The Best Outdoor Fire Pits (2024)

April 9, 2024

By Ronnie


What are the best outdoor fire pits to invest in in 2024?

People love to sit outdoors and enjoy the excellent warmth of fire pits under the blue sky. These moments are worthy, and everyone loves to enjoy outdoor fire pits with friends and family. Outdoors fire pits are excellent for a party and any small gathering. Your loved ones can gather around the fire and spend some memorable moments together.

People love outdoor fire pits; therefore, they usually find the best outdoor fire pits. Today we will discuss the outdoor fire pits in detail. We will tell you all you need to know and guide you on how to get the best outdoor fire pits. Even if you don’t know about fire pits, you will get a complete idea after reading this detailed article.

Outdoor fire pits are available in the market, you can also find them in online stores. But there are different types of fire pits and dozens of brands; therefore, everyone gets confused while buying an outdoor fire pit. We will discuss the types of fire pits and their advantages and disadvantages. We are going to tell you everything in detail so you can get the best outdoor fire pits. Let’s start the discussion.

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Why Should You Buy an Outdoor Fire Pit?

There are indoor and outdoor fire pits. Some people prefer indoor fire pits, and some prefer outdoor fire pits. Outdoor fire pits are much safer than the indoor fire pits. In indoor, the major problem is fire. An indoor fire pit can be a cause of the fire. There can be any combustible material around the fire pit that can be used as the fuel of fire. There is no doubt that indoor fire pits are available with safety features, but still, some people worry about the fire.

Outdoor Fire Pit vs Indoor Fire Pit

Indoor fire pits do not produce that much heat as compared to outdoor fire pits. They are just a decorative piece. If the indoor fire pit produces a high temperature, then it can be dangerous. Due to high temperatures, things on the roof can be melted and be the reason for a fire in the worst cases. So, indoor fire pits do not produce that much heat.

There are some wood-burning indoor fire pits as well. They are more dangerous because any ember can be the cause of a dangerous fire. Inside your house, you cannot use any fire pit that produces smoke, so smokeless fire pits are used. In the case of smoke, the gasses are harmful, and they can lead to fatality.

In contrast, outdoor fire pits are much safe, and they provide a sufficient amount of heat. There are smokeless outdoor fire pits as well, but even the wood-burning fire pits can be used in the backyard. If the fire pit produces smoke, then there is no risk of the accumulation of smoke because you are using it outdoors in an open space.

The most important thing that you enjoy some time outdoors under the beautiful sky and uncountable stars. This joy cannot be created inside the house. This is the reason people love to have the best outdoor fire pits that will make them worry-free.

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Do You Need a Permanent Outdoor Fire Pit?

People think that making a permanent outdoor fire pit is a long process. It is true that it takes time to build a permanent outdoor fire pit because you need to take many steps to make a fire pit. You need to build a concrete wall and do all the necessary decorations. These fire pits look amazing, but they require a lot of time and money. Underground fire pits require more effort. Due to these reasons, some people do not think about outdoor fire pits.

You don’t need a permanent outdoor fire pit to enjoy outdoors, you can buy a portable fire pit or ready-made concrete fire pits. Ready-made concrete fire pits are also available, and they look amazing just like a permanent fire pit. You don’t need to wait for long, they are ready to be placed in your backyard once delivered. They are perfect for outdoors. If you don’t want a concreted fire pit, then there are portable outdoor fire pits as well that can be moved easily wherever you want. They are usually made of steel and you can even carry them during travel. You can take them out to use outdoors and then store inside the house.

So, you don’t need a permanent fire pit, if you have one, then it is excellent; otherwise, you can buy a portable or ready-made fire pit.

