The Best Fire Pit Cover (2024 Buyer Guide)

April 9, 2024

By Ronnie


Are you searching for the best fire pit cover for 2024? If so, we are glad you have come to Delta Fire Pits.

In winter, everyone loves to stay around the warm and cozy fire pits in the patio or the backyard. People usually make fire pits in their houses to enjoy the lovely weather with friends and family. Fire pits are amazing, they not only provide you warmth, but they look appealing too. You can sit around it and talk with your family. Under the blue sky and uncountable stars, you are sitting around the fire pit and enjoying the time. How fascinating it is. People love to enjoy parties and barbeque near the fire pits. It is amazing and everyone should enjoy some cool time with loved ones near a fire pit. Your moments become memorable and enjoyable.

Those people who have fire pits in their houses, think about the fire pit cover. Some people know about it and they use it to cover their pits. While some people are still confused about whether they need to get a fire pit cover or not. So, we are going to discuss every about fire pit covers in this article. We will tell you why you need it, how you can get the best fire pit cover and all the related things in detail. Let’s start the discussion.

What is a Fire Pit Cover and Why You Need It?

A fire pit cover is used to cover the fire pits. They are available in different materials and sizes. You can cover your fit pit with ease and protect it from weather and other problems. Fire pit covers are easily available in markets and online stores.

Fire pit covers are essential because they can protect your fire pit from the harsh weather. Portable fire pits are easy to move, and you can move them inside your house and protect them, but the permanent outdoor fire pits that you make outside your house cannot be moved. So, you need to protect them from rain, dirt, sun, snow and other weather problems.

Maintenance Costs

Otherwise, your fire pit will require a lot of maintenance. You will need to spend money on maintenance before using the fire pit when you need it. To save money of the maintenance, you can use fire pit covers. You can easily cover the fire pit and it will remain safe and protected throughout the whole. The fire pit will be ready to use when you need it without any excessive maintenance cost.

Imagine, you are not at your home and it starts raining. Then you get to know that your fire pit is uncovered. Now you cannot do anything. Your fire pit will be completely messed up due to rain and you will need to spend money on the maintenance. Sometimes, you might need to build a new fire pit. Thus, the best option is to keep the fire pit covered to deal with any circumstances. Fire pit covers are not very expensive, but they save you a lot of money. They can easily keep your fire pit intact and ready to use. You need to have a fire pit cover for your fire pit.

What is the Difference Between Fire Pit Cover and Safety Screen (Spark Screen)?

Some people get confused with these two things. Fire pit cover and safety screen are completely different, and their usage is also different. Both are for different purposes.

Safety screen which is also known as spark screen cover comes with many fire pits. Usually, portable fire pits have a safety screen. This safety screen has a metallic mesh material and you put them on the fire pit while using it. Safety screens are not to protect fire pits after using it, but they provide you safety from flying embers. When you burn the fire pits, flying embers are uncontrollable, they can even burn your skin. If an ember falls on any combustible material, then it can also start a fire. Therefore, a safety screen is used to provide protection from these. They have a mesh from where the air and water can easily enter in the fire pit. So, spark screen is not for protecting the fire pit from harsh weather.

On the other hand, you use the fire pit cover after using the fire pit. There is no mesh, it does not allow anything to enter the fire pit. It protects the fire pit completely.

Therefore, fire pit cover and safety screen are completely different in all respects.

How to Get the Best Fire Pit Cover? (Buyer’s Guide)

You know fire pits are necessary, but how you can get the best fire pit cover. To get the best fire pit cover, you need to know about the features and things to look for while buying the best fire cover. So, we are going to explore some of the things that you need to take care of while buying. This is a small buyer’s guide that will help you to get the best fire pit cover of your choice. Let’s see what you need to look and what is important.


Before you buy a fire pit cover, you need to know about the materials that are available. Fire pits are usually made of aluminum, copper, or fabric. Let’s talk about the metal fire pit covers first.

Metal Covers

Metal fire pit covers are excellent to protect the fire pit. They cover the top of the fire pit and save it from rain, snow or dampness of weather, and other weather problems. Metal fire pit covers are usually straight or oval. The straight metal covers are just like lids that cover the top of the fire pit. While oval covers are large, and they also cover the top of the fire pit.

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Metal covers are durable, they do not allow anything to enter in the fire pit. You need to take care of rusting because they are made of metal. They are usually painted, if they are not painted, you should do paint them before using them. Both aluminum and steel are excellent, you can get any of them to protect your fire pit. They can even bear high temperatures so you can put them after using the fire pit.

There is one problem with the metallic covers which is size, you need to measure the perfect size of your fire pit. These covers are not adjustable, so you need to take care of the size. Due to metal, these are heavy as well. Make sure these have handles so you can lift them with the help of a person or on your own.

Fabric Covers

You will also find some fire pit covers that are made of fabric. The fabric is usually vinyl, polyester or any other durable material. The best thing about these covers is that they are lightweight, and you can easily fold them and store them while you are using the fire pit. They are also less expensive as compared to the metal ones. Moreover, these are adjustable, so you can adjust them as well, you don’t need to be very precise with the size of your fire pit. A rough idea of the size can also work well. These are waterproof, they can easily protect from rains and other weather conditions. People usually use these for portable and outdoor fire pits.

Before buying fabric covers, make sure that the fabric can withstand water, sun, dirt, insects, wind and other things. Any wear and tear on the fabric will not allow the cover to protect the fire pit. It will be useless. Further, you cannot place the cover directly after using the pit, you need to wait until everything is cooled down.

