Where to Buy Fire Pit Screens in 2024?

April 9, 2024

By Ronnie


Are you seeking where to buy fire pit screens? If so, you have come to the right website. When having your own fire pit, it is vital to have a fire pit screen that is ultra-effective at keeping away sparks, ash and popping wood away – as opposed to allowing it to harm people around it. With a great quality fire pit screen, you can enjoy an amazing fire pit experience with the peace of mind that there is no risk of danger, harm or fires.

However, many people often wonder where to buy fire pit screens that are trustworthy and worth their value in money. In this article, we are going to discuss the best fire pit screens on the market and where to buy them – supporting people in their endeavour to find the best fire pit screen for them.

Tips For Buyers

Firstly, it is important to have a breakdown of some of the important factors that we need to investigate in order to successfully identify the right fire pit screen for you.

Shape And Size

All fire pits come in a variety of different shapes and sizes – some round, some square, some large, some small. Therefore, when searching for where to buy fire pit screens, it is vital to identify what size and shape is going to be the best for your fire pit. Furthermore, ensure that you measure the lip of the fire pit in order to know the correct size.

Also, you need for the screen to effectively sit on the lip of the fire pit – as opposed to overhanging. Many fire pit instructions have a recommended size written inside that can make finding the perfect fire pit screen much easier.

Levels Of Maintenance

As time goes on, the coating around the spark screen that protects it against rust will erode away. Also, this means that rust will begin to appear and build up reducing the style and effectiveness of the screen. You may also want to invest in a rust-resistant fire pit. Furthermore, when looking at where to buy fire pit screens, it is worth keeping an eye out for spark screens. Why? It provides extra-rust protection in order to save you from owning a screen that begins to rust instantly.

Hassle-Free Benefits

Accessibility To The Fire

Some fire pit screens make it very easy to get to the fire. However, some spark screens are much more difficult to open up. So, this can make the experience of using a fire pit very inconvenient and tedious. You want to purchase a spark screen that enables refreshing fuel to be convenient and fast.

The Extent Of Warping Due To Heat

Virtually all fire pit screens tend to warp when they are exposed to heat. This is why a fire pit heat shield can help with support and from the pit moving around. Additionally, it can help protect your wooden deck or patio. So, it is vital for your safety that you either find a screen that seldom warp due to high levels of heat. Lastly, build a smaller fire to prevent the chances of warping to occur.

Our Top 3 Fire Pit Screen Choices

Now it is time to break down our top 3 picks fire pit screens and where to find them.

Catalina Creations Spark Screen

Where to Buy Fire Pit Screens

With its heavy-duty construction and ultra-high durability, the Catalina Creations spark screen is typically best for fire pits that are around 40 inches. 

Furthermore, the split screen design allows the spark screen to be effortless and convenient to lift up when accessing the fire. Due to its heavy-duty steel construction, the spark screen effectively stays in place without moving around.

The only downside is that it does require a little bit of assembly due to it being a split-screen design – a slight inconvenience. Overall, if you are looking for a slightly pricier yet ultra-effective and reliable spark screen to protect you from rogue sparks the Catalina Creations spark screen is definitely worth a look.

The best place to buy this fire pit screen would be on amazon.com where there are a range of different sizes and options from different sellers.

The Sun Joe Universal Mesh Fire Pit Screen

The Sun Joe Universal Mesh Fire Pit Screen

Perks and Benefits

With a history of producing great quality garden tools, such as their power shovels and chippers. The Sun Joe rarely disappoints buyers then they release more products such as their universal mesh fire pit screen. 

The convenient fire pit screen comes fully assembled on arrival – saving users time and energy from having to do any major assembly themselves. The screen requires little to no maintenance or cleaning outside of the routine wiping off of dust and dirt during downtime.

Unfortunately, there have been some reported issues with its functionality. First of all, there have been many instances where the handle has been lost due to issues with shipping or damaging of the box.

This can be a significant inconvenience and hassle if you are unlucky enough to experience this issue. The screen also lacks a hinged area for adding on wood to the fire.

Overall, the Sun Joe Universal Mesh Fire Pit Screen is a great choice as it can be used for a range of fire pits from different brands. On the other hand, reported issues with delivery and packaging does limit the screen from being flawless or perfect. Of course, this can also be ordered on amazon for a very affordable price and fast delivery.

The Square EasyGo Fire Screen Protector

The Square EasyGo Fire Screen Protector

Closing Thoughts

An outstanding choice for square fire pits, the EasyGo fire pit screen is one of the most durable and reliable screens on the market. Coated in black powder and made of high quality steel, the remarkably sturdy product is incredibly easy to assembly and set up in no time – with all the tools included in the package.

Like many other fire pit screens, it requires little to no maintenance as it only requires a wipe over in order to remove dirt and dust between uses. On the other hand, it isn’t incredibly rust-resistant; therefore it is worth applying some high heat rustoleum spray in order to keep the screen looking stylish and brand new.

Overall, the fire protection screen is very impressive, durable and reliable. However, its square shape means it is limited to only fit around square fire pits. Sorry ‘round fire pit gang’, looks like you’re going to miss out on this one.

Easily found on eBay and Amazing, you anyone can get pretty much effortless access to the fire pit screen incredibly fast.

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