Review of UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


More and more homes yearn for additions that not only make the property and house more valuable but also increase the livability of the home, so that owners can enjoy it to the best of its ability but also guests can feel comfortable, perhaps more comfortable than they would be in their own homes.

This can be done with BBQs, Pools, big open yards, but the addition of an outdoor fireplace adds more than either of these can. The warmth and heat of a fire offers a greater sense of comfort whilst also appealing to our human lust for danger.

The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents provides all of that with a an elegance to it unlike most other firepits which appear cold, heartless and unwelcoming when they are supposed to be the opposite, enticing people to rest around them and bask in the glow of the flame.

You’re be getting a well sized outdoor firepit that brings class and style back to the boring old firepits that everyone else has.

PROS: First and foremost the design of the firepit is aesthetically pleasing and maintains a much higher decadence than most other firepits that are simply just a metal drum with some legs. The marble is well suited for the heat and does not have keep the look of black steel throughout the entire piece.

The materials used are strong, durable and the firepit takes up a nice bit of space. Additionally the border around the firepit can act as a bench where you can rest your items or even place bits of food to keep warm; although be careful that it does not catch fire from a stray ember.

CONS: The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents is very large and very heavy, making it something of a problem if you only have a small space available for installation. On top of this, there is no real additional item to the firepit that would make it a viable choice for cooking, despite having the border around it that seems perfect for using as a makeshift able for firepit cooking.

Some reviews state that the quality is contrary to what is stated and that there are some cases where the marble chips away or the steel bowl ended up rusting and corroding.


What are the important aspects of the Slate & Marble Firepit?

Fuel – No fuel source is required for the UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit aside from the logs and kindling to get a fire started. You can purchase special brands of lumber that will produce varying results depending on your choice and can use them to create different smoky aromas from the burnt woods or veracity of fire.

His provides a benefit in the lumber, which can be used to add more of a customised feel to the firepit. If you’re not one to wait on the fire as it starts, you can purchase lighter fluid to ease the process along and he UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit can handle it.

Size – 34 in Dia. x 21.5 in. H, it provides a large size for the firepit bowl, which takes up 22 inches in diameter. The legs help to support the large size and it will fit n most surface easily thanks to the smooth and flat feet that will prevent it from cutting up the location of which it rests.

Portability –The fireplace is designed to be used and stored in one location so portability is not really an option. Weighing at 58 pounds alone, it is not something that you would want to be taking with you as a firepit for camping trips. With that said, it is best to use multiple people move it and one location be set for its use. It may also be best to purchase a slip cover so you will not have to move it under cover during weather events/

Material – The steel construction of the overall firepit provides strength and durability as well as improvements on the actual fire itself. The high quality of the material ensures that it won’t lose its ability to retain heat over time, as well helping to contain the heat within and provide more cooking power.

The black finish is not just an aesthetic touch but also improves on retention of heat as well as eliminating signs of use, making the firepit look clean even after multiple times.

Safety – The firepit has a heavy steel grate and an easy-lifting spark arrestor, all on a wrought iron stand. This essentially means that the materials make it very durable and have provided some excellent additions to improve its safety. The spark arrestor acts as a protective screen for you against any spluttering of the fire, ensuring that stray sparks do not catch your clothes, skin or the ground.

Warranty – The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents comes with a 1 year limited warranty, and has an easy to read owner’s manual that you get with your purchase or can find online if you happen to lose a copy of yours.


What other things should you know about the Black Outdoor Fireplace?

The UniFlame Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents is a very large firepit, but despite its size it still offers a good mix of pleasure, comfort and also size of fire. You will be able to get a nice strong flame that is not too powerful where you would feel it could catch something on fire.

It would however be to its benefit if some form of cooking equipment was provided, as the table like edging would be perfect for such a scenario. Regardless, you can still use it for the creation of small campfire snacks such as smores or melted marshmallows, meaning that not all culinary delights are off limits.

The Verdict 

Overall this firepit is a great addition to a home that wants an outdoor firepit but they want one that is both usable and also stylish. It is a great addition to the home that will use it often, as items of this nature need to be looked at and appreciated rather than used once and forgotten.

Overall the price is quite affordable for its sized and it undoubtedly offers protection, which is definitely needed around fires. Whilst it is not ideal for use in multiple locations that should not be off putting unless you really want to purchase one that you can bring with you when you leave the home.


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