The Best Portable Fire Pit (2022)

February 14, 2020

By Ronnie


What is the best portable fire pit to invest in?

A Fire pit is a fantastic idea to spend some time with friends and family. If you are in stress or anxiety, then spending quality time with the loved ones can give you peace of mind. It is an excellent outdoor activity that makes you fresh and worry-free. This is the reason people love to spend time near fire pits. The problem is that not everyone has a fire pit in the backyard. Such people cannot spend time in front of a fire pit. Moreover, it is expensive to build a permanent fire pit in the backyard, you will have to spend a lot to make a fire pit. But you don’t need to worry a lot because you can now get portable fire pits and enjoy luxury time in the backyard. Therefore, today we will talk about the best portable fire pit that is inexpensive and easy to use.

Portable fire pits are excellent. They can be taken anywhere you want. You can take a portable fire pit for camping; you can light the fire outside your camp and enjoy the night. Portable fire pits are light, that is why you can take them with you during travel. If you want to enjoy the fire pit and you don’t have a permanent one, then the best portable fire is an excellent idea.

Why You Need A Portable Fire Pit?

This is the most common question that comes in the mind of every person. Everyone wants to know why there is a need for a portable fire pit. A permanent fire pit requires a permanent place at your home. You need to reserve a certain place in your backyard where you can make the fire pit. Once you make a permanent fire pit, you cannot do anything else in that place. If you have a big house, then this is not a problem for you, but if not, then it is a big issue.

People that have a small backyard where children play cannot give the place to a fire pit. So, they do not make a fire pit in their home. A portable fire pit is a solution to this problem. You can move a portable fire pit in your backyard when you want to light the fire pit.

Invest in A Reliable Fire Pit

Otherwise, your backyard will be empty. You can save your space by getting the best portable fire pit. If you do not have a fire pit and you want to have a party around it, then a portable fire pit is excellent. You can order the product online or buy from the nearest market and everything will be ready. You just need to assemble the fire pit if required and use it when you want. In contrast, you need a few days to build a permanent fire pit.

There is one more problem with a permanent fire pit that you need to protect it from harsh weather. Your fire pit remains in the backyard and you need to protect it from rain, ice, dust, sun, etc. It is not easy to protect outdoor fire pits and you need to do maintenance before you use them. In contrast, portable fire pits are movable, you can move them in your home after using them. They remain safe whether the weather is harsh or not. Therefore, if you have selected the best portable fire pit, then it will work for years.

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What Fuel Types are Common in Portable Fire Pits?

There are two common types of fuel use in portable fire pits which are wood and propane.

Wood-burning Fire Pits

Wood burning fire pits are the most common portable fire pits in the market. You will see dozens of brands of these fire pits. They are very easily available at a very low cost. The cost is low because these fire pits are simple. They do not require any special things like ignition systems and burners. You just need to put some woods and you are ready to go. Therefore, these are very portable. They are very light due to the simple body structure. These fire pits are mostly used, and you can take them for camping and travel.

Propane Gas Fire Pits

People also use propane fire pits for outdoor use. You need to connect a propane cylinder to light the fire. These are a little more expensive than the wood-burning fire pits because they have an ignition system and burners. These things increase the price of the fire pit. You can take these fire pits of camping and travel, but you need to keep propane with you. Therefore, some people avoid these due to propane. But if you don’t have an issue with carrying and keeping propane, these are excellent for portable use.

How to Get the Best Portable Fire Pit

There are dozens of brands and many types of fire pits in the market. So, you will have to think a lot before you buy one. To get the best portable fire pit, you should know about the features. If you know the features, then you can compare and look for the features before you buy any product. Thus, we are going to tell you all about the features and terms that will help you select the best portable fire pit. This is a buyer’s guide that will help you to select the best product. Let’s start the discussion.


The first thing that you should see is the material of the fire pit. The portable fire pit should be made of steel. Normally, steel is used to make such fire pits, but some manufacturers also use other materials. The steel should be of premium quality and thick. Some portable fire pits have a thin steel body that is worthless. For durability, the steel sheet should be thick enough. Stainless steel refrains corrosion so they are excellent. Sometimes common steel is also painted to avoid rusting. One more thing that should be noticed is the paint. The paint should bear the high temperature of the fire pit. Otherwise, due to the high temperature, the paint will peel off and the body will start to rust.

If you are going to buy a propane fire pit, then you need to care about the burner as well. The burner should be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel burners are safe and durable. In wood-burning fire pits, there should be spaces for ventilation; otherwise, the flame will go out due to less oxygen.

Type of Fuel

We told you that there are two commonly used fuels in portable fire pits which are propane and wood. Now you can choose any of them according to the availability of the fuel. You need to store fuel in both cases, but the wood-burning fire pit is easy to use and carry. But some people find it hard to carry woods, and they prefer propane. While some people prefer wood-burning fire pits over propane. So, it depends on your preference, both are excellent for portable fire pits, you can choose any type of fire pit you want.


Some wood-burning fire pits can also be used to grill food. There are special grates for grilling food. Commonly, there are three types of grates available which are of cast-iron, porcelain-enameled cast-iron, and stainless steel.

Simple cast iron grates rust very early, so you should avoid them. They do not last for a long time. Enamelled grates are made of cast-iron and coated with porcelain. These grates are excellent, they do not rust early due to porcelain coating. Further, they retain heat and cook your food very well. The only problem with these grates is they are hard to clean.

