The Best Propane Fire Pits in 2024

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


What are the best propane fire pits?

Everyone loves to have a fire pit in the home. If you have a fire pit at home, then you can enjoy a pleasurable time with your family and friends whenever you want. You can sit together, have some gossip and eat grilled food. There is no competition for this outdoor activity. It makes you fresh and provides you peace of mind. Thus, we all want to have a fire pit in our homes. There are different types of fire pits available in the market.

Some people prefer wood-burning fire pit and some people love propane fire pits. But today, our discussion is limited to propane fire pits only. If you want a propane fire pit and you want to know more about it, then you are in the right place. We will tell you everything about the best propane fire pits.

There is no doubt that different types of fire pits are available, and every fire pit has its advantages and disadvantages. Propane fire pits also have some advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss everything that you need to know about the best propane fire pits and how you can buy the best product. Let’s start the discussion.

Types of Propane Fire Pits

There are two types of propane fire pits based on the placement. Let’s discuss them.

Permanent Propane Fire Pits

Permanent fire pits are also available, you can place them anywhere in your patio or backyard. They are usually made of concrete that looks amazing and fascinating to the viewer. They add stars to the beauty of the place. If you designate a proper place for the fire pit, then you can get a permanent fire pit. You need to have space where you can place these fire pits. These are a little heavy as compared to the portable fire pits. So, you cannot move them easily. Since propane fire pits are much safer than wood-burning fire pits; therefore, these are mostly used in the backyard. These are just for the backyard and you cannot take them anywhere.

The best thing about these fire pits is that they are will match with your décor. They have beautifully colored stones that shine when you ignite the fire. Different colors of stones are available in the market that you can put on your fire pit.

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Portable Propane Fire Pits

Portable propane fire pits are very common, people love to take them on travel and camping. These are an excellent option if you want to spend a night in a camp. They are very light, and you can carry them wherever you want. Some portable fire pits are just like stoves that are very light. You need to take a propane cylinder with your portable fire pit during the travel. Wood-burning fire pits can be dangerous for camps because embers can fall on your camp and things around the camp. In contrast, propane fire pits do not produce embers, so they are much safe and perfect for camping. You can also use rocks and colored stones in the portable fire pits as well, but you cannot carry them during travel or camping.

Why Propane Fire Pits?

This is the most common question that appears in the mind of people. We would love to answer this question. We will tell you all the reasons why propane fire pits are the best. The reasons are,

No Smoke

You might have seen many wood-burning fire pits producing smoke. Wood-burning fire pits produce a lot of smoke that may irritate you. Sometimes your neighbors also get irritated due to smoke and the smell. But you don’t need to worry about smoke while using a propane fire pit. Propane fire pits do not create any smoke, so they are very excellent. They will not disturb your neighbors. You can easily enjoy the night without having a smoke in your home and backyard. After burning, you will see only flames, there won’t be any smell or smoke.

No Mess

Wood-burning fire pits cause a lot of mess. When you burn a plank of wood, the residue ash creates a huge mess in the fire pit and the backyard area. Moreover, you need to dispose of the ash and clean the fire pit for storage. On the other hand, propane fire pits do not create any mess. You don’t need to worry about ashes anymore. The only thing you need do is light the flame and enjoy the warmth. After using the pit, you can easily store the fire pit without worrying about the ash.

No Embers

Embers are due to burning woods. Flying embers are very dangerous. If they fall on any combustible material, then they can start a fire. Moreover, they can also burn your skin if they fall on your hand or leg. You need to use a sparks screen in wood-burning fire pits to keep the embers inside the fire pit. In contrast, propane fire pits do not produce ember, so there is no risk of fires or skin burns due to embers. Further, you don’t need to use the spark screen.

Easy to Ignite

Ignition of propane fire pits is very easy as compared to wood burning fire pits. Wood-burning fire pits need to burn the wood, and you will have to ignite the fire manually using a match stick. You need to keep matchsticks as well. While propane fire pits have an ignition system that can ignite the fire pit within a few seconds. You need to press the button and the ignition will start. There is no need for a match stick.

Flame Adjustment

Sometimes you need to adjust the flame of the fire pit. You cannot control the flame in a wood-burning fire pit. Wood just burn and it is very hard to control the flame. In propane fire pits, there is a regulator or flame adjustment knob through which you can control the flame. You can set the desired level of flame according to your needs. The adjustment is very precise that can control the fuel which results in the control of flame.

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Beautiful Flame

The flame of propane fire pits is beautiful and bright that can be seen even in the daylight. There is no doubt that the flame is mesmerizing; therefore, people like to have propane fire pits in their backyard. These fire pits can also serve a decoration piece, but do not leave them unattended.

Are Propane fire Pits Safe?

If we compare propane fire pits with wood-burning fire pits, then “YES”, propane fire pits are safe. There is no doubt that wood-burning fire pits are inexpensive, and they are commonly available everywhere, but propane fire pits are safer. The problems associated with the wood-burning fire pits is that they produce smoke and embers. Sometimes, smoke irritates you a lot. While embers are can start a fire. In contrast, propane fire pits do not have these problems. They are smokeless and there are no embers. So, you can enjoy the night around a perfect and safe fire pit. Moreover, you can also use these propane fire pits on a wooden deck because they are very safe.

To answer the question in short, “Yes, propane fire pits are safe”. You just need to take care of maintenance. Further, there should not be any roof over the fire pits because the high temperature can melt things and start a fire. It is better to use fire pits in an open area.