Types of Outdoor Fire Pits with Advantages and Disadvantages

There are three types of outdoor fire pits that are commonly used. The types are,

  • Wood-burning Fire Pits
  • Propane Fire Pits
  • Natural Gas Fire Pits

Wood-burning Fire Pits

Wood-burning fire pits are the most common fire pits available in the market. You can easily find such fire pits in online stores and markets. The best thing about these fire pits is their low price. These fire pits are inexpensive because they are very simple. You can easily find small fire pits under $100, but some of the fire pits can be a little expensive due to exceptional features.

You can take these fire pits easily on camping and travel because they are very portable and easy to carry. These fire pits are especially loved for their heat content and people love the originality of getting fire from burning of woods. You can also make your own permanent fire pit at your home.

To ignite the fire in these pits, you will need wood logs that are sometimes hard to carry. Further, these fire pits produce smoke that is dangerous but if you are in the open air, then it will not harm you. The worst thing about these fire pits is flying embers which can cause a fire.

If you are not vigilant and avoiding safety precautions, then embers will fall on any combustible material and start a fire. You need to be careful while using these wood-burning fire pits. Moreover, you cannot use such fire pits on a wooden deck. To use on the wooden deck, you will have to place a fire-proof mat under it.

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are very much preferred because they are smokeless, and they do not produce embers. Due to these safety features, people love to use propane fire pits. You can easily use them on a wooden deck without any hassle. There are different types of propane fire pits, they can be in concrete and steel. They are also in the portable form, you can carry them with you. They need propane and you will need a cylinder to store it. Propane fire pits are very safe. You can easily control the flame through a control knob. The ignition system in most propane fire pits is also easy, you only need to push the button.

Some people think carrying a cylinder is not that easy. It is true that these fire pits will not provide you the real pleasure as wood-burning fire pits. The only problem with these fire pits is the leakage of the gas. But this does not happen always. You can check for leakage before you use the fire pit. It is simple to check the leakage using water and soap solution or leakage solution. Other than these things, propane fire pits are excellent, and you can use them in the backyard and have fun.

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Natural Gas Fire Pits

Natural gas fire pits are also safe just like propane fire pits. There are no flying embers and harmful gases. You can use such fire pits on your wooden deck as well. Natural gas is usually available at home so there is no need for any tank. These fire pits are excellent for everyday use because you don’t need to care about the fuel. You can control the flame and use it as you like.

The problem with these fire pits is that you need a permanent underground natural gas line in your backyard. It requires cost buy you can do that. Due to such problems, these fire pits are not portable, and you cannot take them for camping. Other than that, these fire pits are excellent.

Can You Leave Fire Pits Outdoors?

One problem with the outdoor fire pits is that they have to bear the weather conditions. If you have a portable fire pit, then there is no problem for you. You can easily store portable fire pits inside your home. But if you have a fire pit that is hard to move and you don’t like to move it in your house due to lack of space, then outdoor weather condition is a problem for you. You need to protect your fire pit from dust, sun, snow, rain, etc. Outdoor fire pits are not that easy to maintain. They often need maintenance if they are outside the home. The only method to save them from harsh weather conditions is fire pit covers.

There are different fire pits covers available in online stores. You can easily find a metallic of fabric fire pits covers. With the help of these, you can easily save your fire pits from harsh weather. Most of the fabric fire pit covers are water-resistant so they can easily deal with rain and water spill. You need to cover fire pits to keep it safe during harsh weather conditions. So, you can leave your fire pits outdoors if you don’t have space or the fire pit is heavy, but always take care of the safety fire pit cover.

How to Select the Best Outdoor Fire Pits?

As we know there are many types of fire pits available in the market, and it is hard to pick the best item for you. But to get the best outdoor fire pits, you need to know about the features and factors that you need to see while buying. So, we are going to give you a buyer’s guide that will help you to get the best product. Let’s start the discussion.

Fuel of the Fire Pit

The first thing that you need to decide is the fuel of fire pits. We told you that there are three types of fire pits available that use propane, natural gas, and wood as fuel. You can select any of them for your backyard, but you need to take care of a few things. If there is wood flooring or wooden deck, then you should not buy the wood-burning fire pits. You can select natural gas or propane fire pit. Both these fire pits are suitable for the backyard and you can use them without hassle. There won’t be any smoke or embers.

