Where To Buy A Fire Ring in 2024?

May 20, 2024

By Ronnie


Wondering where to buy a fire ring in the new year? Have you ever thought of buying a fire ring? They present us with a classic way to hold campfires and prevent them from turning into wildfires. These rings can be the easiest ones to install and you can even play with their design to match the whole look with your decor. Install them over the ground and decorate the exterior walls with beautiful patio bricks.

To know, “Where to buy a fire ring?”; let us discuss the best ones available in the market. This buying guide will make it easy for you to choose the fire ring that suits your needs.

Pleasant Hearth OFW815FR Infinity Galvanized Ring

where to buy a fire ring
photo credit: Pleasant Hearth

This galvanized steel fire ring comes with a classic wave style that seamlessly blends into any outdoor backyard. It allows a 360-degree view of the beautiful flames. Remember, there are numerous styles of fire pits to choose from. Obviously, expensive fire pits will cost more but will last longer and are usually rust proof.


  • A large diameter of 36″ allows you to keep the party going by holding plenty of firewood inside.
  • It weighs 22.4 pounds that gives it sturdiness.
  • The galvanized finish prevents it from rusting.
  • Strong steel build makes it durable.
  • Silver color finish gives it a classic look.

It has satisfied many customers around the world. One such customer, Terry, shares on Amazon,

“This product is amazing. I was hesitant because it appeared to be cheaper than other products I had researched but it has turned out to be perfect. The diameter is large enough to give a spacious fire pit, but not too large. A month in, it has weathered the elements just fine. On top of that, it's really beautiful to look at once you put bricks or pavers around it.”

Wondering where to buy a fire ring? Our top recommendation is amazon. They're fast, efficient and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to even get your order.

Catalina Creations AD576 Folding Ring

where to buy a fire ring

Catalina Creations brought a steel ring that snaps together in seconds. This folding Fire Pit ring offers convenience in both usage as well as carrying.


  • A large diameter of 36″ combined with a depth of 10″ gives this ring abundant capacity to hold wood.
  • Weighing only 13 pounds, it can be conveniently carried to far-off places for camping or other adventures.
  • Not only is this fire ring portable, it can also snap together in seconds for easy storage.
  • Solid steel construction provides its durability.
  • Wilderness cut-out design gives it a beautiful look. It is backed with a wire mesh that allows in the air for burning and keeps the embers in the ring. A wonderful pattern is created with this design once the fire lits.

An Amazon verified customer, Jamel S. Copenhaver, writes,

“We absolutely love our fire ring. Very sturdy/durable, larger than most fire pits & a great price! We got 2 bags of pea stones to put under it & garden pavers to put around it to keep it in place & to make it look even more beautiful. Very happy with our purchase!!”

Sunnydaze Fire Pit Ring & Liner

photo credit: Sunnydaze

Sunnydaze Decor brings a beautiful fire pit ring which is the best candidate for being a stunning new addition to your backyard. It is a completely Do-It-Yourself ring that can be surrounded by your choice of bricks to give it a unique look.


  • A 30” inside diameter and 10” height gives it large capacity for holding the fuel.
  • 2mm thick steel metal provided it strength and durability.
  • High-temperature paint finish ensures to make it last in all weather conditions.
  • This 4-piece fireplace kit can be assembled in minutes, saving you time for making other arrangements for your party.
  • It can be used both as an in-ground fire pit liner rim and an above-ground fire pit ring.
  • The fire ring is received an A+ for the performance it delivers.
  • Sunnydaze Decor backs the product with a 1-year warranty.

Judith, a Sunnydaze Fire Pit Ring/Liner’s customer on Amazon shares,

“I bought 2 of these, inverted the top one since my fire pit was 24″ high. I placed a row of fire bricks between the lips of the rings to allow air to flow in to help the fire burn well. Also, I use my fire pit to burn the fallen branches and small trees, sometimes keeping the fire burning for days at a time. After a couple of years doing this, my EP Henry wall stones were taking a serious beating. These rings will protect them, hopefully for many years to come.”

Camp Chief Portable Fire Pit Ring

This fire pit ring can be a perfect addition to your open backyard. You can also take it along on a road trip as it assembles and dismantles quite easily.


  • A diameter of 48” allows you to party all night with a load of wood-burning inside the ring.
  • Stackable panels make it easy to lock the ring to a diameter of 48”. However, for an even larger ring, you can use more panels.
  • It is extremely easy to transport this fire pit ring as the individual panels are easy to carry.
  • Assembling the ring takes only a few minutes.
  • Steel body and high-temperature black paint provides its durability.
  • When put together, it is sturdy with its weight around 58 pounds.

A satisfied buyer, Michael J. Anderson shares,

“For years I have used cinder blocks for my fire pit. Cinder blocks would always crumble due to the high heat and I'd have to replace them often.

So I decided to give this Campfire Portable Fire Pit Ring a try. I bought one 2 years ago for a vacation home and LOVE IT. The panels are effectively the same as the day they arrived. You can bang them, drop them, have incredibly hot fires and these panels will stand strong!”

Catalina Creations 32″ Heavy Duty Fire Ring with Cooking Grate

photo credit: Catalina Creations

Here is another wonderful fire ring by Catalina Creations. Though this ring is fully functional when you bring it home but it gives you a blank slate to incorporate as much creativity as you desire. You can incorporate it into your backyard’s design by adding a few patio bricks.


  • A 28” diameter and 10” height provides you with abundant capacity to hold the fuel.
  • Tough 10 gauge steel construction adds strength and toughness to this fire ring.
  • It can be used both as an in-ground fire pit liner or an above-ground fire ring.
  • The metal woven mesh spark screen with a half-ring handle makes it easy to access during a fire.
  • Assembling this fire pit ring is fairly easy.
  • Catalina Creations offers a 1-year warranty on this product.

An extremely satisfied buyer of this fire ring, Marilyn Gastineau, shares on Amazon,

“Great product for the money. It has burned continually since we got it. I bring in slabs from the sawmill to keep it going.

Margaritas and sausages on the grill are great.

The product description does not do it justice, it is better than described.”

Closing Thoughts

So, we hope the answer of where to buy a fire ring has been answered in this post. In addition, we have covered some of our top recommendations. Remember, never operate a fire pit closer than 10 feet from you home. Wood-burning fire pits, although fun, are probably the worst type you can invest in.

Why? They require the most clean up afterward. In addition, they can easily start fires via wild flames or embers landing on flammable materials. You always want to operate your fire pit away from bushes, grass (if at all possible) or other flammable items. We highly recommend investing in a legitimate fire pit mat. Fire pit mats will keep the heat away from the surface you are operating your fire pit on.

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