Review of the Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


Outdoor fireplaces are an excellent way of improving home sociability with the added freshness of being outside of the stuffy cramped home. Ideal for bigger back yards, the warm flame can be a great way to heat up in the cold nights as well as camp around and share a drink with family or friends, providing a central location for heat and the starting point for fun and laughter. It can even be used to cook food, so there will not be an empty stomach around the firepit when you’re all taking it easy and relaxing.

The Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit, not only provides a well sized pit but also a little bit of personality with its fashionable design and also overall ease of use.

PROS: The large sized fire pit has enough space that makes it a viable firepit for cooking, with a cooking grate included and also added protection with the spark screen and firepit poker. Additionally the materials used ensure that the durability will not wear down and the black finish prevents dirty and stains from showing. Despite the large size it also has a safety ring that make it relatively easy to transport and the pattern design around the outside give it an individual touch of flair.

CONS: Some reviews suggest that the legs of the firepit are hollow and sharp tipped at the bottom, making them a slight hazard if you intend to use the firepit on a deck or surface that is not appropriate to handle the pointing prongs. Others have also stated that the heat resistant paint has started to show signs of cracking and peeling after the first few months and that rust spots are beginning to show on the outer rim.

What are the important aspects of the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

Fuel – No fuel source is required for the Landmann Firepit aside from the obvious logs and kindling to get it started. You can however purchase special brands of lumber that will produce varying results depending on your choice.

One of the benefits of a lumber fire pit is that it can be customized according to the firewood, were you can get a nice smoky smell that can be used in the cooking process or ones that will keep the fire going for longer than usual. As always you can apply lighter fluid to prolong the fire if you wish to do so, as the Landmann firepit will not be negatively affected by it.

Size – 29.5″ x 29.5″ x 23″ H provides an excellent size for a fieplace, that is not too difficult to move about as a result of its dimensions or weight. The legs offer ample support and enough space to allow for bigger more vicious fires to take their place.

Portability –This fireplace is large and somewhat cumbersome and whilst most cases would see one of this size confined to a single location, there is still the availability of movement. The design of this fire pit offers a safety ring that allows for easy movement, letting you decide where you want to place it.

It is appropriate for any surface, so you can decide if you want it on decking, grass or concrete. It should be noted that when moving it, it’s not wise to drag so you will need to lift it up entirely.

Material – The steel construction of the overall firepit provides strength and durability as well as improvements on the actual fire itself. The high quality of the material ensures that it won’t lose its ability to retain heat over time, as well helping to contain the heat within and provide more cooking power.

The black finish is not just an aesthetic touch but also improves on retention of heat as well as eliminating signs of use, making the firepit look clean even after multiple times.

Safety – The material used in the fireplace acts as a container of the fire and works efficiently well, preventing excess fire from escaping and the heat lowering. On top of that, the offer of a spark grate will prevent sparks and embers from flying out and hitting people sitting around the fire, a definitive feature improving on overall safety.

Warranty – Disappointingly The Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit does not offer any form of warranty nor does the company indicate any warranty available. You can however claim warranty through Amazon, if there are issues at all.


What other things should you know about the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

The relatively large outdoor firepit has a lot of great features that give it more merit and strength against other firepits without the same features. It is also described as a great firepit to take with you when you camping because of its ease of use and relatively light size at 35 lbs.

The carry handles are also placed to minimise your contact with heat although it is best not to attempt to move it until the fire has been put out and the firepit has cooled down. It is very easy to assemble, according to customer reviews, emphasising that is suitable firepit for any sort of occasion.

The addition of cooking ability further adds to its camping attributes to ensure that nobody will have a chance to go hungry. The firepit also comes with its own fire poker to sweeten the deal a little bit further.

The Verdict 

Despite the somewhat superfluous design cut-outs in the firepit, there is still a lot of merit to the overall features and use of this firepit. It is entirely understandable to not choose it simply because of the design features, but on a “How it operates” scale it ticks all the boxes.

Overall it is a very affordable price for a firepit of this size and the extras such as the fire poker, cooking grill and the spark screen all add more to the potential for use. That coupled with extensive customer praises add fuel to the fire of its popularity. Regardless of your intended use, you can be assured that it can get the job done for multiple scenarios such as camping, small backyard cookouts or even larger get together.


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