You might have seen some fire pits with stands. The legs of such fire pits are usually of metal. It is better to cover them with the fabric type of cover because it will cover the whole fire pit including its legs. It will protect from rust and peeling off paint.

You can select any type of material according to your feasibility. All are excellent with distinct benefits.

Shape of the Cover

The shape of the cover also matters you need to get the cover according to the shape of your fire pit. Your fire pit can be round, square or rectangle. You need to take care of that. All kinds of shapes of covers are available in the market. But it is a little hard to find the right shape in the right size if you are selecting the metal cover. In contrast, fabric covers are easily available in all shapes. You can even cover standing fire pits with a fabric cover.


The size of the fire pit matters a lot. You need to take the size of your pit before you buy a fire pit cover. The size is essential in metal fire pits because if the cover is not according to the size, then it can be useless. If you have a round fire pit, then you can take the diameter of the fire pit and order according to the size.

You need to measure the length and the width of your fire pit carefully to get a perfect size square or rectangle cover.

Fabric covers are easy to buy in terms of size, they are available in many shapes and sizes. They also have elastic loops and straps to adjust the cover. You will also find elastic hem in most covers and it helps you to adjust the cover on the fire pit.

If you are unable to find the right cover for your fire pit, then we recommend going for the custom-made cover. A customer made fire pit cover will be the best and it will ensure protection.


After all, the cost is the main thing. If you want metal, then it can be expensive. The price of metal lids varies a lot according to the size, type of metal and design. They can be under $50 or around a few hundred dollars. These are expensive due to metal and durability. Moreover, they provide an appealing look to the fire pit. Therefore, most people buy designed metallic pit covers.

Fabric fire pit covers are less expensive, they can be under $50. You can easily get an excellent cover at an affordable price. They will protect your fire pits at a low cost.

Benefits of Using the Fire Pit Cover

There are many benefits of using a fire pit cover, let’s discuss them.

Ready to Use Fire Pit

If you use a fire pit cover, then your fire pit is always ready to use. You just need to take out the cover and clean the pit before using it. Pit cover allows you to use the fire pit without any hassle.

Protection from Weather

Your fire pit remains protected in any kind of weather if you have used an excellent cover. There won’t be any damage. You can enjoy the same fire pit even after heavy rain.

No More Mess

You can cover the fire pit after using it with metallic cover. The ash will not spread due to air in the whole area. So, it will not create any mess. You can easily clean the pit later whenever you are free.

Appealing Look

Fire pit covers not only provide good protection, but they also provide an appealing look to the fire pit. Especially metallic fire pits are designed for fire pits and they look fascinating.

Low Maintenance Cost

Since the cover will keep the fire pit in good condition; therefore, you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance. You just need to clean it before the use.


Fire pit covers protect you fire pits from weather, sun, dust, snow, etc. So, they increase the life span of your fire pit. There won’t be any rusting in the metallic parts of the pit due to rain.

If we talk about the metallic fire pit cover, then there is no way for water to get in. So, they are waterproof perfectly. But if you talk about the waterproofing of fabric cover, then it is a debate.

There are different types of fire pit covers that are made of fabric. They are inexpensive; therefore, people prefer them. But before buying these fabrics made fire pit covers, you need to make sure whether the fabric is waterproof or not. By waterproof, we mean that the fabric should not absorb water in any way.

Are Fire Pit Covers Waterproof?

If the fabric absorbs water, then it is useless, and it cannot protect your fire pit. The fabric of the cover should be completely water-resistant. Even if there is rainwater or water spill on the fabric, water should either stay on it or slip to the side. During high humidity and damp seasons, water-resistant fabrics save your fire pit.

Some covers are made of cheap fabrics, they are worthless. So, you need to make sure whether the fabric is perfect or not. Typically, vinyl is an excellent fabric that is waterproof. It will not allow water to enter the fire pit. But vinyl fabric should be thick. If it is thin, then there will be cracks due to sun rays and extremely cold weather. Some covers have polyester on the inner side of the cover and vinyl at the outside, they are also excellent.

Thus, waterproofing is necessary, you should take a completely waterproof cover.

What is the Best Fire Pit Cover and which Fire Pit Cover Should I Buy?

This is the most common question that you hear about the fire pit cover. People want to know which fire pit cover is the best one. To be fair, there are many brands and types of fire pit covers in the market. We will not say about any brand. You can easily get the best fire pit cover if you follow the given buyer’s guide. You will be able to get the best fire pit cover according to your fire pit. Further, you need to be careful about the material and size while buying the fire pit. You can buy online, there is a vast variety available for all types and shapes of fire pits.

Closing Thoughts

We love to enjoy the joy of winter around fire pits. Fire pits provide us warmth and a memorable time. Most people use fire pits, but they don’t care about it. In the end, they pay a lot of money in maintenance or building/buying a new fire pit. The best option to save money is to buy a fire pit cover. These covers are excellent, and they can protect your fire pit from harsh weather conditions. You will be able to use fire pit any time without any hassle. This also increases the life span of your fire pit. Now you might have got a clear idea that why a fire pit cover is necessary.

To get the best fire pit, follow the given buyer’s guide, you will easily get the best product for your use. Select the right size and material, your fire pit cover will work well. Always make sure to cover your fire to ensure its long life and excellent performance. The cover should remain on the fire pit to deal with any situation. So, get a fire pit cover and save your fire pit.

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