Review of UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl


Having an outdoor fire pit not only warms you up during cold weathers, but you are extending living space outdoors, providing you with more spots to relax with family and friends while keeping warm. Outdoor fire pits also provide a nice centerpiece in your patio or backyard, giving your home a nice vibe.

The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl, is the perfect accessory to your home because of its stylish design and ability to keep your favorite area warm.

PROS: The faux hearth that comes with it is truly mesmerizing that it can not only light and warm an area; it also acts as a great centerpiece. Family members and guests alike would love to gather around this fireplace because of its nice sleek look and feel that resembles a built-in fireplace. The bottom part of the stacked stone base conceals a propane tank for easier access.

CONS: This fire pit created by Blue Rhino is utterly expensive. You can get a fire pit that looks good and functions the same thing for $200 below. If you are looking for a fire pit that warms and not necessarily looks like the fire pit of the queen, there are ones that go as low as below $100. For the price of this outdoor fire bowl, you can have your own fire pit constructed with the freedom to design it however you want.

What are the important aspects of the UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

Fuel – This fire pit runs using propane gas tanks, which can be a little bit costly especially if you use it quite a lot. This is because every time your tanks runs out, you need to take it to your gas provider to have it refilled or you might need to purchase a new gas tank.

A natural gas will save you a lot more because it will be connected to your existing gas line. However, because it is propane-powered, you can light up your fire bowl almost instantly unlike burning firewood.

Size – The UniFlame LP Gas outdoor Fire Bowl is medium sized and be placed in gardens and patios. It can stand on its own because of its upright cabinet-style. It has measures 36″ x 24.5″ x 5″ and weighs a whopping 85.1 pounds. You’ll definitely need help in installation and movement because it is quite heavy.

Portability – As previously mentioned, this outdoor fire pit is heavy, weighing over 80 pounds. It also doesn’t come with built-in wheels for moving so it isn’t considered as portable. You’ll need help with moving this, as it needs to be lifted. It is also not recommended to be moved while operational because of burn and gas leakage risks. This fire pit needs to be handled with utmost care.

Material – A pro for having heavy materials, this fire bowl is very sturdy and won’t budge easily. The body is accented with a simulated stacked stone base cabinet that conceals a propane tank and control panel. The stacked stones would look good with a patio designed the same way and it could easily blend with your backyard inspired with stone accents.

It also has a top ledge that is wide enough to put your feet up for a more relaxing lounge. The gas burner is made of good quality stainless steel that won’t rust with proper care.

Safety – This fire pit is generally safe to use because it comes with a concealed control panel that is not accessible to youngsters. The space allowance on the table and the hearth is also substantial that people warming up close to it won’t easily get accidental touches to the fire.

Warranty – The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


What other facts should you know about the UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl?

Assembly is quite complex but not very difficult. A single person can finish it in less than an hour. Others however, took a bit longer than that and said that they required at least two persons to complete. It comes in one piece and installation will be mainly for the propane gas, burner, and electric ignition.

Once installed, the fire pit is easy to light and comes with lava rocks that make the fire look more natural. Users recommend replacing the rocks with fire glass to match the body’s elegant appearance. The finish definitely looks luxurious when well placed in a stylish deck or patio. Some guests might even perceive the product to be made of real stone!

The downside, aside from it being very heavy and almost impossible to move unless you really have to, is the lack of cover for the burner or fire pit area in the event that you decided to use the entire space as a table. At the very least, this fire pit comes with a sturdy all-weather cover so you don’t have to purchase additional fire pit covers. This is perfect for when the fire pit is not in use to extend its life.

The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl is capable of warming up on a 360-degree angle. However, the flame may not be as big or as high as desired. Once you have turned the knob into maximum, there’s no way to make the fire bigger to accommodate more people. This may be enough to keep about three to four people comfortably warm.

The Verdict

The UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl is a good purchase if you’re looking for a no-fuss, easily assembled piece that not only warms but also doubles as an elegant centerpiece.

Although deemed expensive, it saves you the time and effort of constructing your own while buying lower-priced ones won’t look as classic as what UniFlame offers. The finish of the table doesn’t look like cheap knock-off stone and the burner is made from high quality stainless steel.

The package also comes with a durable fire pit cover to protect it from the changing weathers and moisture when not in use. Overall, this is a good purchase if you have the budget to spare. Otherwise, go for a cheaper kind especially if you’re only looking for something that provides warmth.


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