Stainless-steel grates are also excellent for grilling. They have a plain shiny surface on which you can cook food. They do not rust, and they are very easy to clean. Although they do not retain heat, they can cook food very well, so it is not a problem. We recommend you go for stainless steel or porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. But remember that all fire pits do not have grates especially the propane fire pits. You will find grates in some wood-burning fire pits only.

Spark Screen

A spark screen prevents accidents. Many times, it happens that embers fall from the fire pit on any combustible material and a fire starts. Embers can be the cause of a fire, so you need to be careful. They can even burn your skin. A spark screen is a mesh-like cover that you put on the fire pit while it is burning. It prevents embers to escape from the fire pit. Therefore, a spark screen is necessary to put on the fire pit. Spark screen usually comes with wood burning fire pits, if there is no spark screen, then you can buy it separately as well. Keep in mind that when you put spark screen on the fire pit, it becomes hot; therefore, do not touch it, you can lift it using a poker.

Some people get confused with spark screen and fire pit cover. Fire pit covers are to cover the fire pit after use, and they are completely packed, there is no mesh in them. Moreover, a fire pit cover is to protect the fire pit from harsh weather and outdoor conditions. In contrast, the spark screen is made of mesh, and you put it while you are using the fire pit.

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There are different sizes of fire pits available in the market. You can choose the size according to space and your needs. It is hard to guess the right size from a picture; therefore, many people order the wrong size while purchasing online. You need to see the dimensions of the product to get the idea of the size. Some portable fire pits are very compact, you can even fold their legs. There are large portable fire pits as well. You just need to take care of the size before you buy it.


When you want a portable fire pit, then weight matters a lot. You need to be careful about the weight. There are many ready-made concrete fire pits as well, but they are very heavy and hard to carry. Most of the portable fire pits are under 50 lb, you can even find fire pits that weigh under 10 lb. So, if you want to carry the fire pit, then consider a lightweight pit.


The cost of the fire pit depends on the type of fuel, size, and features. Wood-burning fire pits are of less price, and you can buy them under $100. Some fire can be in the range of $100-$150 due to their features. In contrast, propane fire pits are expensive. They have a complete burning system that increases the price. They are over $100, and you will find the fire pits in the range $100-$300.

What Can You Do with a Portable Fire Pit?

 After getting the best portable fire pit, let’s see what you can do with it.

Igniting a Flame

The first thing that you can do is igniting the flame. This is the common purpose of the fire pits. You can easily ignite a flame in your backyard and enjoy yourself with friends and family.

Camp Fire

When you are camping, the two important things at night are warmth and light. Both can be taken from a fire pit. This is the reason people prefer taking a portable fire pit for camping and enjoying the night time. These can make your camping joyful and easy.

Cooking Food

You can also cook food in some fire pits. They allow you to grill food on the grate. So, you can get warmth, light and cooked food at the same time. Although the cooking area of fire pits is not that large as a grill, these are excellent.


Yes, your fire pit can enhance the décor your backyard and patio. At any party or event at your home, you can use it. Fire pits look appealing and they add the mesmerizing look in the décor. But never leave the fire pits unattended. They can be dangerous.

Safety Tips for Portable Fire Pits

We are going to provide you some safety tips that will help you to be safe and use your fire pit properly.

Use Spark Screen

Always use spark screen when you are using the wood-burning fire pit. It can be dangerous if you do not use it. The flying embers can burn your skin and start a fire.

Hot Body Surface

The surface of the pit is usually hot. Do not touch the surface in any case. Use a poker to move the spark screen and woods. Keep children away from the hot surface. Do not move the fire pit after using it, allow it to cool down and then move it.

Do Not Leave Unattended

Never leave the fire pit unattended. Always use the fire pit in your vigilance. If you are going somewhere, then extinguish the fire.

Fire Extinguisher and First-aid Kit

Keep the fire extinguisher and first-aid kit when you are using the fire pit. You will be able to deal with emergency situations. Many people have reported fire due to fire pits, and they were unable to control it because there was no fire extinguisher near them. So, you should be ready for every situation.

Use Outdoor Only

Most fire pits are for outdoor use, and you cannot use them indoors, not even in your garage. The smoke from such fire pits is harmful that can even cause fatality.

Fire Pit Cover

After using the fire pit, you should use a fire pit cover to protect it. You can move the pit in your house and cover it with a fire pit cover.

Combustible Material

You should keep all the combustible materials away from the fire pits. Otherwise, there can be a fire. There should be clearance between the combustible material and the fire pit.

Closing Thoughts

A portable fire pit is easy to use, and you can carry it anywhere. You can carry it for camping and traveling. Many people don’t have a permanent fire pit at home, so they can also use a portable fire pit in their backyard. These fire pits do not require a permanent space, you can take them out and use them in the backyard. Most people ask which fire pit they should buy. The best portable fire pit is hard to pick, but we have given you a buyer’s guide that will help you get the best product. We have explained the features and all the terms in detail, so you can easily buy the best portable fire pit. You can look for the features while buying. The guide is easy to use, and you can even use it if you don’t have any knowledge of fire pits.

Portable fire pits are inexpensive, and they can be very useful. We have listed some safety tips as well so that you can use the fire pit properly. You can just order portable fire pits online and use them directly after assembling them. We have explained everything in detail, and we hope you get the best portable fire pit with ease.

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