How to Check for Leakage?

People who have never used a propane fire pit often get confused due to the leakage. They do not buy any of these fire pits just because of this issue. This is not a big issue, it is true that gas appliances have an issue of leakage, but if you take care of the things, then there is no need to worry about leakage. You just need to take care of the maintenance. Usually, the leakage occurs in the hose or regulators, which does not occur often. The problem occurs when your fire pit is too old or you have mistreated your gas hose. Gas hoses are very sturdy and durable, they work for years without any problem. Leakage is not a big issue, but we recommend you take care of the leakage and have a test before you use the fire pits.

The leakage test is very simple. You just need to make a water and soap solution to check the leakage. If you don’t want to make the solution, then you can buy a leakage testing solution from the market. You need to put the solution on the joints and regulator to check the leakage. In case of leakage, you will see bubbles in the solution. In case of leakage, you should not use the fire pit and ask an expert to replace the parts. Propane does not have any odor, but intentionally odor is injected in the fuel so that people can recognize the leakage. Therefore, you can also smell gas if there is a large leakage. A tiny leakage can only be found using the leakage solution.

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How to Get the Best Propane Fire Pits?

There are many types of propane fire pits in the market and online stores. You need to know which product you should buy. Picking the best propane fire pits is not easy, you need to know about the features and functions of the fire pits. If you know about the features, then you can easily look for them while buying. So, we are going to tell you some of the features and important things that you need to see.

Material of the Fire Pit

Propane fire pits are usually available in steel and concrete. The concrete fire pits are permanent fire pits, you can easily install them wherever you want. These fire pits are very sturdy, their body is durable. The other material that is commonly used is steel. Steel is used in permanent and portable fire pits both. Permanent fire pits that are made from steel look like a table that is made from steel. Under the pit, there is usually a storage space for cylinders. While buying a steel fire pit, you should check the thickness of the steel as it can affect the life of the fire pit.

The important thing in gas fire pits is the burner. You need to make sure that the burners are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel burners are durable and easy to clean. You need to clean burners for the maintenance, so we recommend stainless steel burners that do not undergo rusting and are easy to clean.

Accessories for Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pits need some accessories. You need to purchase a gas hose to connect your fire pit with the gas cylinder. You can select the size of the gas hose according to the distance between your propane source and the fire pit. Ideally, the distance should be short. The other accessory that you need is the gas regulator. The gas regulator can help you control the flow of gas. Some fire pits also come with a regular, so they do not require an extra regulator.          

A propane tank is also necessary that will store the propane. You can select the desired propane cylinder size according to your use. Usually, companies recommend using a 20lb propane tank. Rocks and colored stones are also placed on the fire pit. These are beautiful stones that look amazing in the fire, they not only give an excellent sight, but they also retain the heat. The rocks retain the heat and they can even provide you heat after extinguishing the fire.

You also need to cover your fire pit; a fire pit cover is necessary. It will protect your fire pit even and you can store it safely.


BTU is the unit of energy. It stands for British Thermal Energy. It is a unit of heat and used to represent the heat given by heaters, fire pits, etc. The BTU of propane fire pits is usually mentioned. Small propane fire pits have BTUs in the range of 40,000-60,000. Large fire pits have more BTUs. The larger the value of BTU, the more heat you will get.

Ignition System

There are two types of ignitions you will find in propane fire pits. One of them is the manual ignition and the other is automatic ignition or push-button ignition. Manual ignition is simple just like a stove. There is a knob that helps you to control the flow of propane gas. You need to turn on the propane through the knob and use a match stick or stove lighter.

The other ignition system is the automatic ignition system. The automatic ignition system is very easy to use. You don’t need a match stick or stove lighter for it. With a press of the button, the fire pit will ignite. You can select any type of ignition.

Size and Shape

Propane fire pits are available in different sizes and shapes. You can even take a permanent fire pit that is in your backyard and one dozen people can easily sit around it. Or there are portable fire pits as well that are excellent for a few people. You will also find fire pits that are like tables, you can sit around the table and enjoy your night. So, there are a variety of sizes available in the market. To get a perfect size, we recommend you see the dimensions of the fire pit before you buy it. Otherwise, you will end up buying something that you don’t want.

The next thing is the shape of the fire pit. There are fire pit bowls in concrete and steel body. You will also find rectangular fire pit tables that are made from steel.


The cost of propane fire pits is a lot more than wood-burning fire pits. The cost is due to the presence of the ignition system and burners. If you try to find a small portable propane fire pit, then you will get it around $100-$200. Concrete fire pits and table fire pits are expensive, they can be around $200-$800. You can spend this amount of money on propane fire pits because they are smokeless and much safe than wood-burning fire pits.

These were the important factors that you need to consider while buying if you want to get the best propane fire pits.

Closing Thoughts

Propane fire pits are excellent to use at home and travel. They are safe and easy to use. The only thing you need is the propane tank to ignite the flame. The best thing about these fire pits is that they can be used on wooden decks without any hassle. We have also told you the reason why you should go for a propane fire pit. We have also provided the method to check for any leakage. Now, it is clear that propane fire pits are awesome.

There are many products available in the market, and it is difficult to get the best product. So, we have provided you a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you get the best propane fire pits. The guide contains all the terms and features that you need to consider while buying a propane fire pit. You can follow the guide with ease to get the best propane fire pits. We have explained everything in detail, and we hope you get the desired and best product.

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