But if you don’t have a wooden deck or your floor is made of concrete, you can use a wood-burning fire pit. These fire pits are inexpensive, so you can easily afford them. There is no need for any gas hose or anything, so you can carry these fire pits as well. You can choose any of the fuel types that suit you the best.

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Body of the Fire Pit

The second thing you need to see is the body of the fire pit. You can see from what the fire pit is made. Usually, fire pits are made from steel or concrete. You can take any of them, but concrete fire pits are heavy so you cannot move them or take anywhere. The steel body of the fire pits is less heavy, and some are even less than 10lbs. You can take them anywhere you want. The durability of the fire pit depends on the material of the body. Concrete and steel are both durable, but in the case of steel make sure the steel is thick enough.

Fire Pit Cover

Since you are buying an outdoor fire pit; therefore, it is necessary to have a fire pit cover. Some fire pits come with a fire pit cover, but in most cases, you have to buy a separate fire pit. Typically, fire pit covers are easily available online, you only need to measure the size of the fire pits and order the perfect size. Fire pit covers will save your fire pit from all harsh weather conditions.

The fire pit covers are either are of metal or fabric. Metallic covers are expensive, and you need an exact size to use them and they mostly cover the upper portion of the fire pit, not the whole body. While fabric covers are adjustable, you can easily put them on the fire pits. You just need a rough idea of the size to order a cover. Moreover, fabric covers can protect the whole body of the fire pit which is excellent. You can easily get a fabric fire pit cover under $50 depending on the size.

Ignition System

There is no ignition system in the wood-burning fire pits because there is no need. Propane fire pits and natural gas fire pits have an ignition system in most cases. There is usually an automatic ignition system that ignites the flame without the need for any match stick. There are burners that are usually made from stainless steel. Stainless steel burners are perfect, and they are easy to clean.


Grates come with a few wood-burning fire pits so you can enjoy grilled food. But not all fire pits have grates. The cooking area is usually small but enough for a few people.


If we talk about the accessories, then all gas fire pits have different accessories and wood-burning fire pits have different ones. The common accessories for wood-burning fire pits are poker and spark screen. Spark screen will prevent flying embers and fires. It is necessary to use a safety spark screen on such fire pits. With the help of poker, you can lift the spark screen and spread the wood in the pit.

Gas fire pits need a regulator to control the gas flow and a hose as well. You can also put some rocks and colored stones. These stones look mesmerizing in the flame and can retain the heat. For a propane fire pits, you also need a propane tank.

Size and BTUs

The size of the fire pit also matters. A small fire pit is enough for a few people. Usually, portable fire pits are suitable for a few people. You can see the dimensions of the fire pit before purchasing. The BTUs mentioned with gas fire pits. It is the unit of energy and stands for British Thermal Unit. You can see the value of BTU, the higher the BTU, the more heat you will get. Wood-burning fire pits do not have a BTU value because the amount of heat depends on the burning woods. For more heat, you need to burn more wood.

Closing Thoughts

Indeed, people love to enjoy time with friends and family around an outdoor fire pit. It is a safe idea to have fire pits outdoors and mitigate the risks of fires. We have explained all the reasons why outdoor fire pits are better if you want to enjoy a lovely night. There are many types of fire pits available in the market and if you are new, then you might want to know about their advantages and disadvantages.

For your ease, we have explained the types of fire pits with their advantages and disadvantages. You can easily select the types of fire pit for you. It is not easy to get the best outdoor fire pits because there are many products in the market. So, we have provided you a buyer’s guide that will help you get the best outdoor fire pits.

You can follow the guide with ease as we have explained the features and factors that you need to look at while buying. We have explained everything in detail, and we hope you get the best outdoor fire pits. 

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