It is great to have an outdoor fireplace because when the cold months arrive, the patio and the backyard seems like a scary place to go to. Extend your living space by adding an outdoor fireplace that will constantly keep you warm while you relax at your little haven outdoors, close to the beauty of nature.

What better way to enjoy outdoors than to keep warm using the Corona Outdoor Fireplace? Here, we have reviewed this fireplace so you’ll know if this is exactly what you need.

PROS: At first glance you will know that one of its strongest attributes is its appearance of a classical bulb-shaped fireplace. If you draw great lengths of finding pieces that will suit your artistically themed house, then this might be the fireplace you are looking for. Not only does the Corona Outdoor Fireplace function how it should, it is also a beautiful addition to your backyard or patio, especially if you have a style or theme going on.

CONS: It might be too small for your liking. Although it is considered average-sized, there are many fireplaces out there that are bigger and can generate more heat especially for big families. This might be able to warm only up to four persons comfortably. More than that, you might need an extra source of warmth, such as a hug from a loved one.

What are the important aspects of the Corona Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel – This fireplace uses wood or charcoal as fuel. Because of its medium, leaning to small size, you might only consume a few blocks of logs at a time. Fewer blocks mean lesser chance of generating tall heat. Nevertheless, it is capable of functioning as a good fireplace as it gets the job done easily.

Size – The fireplace stands 35 inches high and weighs 35 pounds. It is bulb-shaped body with long narrow chimney-like head. The body is supported by three thin legs joined together by a ring for maximum support. The legs, although it appears thin, are sturdy and can definitely hold the weight of the body. However, it doesn’t provide a firm handle on top of the head; you’ll only get a thin ring, which seems not enough for a fireplace this size.

Portability – The fireplace is small enough to be moved from one place to another. However, unlike other fireplaces that come with build-in wheels, the Corona Outdoor Fireplace can’t be moved while it is functioning. You can risk moving it but it is not recommended because you might injure yourself. The metal parts are very hot when in use. It is also heavy especially with burning logs inside and the top handle is thin and made of metal.

Material – The fireplace features heavy-duty cast iron construction with designer embossing and wire mesh screen. The Corona Outdoor Fireplace, created by Veranda, is considered as an artisan fireplace because of its design crafted from iron and is great for displaying in the patio or backyard for classy ambiance. The mesh screen is knotted closely to minimize the risk of flying embers or ashes but big enough so that warmth will radiate freely.

Safety – The Corona Outdoor fireplace is generally safe to use as long as you minimize moving it from one place to another because it isn’t as portable as other fireplaces. To increase safety, ensure that you the surface of the fireplace is made from sturdy brick, cement, or stone. Avoid placing it atop a wooden surface for fear of burning the wood. Don’t place it in areas near combustible materials and substances and always have a fire extinguisher or water nearby in case.

Warranty – This fireplace has a 30-day return policy when purchased through Amazon. Before or after the period has lapsed, make sure to contact the manufacturer for their warranty schemes. They should be able to cover for repairs for a specific time frame.


What other facts should you know about the Corona Outdoor Fireplace?

Assembling this fireplace is easy; most of the parts come in whole pieces so you’ll get a big box. You’ll have to assemble the big pieces together using screws and bolts so you’ll have to use a few types of tools. Even if you have no prior experience with putting things such as these together, you won’t have a difficult time as it comes with an instruction manual that you can simply follow.

This fireplace comes with a sliding door that you can use to add fuel logs with ease. A log grate is also included in the package to enhance safety while cleaning or stoking the fireplace. The slender chimney is protected by a rain cup to keep the water from coming into the fireplace. For added protection the chimney is elevated by heavy-duty stands that reduce the risk of grass fires, etc.

It also comes with a steel base to support the weight and resist the heat from burning logs or charcoal briquettes and designer embossing adorns the cast-iron bowl and top, creating an artisan touch for outdoor décor.

Because of the small opening, you may have to use small logs or buy pre-split wood in order to fit them inside the fireplace. If you are looking for a fireplace that doesn’t take much space and can warm a few people around its 360-degree mesh, then Corona Outdoor may suit you.

The downside is that after using it, make sure you keep it out of the rain because the cast iron material may rust very quickly.


The Corona Outdoor Fireplace may be enough for households without too much space in their patio or backyard. If it is intended for use by a lot of family members, friends, or guests, consider getting a bigger fireplace, as this might not provide enough heat.

The size aside, this outdoor fireplace offers not only comforting warmth but it also serves as a great centerpiece at a small party or barbecue. Its classical shape and creative embossing may be a great addition to your artisan collection. When not in use, it can serve as a great decoration to your home.


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