Solo Stove Ranger Review: Made in USA

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


Seeking an honest solo stove ranger review? If so, welcome to Delta Fire Pits. We're glad you have arrived here and hope this post will provide the information you were looking for regarding the solo stove ranger fire pit. One of the biggest benefits of the solo stove ranger is the fact that you can get your fire started quickly.

Sure, there is hardly anything that can beat the sound of wood on a fire. We all love the crackling sounds a legitimate fire brings. In addition, the smells and aura it also brings. That being said, we also know of the mess and clean up after any use of a wood burning fire pit.

Solo Stove Fire Pit Reviews​

We know there are many solo stove ranger review options online. Our goal is simply to give you ours to help set you up for success in investing in your own. The solo stove fire pit will get your fire going immediately. No waiting around and certainly no messy clean up after each use. Obviously, none of us want to leave out fire pit smelling like an ashtray right? Who has time for that? I know we don't.

The solo stove range features numerous benefits. This fire pit features a secondary burn capability thanks to its dual air circulation. Also, this fire pit is not only portable but is nearly a smoke-free option for any outdoor enthusiast. It is simple to get started, creates beautiful flames and will most certainly keep you and your guests warm and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

Statistics of the Solo Stove Ranger

Includes:carrying case
Made out of:304 Stainless Steel
Dimension:15 x 12.5 in / 38 x 32cm
Weighs:6.80kg or 15 pounds
Best used forFamily get togethers, Camping, backyard use, beach fires, recreation

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Solo Stove Ranger Fire Pit​ Features

Air Vents

The solo stove features air vents around the perimeter of its base. So, this will will work to ensure you have an effective burn within the fire pit. You will certainly have no issues with generating heat thanks to this feature. The fire is fueled from below the fire pit. The air will go in either through the main body of the stove or through the inside of the stove wall. So, because the heated air can go though the second set of vents on the inside of the stove you get that secondary burn of preheated air.

Base Plate and Ash Plan

There is an ash plan located at the bottom of the main burn chamber. What this does is prevents airflow from clogging up within the fire pit. In addition, it catches ash and permits the fire to burn on the base plate. So, there is sufficient air being directly propelled into the embers of the fire. The result is optimal combustion being created and legitimate heat so you and your guests can remain warm.

Solo Ranger Fire Pit​ Fire Ring

The solo stove ranger also comes with a removal fire ring. The fire ring is located on the top of the ranger. Its main role is to ensure the heat is evenly distributed as well as centers the flames. If you are not using the solo ranger fire pit the ring flips over for easy carrying and seamless storage.

Solo Stove Carrying Case

The solo stove ranger also comes with a durable and heavy duty nylon carrying case. Your solo stove will not be damaged by the elements. The carrying case features 2 handles for easy portability and transport. Lastly, it also comes with a drawstring to easily tighten if needed.

Solo Stove Ranger Fire Pit Review

So, our recommendation with this solo stove ranger review is to think of what you want most in a fire pit. Do you want the messy clean up of a wood burning fire pit? Of course, there are pros and cons to all kinds of fire pit options out there. If you want a wood burning fire pit than definitely check out the Solo Stove Lite. That being said, the solo stove ranger will light quickly and there is no messy clean up after each use. In addition, it is highly portable making it very easy to move and transport.

The solo stove ranger is much more powerful than the Solo Stove Lite. The Lite version of the Solo Stove is the smallest version. Perfect for beach outings and on the go outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, it also uses the same circulation capability as the Ranger does. The Solo Stove Ranger is perfect for backyard outings and parties. Also, it is also relatively portable and be used just about anywhere.

Does the Solo Stove Ranger Create Smoke?

Of course, we are talking about a fire here so there is a very small amount of smoke that occurs even with the Solo Stove Ranger. That being said, the output is minimal. The air vent design of the Solo Stove works to create a near smoke-free environment. How? The air vents that are situated at the op of the burn chamber. These air vents work to ensure that the smoke that hasn't burned from the center of the fire re-ignites and goes through the air vents. So, there is a more legitimate combustion effect that takes place due to the pre-heated air coming out of the top vents.

Of course, you can't expect a 100 percent smoke free environment after putting logs into the stove. That being said, the amount will be minimal and far less than a regular fire pit.

Ease of Use

One of the additional benefits of the Solo Stove Ranger fire pit is it is super easy to light. You can easily take some bundled newspaper to get the fire going along with some kindling on top. Too easy. The fire will quickly start going and you can then add in some logs to make the fire brighter and bigger. All that you need is a flame and once you have that it is near impossible in generating a great fire within the Solo Stove Ranger.

Furthermore, once you have the fire going it is a super easy to keep the fire going within the fire pit. You won't have to continually focus on messing around with logs or having to prod them all the time. Simply place in the logs and let the Ranger take care of the rest.

Messy Clean Up?

Remember, the Solo Stove Ranger is no ordinary fire pit. Its ability to burn wood is second to none. It leaves very minimal amounts of ash left over after each use so clean up is very small. It is simply a matter of flipping the Solo over and letting the ash fall into a trash bag. That is it. Simple.

Solo Stove Bonfire Cooking

The Solo Stove Ranger has multiple uses. Of course, you can easily start any fire and keep you and your guests warm. That being said, it can also be used to toast marshmallows and skewer cooking. This fire pit isn't really designed for cooking but that doesn't mean it is impossible to do so either. You can find small cooking grills on Amazon to use for this very purpose

There really is no need for any crouching or having to bend over while cooking on the Solo Stove Ranger. Additionally, you can also always use a grilling basket as well over the Solo Stove too. Lastly, there is the option of cooking food in a pot handing over the flames as well. So, you certainly have some options here.


  • Easily lights and gets the fire going quickly
  • Very minimal clean up after each use
  • Flames within the Ranger burn differently compared to regular camp fires
  • Low maintenance and simple to clean out


  • Not as portable as the Solo Stove Lite
  • Price (of course, this may or may not be a problem for you but can be for others)

Closing Thoughts

The Solo Stove Ranger is a bit more pricey as compared to its cheaper options. That being said, you get what you pay for. If you want a reliable, relatively portable fire pit this is a great option for most outdoor enthusiasts. You will certainly have a great time with your guests using this outstanding fire pit. Simple to use, relatively easy to transport and easy to clean after each use. A win-win option for anyone looking for a legit fire pit to invest in. We hope this Solo Stove Ranger review has been helpful to you.

Learn More About the Solo Stove on Amazon

Honestly, there is almost nothing to dislike about this superbly well-designed fire pit. It’s the perfect addition to any car camping trip, backyard movie night or beach bonfire.

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