Review of Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


A fireplace has been a staple in homes because homeowners love the feel of having warmth brought about by the fire instead of the traditional heater when winter comes. Not to mention the want to lounge outdoors during the chilling months is made possible by an outdoor fireplace.

The Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace is one of the favorite buys of homeowners because of its function and ergonomic design.

PROS: The strongest aspect of this outdoor fireplace is its portability. You can take it anywhere you desire and it will still function, as it should. Because of its built-in wheels, you can move it around your backyard or patio without disturbing the burning fire logs. It is also considered very safe to use because of its steel screens that protect you from any flying embers.

CONS: You need to take good care of the this fireplace and invest in a cover because having it exposed under the changing weathers may easily cause the metal to rust and the protective coating to peel off. Also, if you run into troubles, you might have a hard time getting an answer from Landmann’s Customer Support as they sometimes take weeks before replying to queries.

What are the important aspects of the Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel – The Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace is a traditional fireplace that uses wood or charcoal as fuel. Depending on the requirements and ordinances of your area, you might not be allowed to burn wood. First you need to check the rules before you purchase this fireplace, otherwise you might be fined for using it.

Size – This fireplace is big compared to its peers. Because of that you’ll be able to build a big fire that can warm up a number of people. Of course, it all depends on how much fuel you’ll put in your fireplace. With this fireplace, you can build a fire small enough for your family, or big enough for a handful of guests. To be specific, the dimensions are 46.0 ” H x 32.0 ” W x 28.0 ” D and it weighs 38 lb.

Portability – This fireplace comes with two large wheels, which enables it to be moved around the backyard or patio while in use. This is great for when you have a small area where there is no fixed location for the fireplace.

By being able to move it, you can place it in the direction of the wind so that smoke will be blown away instead of being inhaled by guests. However, you need to be more careful on where you take your fireplace because your might accidentally place it somewhere near a combustible substance or material.

Material – It has a sturdy all-steel construction with weather-resistant enamel. It has a heat shield and bowl handle which makes moving safe, as you won’t risk your hands getting burned by moving it.

The handle is made of wood but be careful not to touch the top metal section, which is burning hot. With the cage-like cover, you’ll be able to enjoy a 360-degree view of the fire. Be careful though as the opening is also prone to spit ashes and flying embers.

Safety – You need to place your Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace on a brick, stone, or concrete surface to prevent fire hazards. Also ensure that the position of your fireplace is away from combustible materials and that there is a fire extinguisher or water supply nearby in case you need it.

The fireplace comes with a screen that protects you from the fire and can be opened for when you need to add more fuel. Generally, this fireplace is safe to operate.

Warranty – This fireplace comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty.


What other facts should you know about the Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace?

After receipt of the unit, you’ll have to assemble it on your own. Assembly will only take about 30 minutes of your time and you will need a screwdriver and a basic pair of pliers. The box comes with an instruction manual with texts and diagrams. The instructions are easy and the diagram is well drawn that you don’t really need to read the entire thing to assemble the fireplace.

The fireplace looks heavy duty and big; it is able to accommodate full sized logs that results to a good height of fire. When lighting it, don’t forget to add sand onto the fire pit bowl because it will extend the life of the fireplace. Burning logs directly onto the metal frame might corrode the material and lessen the unit’s longevity.

When successfully lighted, it produces a great heat. The lid acts as a reflector that spreads heat in a 360-degree pattern. Also, because of the height of this fireplace, you won’t have to bend over closer to catch some heat. This unit does a good job of radiating the heat towards you. Place this fireplace atop a good surfaced brick, cement, or stone as the surface heats up a bit. Try not to place it atop a wooden surface.

The only thing that this fireplace needs to add is a wider door. The opening is too small that it gets bothersome to add fuel to the fire and stoke it. There should also be another a small opening for stoking the fire and adjust the arrangement of burning logs without having to completely lift the door. Although it is an inconvenience, it’s not a deal killer. You also need to at least have a cover when storing it because although the metal is coated with waterproof enamels, in the long run it is prone to getting chipped.


The Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace is a good buy for its price. It’s a big product that is able to radiate heat in a 360-degree manner so everyone huddled around it will have his or her share of the warmth. It is also really sturdy and assembly isn’t rocket science, which makes it a great fireplace for households big or small.

The only complaint this fireplace gets is the lack of responsive customer assistance. You really need to extend your patience, as you won’t be getting an answer to your query right away.


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